Key Change

Key Change From bestselling romance author Barbara Valentin comes the next hilarious and heartwarming Assignment Romance novelThe first thing Sara Cleff a hard edged shower singing rock music critic wants to

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  • Title: Key Change
  • Author: Barbara Valentin
  • ISBN: 9781943587223
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
  • From bestselling romance author Barbara Valentin comes the next hilarious and heartwarming Assignment Romance novelThe first thing Sara Cleff, a hard edged, shower singing rock music critic, wants to do after following a band on tour is crawl into her nice comfy bed in her well appointed, optimally located vintage apartment But before making it home, she learns her roFrom bestselling romance author Barbara Valentin comes the next hilarious and heartwarming Assignment Romance novelThe first thing Sara Cleff, a hard edged, shower singing rock music critic, wants to do after following a band on tour is crawl into her nice comfy bed in her well appointed, optimally located vintage apartment But before making it home, she learns her roommate slash boyfriend has apparently broken up with her while she was away on assignment and sublet their apartment out from underneath her Ouch When her key no longer fits in the lock, the last person she expects to find on the other side of the door is Andrew Benet, a wickedly gorgeous music director from a nearby church.Something about the brash music critic strikes a chord with Andrew, and he offers her the chance to stay on one condition she has to join the choir at his church While Andrew may hold the lease on Sara s apartment, does he have the key to unlock her heart Assignment Romance novels False StartHelp WantedKey ChangeFlight RiskWhat critics are saying about Barbara Valentin s books A lighthearted and endearing blend of comedy, drama, and romance Quick moving and thoroughly delightful Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Barbara Valentin delivers love, laughter, and a happily ever after what could you ask for Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling author False Start was such a wonderful romantic comedy and even though there isn t an ounce of steam in it I completely loved it 5 stars Boundless Book reviews I had a hard time putting Help Wanted down That s probably why I had no trouble reading it in two days I ll also stubbornly admit that I got a little teary eyed towards the end, and I absolutely loved the ending It was the perfect finish and one of my favorite endings, hands down Chick Lit Central

    One thought on “Key Change”

    1. This was a fun filled, sweet romance book. Don't get me wrong - it isn't "innocent" but the storyline and the characters feel like they are your friends and that you could be right there with them. I like that this book focuses around music - a music critic, Sara Cleff (who can also belt out a tune) and a Catholic Church Music Minister, Andrew Benet, who plays the organ at the church and directs the choir but knows nothing about current music. I also like Sara's last name, quite a play on music [...]

    2. Reviewed for Chick Lit Central (chicklitcentralSara Treff is a rock music critic with a bit of an attitude. All right, she’s got a lot of attitude. There are a lot of walls built up around her, protecting her from harm or damage that may be inflicted on her heart. That’s why she chose a boyfriend who cares a lot more about his own needs than he’d ever care about Sara’s. And that’s why said boyfriend managed to virtually eliminate her from the apartment they share when he moves away, wh [...]

    3. Reviewed by RobinBook provided by the author for reviewOriginally posted at Romancing the BookI had a bit of a problem getting into the story at first but once I got into the story it wasn’t bad.I do have to say that there is a lot going on within the original story as there are many characters introduced. I found it hard to keep track at first but it was easy to slide into their lives.Sara and Andrew were a little awkward at first. I think it was the way that they were thrown into the whole s [...]

    4. This was an immensely entertaining read. It has a brilliant blend of emotions, from sadness to laughter and a bit of love spread throughout. I found that the author created characters who had depth and a variety of personalities. It was very interesting to read along as the two main characters interacted, as they were polar opposites, but seemed to really click. I was really drawn in by the fact that they were brought together from an unhappy incident, but made the best of the situation. It was [...]

    5. Key Change is described as a romantic comedy , but it’s much more than that. We have Andrew, the choir director at a Catholic Church, and Sara, a music critic at a Chicago newspaper. He is straitlaced, she colors outside the box, he is kind and serious, she is sarcastic and dresses in a gothic manner. They meet by accident, and end up living in the same apartment. That’s when the story gets interesting .That said, it’s also a book about how our childhood and youth , sometimes has us creati [...]

    6. I reviewed a copy of this for an honest review and I was so lucky to find Barbara Valentin's book so entertaining. I read this in one day. I just couldn't put it down. Sara is a goth music critic who is sent on a tour with a loser band. When she arrives home, she discovers that her boyfriend broke up with her and left town without saying goodbye. That wasn't so bad as the only reason she was staying with him was because of the apartment. The big problem was that the key didn't fit in the lock. W [...]

    7. There was a surprisingly emotional edge to this novel. Sara, a music critic, is left homeless when her so called boyfriend goes back to the UK while is is away on assignment. When she comes back home a new man is living at her abode. He is a music minister at local church. Having the giving heart that he does, music minister Andrew (not Andy) Benet makes a deal with Sara that will give her six weeks to find a new apartment but this karaoke queen must sing in his Choir and help him land the job a [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book immensely. I really felt the characters were well written and were easy to identify with. There is Sara, not happy but not thinking she deserves more. There is Andrew who has been hurt and shies away from relationships. The two get together due to him moving into her apartment when she is away as her boyfriend left and sublet the apartment without advising her. Gradually they realize they need each other to be happy. On the periphery is Claire who is pregnant with her fifth c [...]

    9. This book is a part of the Plate Spinner Series and focuses on Sara Cleff, music critic at the Chicago Gazette, and Andrew Benet, interim music director at St. Matthias. The author brings these two together in such a surprising way and uses music to keep them together. I love the way the author uses Sara's friends like glue to hold Sara together throughout the story. I wish I had as good of friends as she does. I laughed and cried and enjoyed myself from beginning to end. I received an ARC of th [...]

    10. This is an engaging story that will quickly grab your attention and keep you turning the pages. The characters were fun and enjoyable to get to know. The story centers on two characters who don't realize they need each other in order to get what they both want/need. I found this to be an enjoyable read! I received an advanced copy of this manuscript from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    11. Good catholic meets lapsed catholic with music as their only common interest. Oh yes, they do share an apartment due to unusual circumstances. You will laugh. You will cry. You will enjoy.

    12. Sara Cleff is a music critic and journalist for the Chicago Gazette and is sent on a 10 day trip to document the latest greatest band to come out of the midwest. In a plan to increase readership and lower expenses but save jobs, the editor has outlined the trip to Sara and two others and told them they are to leave tomorrow morning. In her rush to pack and get on the road, Sara forgets to leave a rent check for her apartment mate, Jer. Andrew Benet is an underappreciated organist and music direc [...]

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