The Bronzed Hawk

The Bronzed Hawk Kelly would get her story and prove herself to her editor even if it meant using a bit of blackmail She d try anything to get dashing inventor genius Nick O Brien to take her along in his experimental

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  • Title: The Bronzed Hawk
  • Author: Iris Johansen
  • ISBN: 9780553216325
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kelly would get her story and prove herself to her editor even if it meant using a bit of blackmail She d try anything to get dashing inventor genius Nick O Brien to take her along in his experimental balloon to Mexico And though Nick saw through her ruse, he figured she d provide a few distractions while they floated through the stratosphere but even he never suspKelly would get her story and prove herself to her editor even if it meant using a bit of blackmail She d try anything to get dashing inventor genius Nick O Brien to take her along in his experimental balloon to Mexico And though Nick saw through her ruse, he figured she d provide a few distractions while they floated through the stratosphere but even he never suspected the sparks their meeting would generate and the unexpected consequences of their fiery caresses Nick had always trusted his fate to the four winds and the seven seas until a feisty, golden haired lady clipped his wings by losing herself in his arms.

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    1. “The Bronzed Hawk” is the story of Nick and Kelly.When the elusive genius Nick refuses to give an interview to anyone for many years, reporter Kelly uses blackmail to convince him for an exclusive.What follows is-Attraction at first sight-A hot air balloon ride-Sizzling attraction-Crazy jealousy-Being stranded at nowhere, escaping hooligans and “forced” wedding-Loads and loads of toe curling passion and lovemaking -Some angst and running away-How a temporary marriage turned into a perman [...]

    2. The second book in this two part series, The Bronzed Hawk, went a long way in toning down the domineering ways of the first. Oh, Nick O’Brian, the hero, was still a tad overbearing, but at least the heroine, Kelly, could hold her own (Unlike the heroine in The Reluctanct Lark).Nick and Kelly are made for each other. Adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies- from the time Kelly enters his life, and apartment, Nick’s a goner. He agrees to her request for a ride-along interview- something the i [...]

    3. What a disappointment! Johansen's usual genre is mystery - ones that I usually enjoy. This novel was published in 1983, so I can only assume that it was a first attempt and she was just learning to write. The book was a "bodice-ripping" romance; I guess Johansen must have started in this genre and advanced later to the mysteries she is known for. This highly-formulaic romance showed the stereotypical couple who meet and immediately fall in love, each believing, however, that the love is not reci [...]

    4. I can't believe I wasted my time with this book. I don't know what made me angrier, the actual writing or the story itself. First let me say that I'm not some die hard feminist. I like a little smut just like the next person. But this was really juvenile. The "heroine" lets this man bully her and threaten her. I think Nick is a classic abuser. She should have run for the hills. I can picture her years down the road, thinking about all the warning signs she missed, (which were apparent to everyon [...]

    5. Horrible book! I don't usually leave bad reviews, but this book was just awful. I have to admit that I am not really a fan of romance novels, but I have read quite a few that I enjoyed. In most, there is an alpha male character, in this book, he was way beyond. The main character is supposed to be a strong woman, but she seemed so weak to me. I think we were supposed to see the male character as caring but overprotective, he came of as abusive to me. He threatened to smack her, break her neck an [...]

    6. I love most anything by Iris Johansen. I have to say I prefer her mystery suspense books. Those I can't put down and end up reading in one setting. This book disappointed me, not because it was a bad book, it was an easy, fun read, but because it wasn't as good as her other type of books. It was a straight romance, not much of a plot, ridiculous sort of love at first sight. I believe that can happen but it just seemed unreal in this book.

    7. Worst book by Iris Johansen (of whom I am a huge fan) that I have ever read. Yes it was written in 1983 and for that reason I have to give it a bit of an excuse. But the heroine was whiny and wishy washy the hero was a jerk, and the entire relationship was built on constant miscomprehensions and jumping to wrong conclusions. It was really bad.

    8. Delightful Read! This was a surprisingly good read! It started off a little frivolous but it quickly warmed to something much richer and enjoyable. I found Nick pushy and bossy but Kelley was quite capable of checking him when necessary. I fully enjoyed this book and found it to be a pleasant surprise. Full of charm and lots of laughs.

    9. The most exciting thing about this novel was crash-landing a burning hot-air balloon. The relationship was borderline abusive and unbelievable. The hero was supposedly this super genius so if he was so smart, he wouldn't be so "virile" and "magnetic"s, two words that were used repeatedly to describe him.

    10. My quest to read all of Iris Johansen's books continues. I'm glad this one wasn't stalker-ish like The Reluctant Lark, the last romance I read. I love Johansen's writing and I will continue reading the love stories, as formulaic as they are meant to be. I know the rules of writing a romance novel - lol.

    11. Part to the problem I had with this book might just be the time, when "women's lib" was kind of a joke. I had a lot if trouble seeing the love story, with the "hero" being overly possessive and dismissive of everything the heroine had to offer (besides her body) in every situation. It seemed like more of an abusive relationship.

    12. I really liked this book. It had humor, emotions, steamy scenes, and action/suspense. I would definitely read this book again. It was written well and was a good page-turner. I couldn't wait to see what scrap was gotten into next. I liked the ending too. Enjoy

    13. This was just silly and hilarious. Thirty years after it was written, it reads more like a parody of an 80s romance than an actual serious tale, showing how far our ideals have evolved when it comes to equality and expectations of romance.

    14. I liked the overall story but due to the jealousy issues and threats of physical violence from Nick I couldn't find the romance. If this was a true life story Kelly would have been cautioned to get away from him before he made good on one of this threats.

    15. I have to agree with several of the other reviews. The over bearing and jealous ways are a bit much. I found a few inconsistency in Kate's character in the first part of the book that were disappointing. Overall a decent book.

    16. This book was labeled as a mystery on the spine, but it must have been mislabeled. It was a romance all the way through with very little suspense or mystery. An easy read, but it isn't rated terribly high on my list.

    17. Johansson is one of my favorite authorsI am more familiar with her forensic sculpture novels but I did enjoy this one also. Since she is a prolific writer I am sure I will be reading many more of them.

    18. This Title was an excellent Romance. This title will be on either my bookshelf or in my hands being reread

    19. I did not finish this book as it was not my kind of thing. The cover of the copy I checked out at the library was not as tell-tale as the one pictured here on .

    20. I did not know the Harlequin side of Iris Johansen. Prefer her mysteries. But it got me from home to Little Rock

    21. i have read mostof these windswept books of Iris`s and did not like any of them that I can remember.She definitly improved after she stopped writing them

    22. I really liked this story. Of course, I have yet to be disappointed in one of Ms. Johansen's books. If you like a good romance story, then this book will satisfy that desire.

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