Tough Luck Hero

Tough Luck Hero Can the golden boy of Copper Ridge Oregon get a second chance at happy ever after Ranching heir Colton West knew his wedding would be the talk of the town But he didn t expect to get left at the alt

  • Title: Tough Luck Hero
  • Author: Maisey Yates
  • ISBN: 9780373789818
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Can the golden boy of Copper Ridge, Oregon, get a second chance at happy ever after Ranching heir Colton West knew his wedding would be the talk of the town But he didn t expect to get left at the altar or to escape on the next flight to Vegas with Lydia Carpenter, the woman who gets under his skin like no one else The only thing crazier than honeymooning with Lydia isCan the golden boy of Copper Ridge, Oregon, get a second chance at happy ever after Ranching heir Colton West knew his wedding would be the talk of the town But he didn t expect to get left at the altar or to escape on the next flight to Vegas with Lydia Carpenter, the woman who gets under his skin like no one else The only thing crazier than honeymooning with Lydia is waking up married to her So why does he find himself entertaining his new wife s desire to stay married and fantasizing about a real wedding night As Copper Ridge s prospective mayor, Lydia can t risk a divorce scandal so close to election time But pretending to be blissfully in love with her new husband is confusing than she d thought For a man who s always rubbed her the wrong way, Colton suddenly seems to know exactly what to do with his hands And his lips Now Lydia s wildest mistake could turn out to be her luckiest move, if they re both willing to take the ultimate gamble

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    1. 4 Waking Up Married starsMild Spoilers"You're my accessory." As soon as she said that, she got a little giddy kick in her chest. She was enjoying the idea a little too much. "The arm candy." "I'm your arm candy?" "My trophy husband."-Lydia and ColtonTough Luck Hero is the 6th book in the Copper Ridge series but it can be read as a standalone. This book was a very enjoyable read. I would have given it 5 stars except for one thing the heroine did towards the end that really made me mad. I have rea [...]

    2. I do love this series and being a bit disappointed in the previous book, I was excited to see how this one turned out. I loved Colton and Lydia. They're both so similar it was amusing to see them try to figure out a fake relationship and how to make it look real. Not to mention, the chemistry and UST is nearly off the charts. Of course there's the obligatory push away and the inevitable grand gesture. Somehow those things never get old. This was a great addition to the series and I'm eager to se [...]

    3. This just might be my favorite book of the entire series! There wasn’t a single moment that I would take back or even wished was different.I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect after not really connecting with the couple from One Night Charmer. I just had to brush it off and realize I’m not always going to love every book. Even in a series that I consider my favorite. In this installment, Maisey Yates brings the chemistry and the tension! Big time.I loved that both Lydia and Colton [...]

    4. This did absolutely nothing for me.I thought Lydia and Colton were very mismatched. Two serious, arrogant, uptight, control-freaks being forced together into an accidental marriage of convenience. Eh. Although to me the heroine came off way more arrogant, cold and self-serving than the hero ever did. *shrugs* Everything was so half-approached and weak. The chemistry just wasn't there and the attraction between the two came off incredibly forced given Lydia's abhorrent attitude.I really struggled [...]

    5. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review. I have heard some pretty great things about Maisey Yates, and so when I was offered a chance to read this, I picked it right up!! It sets off when our hero and heroine wake up together, naked in a hotel room, and evidence that they got married in Vegas of all places. Our hero, Colton West has done everything to be there for his family when they needed him. His fiancee has stood him up at the altar, and he finds himself getting drunk with a woman [...]

    6. 4.5 starsI wasn't really happy with the previous book -- Sierra and Ace in One Night Charmer -- so I admit I was approaching this with lower expectation. Especially since I didn't get enough impression of Colton in the last book.Well, I'll be damned this is definitely my favorite of the series so far, and one of the most entertaining reads of the year!! Even after I slept on it, the only thing I could think about the next day, was how this book as well as the characters of Colton and Lydia amus [...]

    7. I noticed recently that I rarely give out 5 stars (or hearts in my case) reviews on books. There is so much a book has to do for me to earn 5 stars. It has to keep me entertain and give me the desire not to put it down. It has to make me either laugh or cry or somehow get emotionally involved in the characters and the situation they are going thru. When I am finished I want to feel like I don’t want this story to end but I would have no problem picking it back up and rereading it all over agai [...]

    8. Autry's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsLydia Carpenter has her life in perfect order; unfortunately keeping things in perfect order has caused her emotions to shut down. She shut down many, many years ago and only pours her heart into things that can’t love her back. Waking up in Las Vegas, wasn’t part of her plans, as her election for mayor is drawing near, she decides to play it out. As Lydia gets further and further into her fake marriage, she realizes that process [...]

    9. I have read a few books in the Cooper Ridge series and I've always liked them but after reading Tough Luck Hero, I know this one is my favorite. So what happens when you mix two type A, strong, determined people who seem to hate each other? HOTNESS! HOTNESS! HOTNESS!Lydia Carpenter is running for Mayor of Cooper Ridge. She loves this town and she wants to preserve its qualities but also to make it successful. She wants to win and help the people who have helped her after moving into town a few y [...]

    10. Tough Luck Hero was an absolutely charming book with a wonderful fake relationship and the perfect amount of humor and I really enjoyed it!Copper Ridge golden boy Colton West knew his wedding would be big news; he just didn’t count on the news being that he was abandoned at the altar. Or that he would flee to Las Vegas with Copper Ridge mayoral candidate Lydia Carpenter and end up married. Colton immediately suggests divorce, but Lydia convinces him to remain married and pretend to be madly in [...]

    11. Part of the Copper Ridge series, this story focuses on Colton West, who's taken it upon himself to assume responsibility for everything his big brother left behind when he took off nearly 20 years earlier. Also featured id Lydia Carpenter, who's intent on becoming Copper Ridge's new mayor. She's a newcomer, but has embraced the town as her own and its members have taken her in, too.But when Colton is left at the altar by Lydia's best-friend-who-isn't-really, her willingness to drink with him at [...]

    12. Tough Luck Hero is as fine a romance novel as any Yates's has penned in her saga-proportioned Copper Ridge series. This is the story of Golden-Boy Colten West, made up of responsibility and family loyalty. When fiancée Natalie leaves him at the altar, he ends up married to the woman he most dislikes, who has nothing but contempt for him, his ex-fiancée's BFF and Copper Ridge's mayoral candidate, Lydia Carpenter. Their marriage-of-convenience contains spitting repartee and fraught love-making, [...]

    13. DNF @ 20%I don't like the set-up/premise of this. The hero's fiancee is a no-show at his wedding, so he heads to Vegas with a bridesmaid (heroine) and they get really drunk and married - and the next morning decide to stay married because hero doesn't want to upset his mother and heroine is running for mayor and has to avoid a scandal.but isn't getting married the night of your supposed wedding a scandal? Plus hero of course isn't fond of his fiance who didn't show up. Felt off.

    14. 4.5 starsWe get to know Colton and his fiancée Natalie on a surface level in One Night Charmer and I couldn’t stand Natalie. In fact, she’s barely in the book and I actually yelled out loud at her! Colton, although he seemed quite uptight, was obviously a nice person. Boy oh boy I am so glad Natalie left him at the altar. Sure I felt terrible for Colton and hated Natalie even more, but that marriage would have been a train wreck!In most of the past books in this series we get to see Lydia o [...]

    15. I always love coming back to Cooper Ridge to see what's new and what's going on in this town. From the very beginning the characters captured my interest and I truly fell in love with this town. I can hardly believe this is book 5 and if you haven't started this series you are missing out. In the previous novel Colton and his fiancé Natalie were planning a wedding. Colton was easy to like from the moment he was introduced into the story and Yates had me wondering if the wedding would go on but [...]

    16. This novel was priceless from the get-go! Yates had me laughing & near tears throughout. Yates’ vibrant writing shines throughout. I could feel the turmoil and turbulence of the characters’ feeling throughout. At the same time, the excitement of the story and the chemistry between the characters is also prominent. The plot was emotional, comical, and poignant all at once, creating a complex tale that I couldn’t get enough of.I love the insights into Colton & what makes him tick. I [...]

    17. I have read all of the Cooper Ridge novels and I think Tough Luck Hero is my favorite. It's crazy and fun and entertaining and a great addition to the series. We met Colton West in One Night Charmer where he was the over protective brother of Sierra West. He was engaged to be married, but readers knew there was something that didn't meet the eye in that relationship.Colton West and Lydia Carpenter have never been friends. In fact, they have hated each other since the moment they met. They are on [...]

    18. Colton West never expected his bridezilla fiancé to leave him at the altar. That’s how he finds himself drunk and married in Vegas to Lydia Carpenter. Lydia has been running for mayor of Cooper Ridge, so when she wakes up married to her best friend’s ex fiancé, she knows that if she want to win her election, she needs to stay married. Colton agrees to help Lydia by staying married. Neither can admit that the real reason they got married isn’t so much because of how drunk they were but ra [...]

    19. "Tough Luck Hero" by Maisey YatesA truly interesting and enjoyable novel which I read in less than a day. Ms Yates has a storyline that really takes in the reader from the beginning, has it evolve in a round about manner until the conclusion. The reader remains engaged throughout. Her characters are wonderful and each has many strengths, yet many flaws, as well. They add a great deal to the backstory, as well as the main plot line. I truly enjoyed Colton and Lydia and how their individual and jo [...]

    20. I love when you know two characters who seemingly hate each other through a series, finally give into their attraction for each other. Colton and Lydia both try to stick to the rules, make the right decisions, and have never given into passion. Until one day they wake up to find, they ran away and eloped in Las Vegas. They decide to stay "married" until after Lydia's mayoral election. They end up trying to keep their marriage physical in nature only, but they end up falling for each other. Both [...]

    21. 3-1/2 stars.This review is also posted on Pretty Sassy Cool.The summary for this story is pretty spot on. I liked these characters together and their chemistry was palpable. They had great banter, and I found myself blazing through the pages of this fast, sweet read. The star of this show was definitely Colton. He was a total sweetheart and so swoony. I didn't love Lydia (no shock there), but Colton made up for it. Sure the plot is cliché and predictable, but it's fun for sure. Maisey Yates is [...]

    22. This is the 5th book in the Copper Ridge series but I have not read any of the previous stories. I had no problem enjoying this book. Colton and Lydia end up in Las Vegas married after Colton is left at the alter in Copper Ridge and they start drinking to his future. They agree to maintain the marriage since Lydia is running for Mayor and doesn't want any scandal. They both have some major family issues and as they learn to talk about their situation they start growing and learning to love. Copp [...]

    23. Sometimes I think being a modern romance writer must be a lot like being an actor like Keanu Reeves or pre-Oscar nomination Matthew McConaughey. The serious critics of your profession scoff at your work but the fans love you and I suspect you get to laugh at your critics all the way to the bank. Not that I have the slightest idea of the size of Ms. Yate’s bank account.In some ways writing a romance novel seems pretty easy. If you’ve read more than one you know it’s pretty formulaic and a l [...]

    24. Colton was a great guy, although he did like to poke the bear so to speak, “which is why you don’t remember if my underwear needs to be specially tailored or not.” Oh Colton, I really did love that boy, ".ng him a full view of her bare back, her bare *** and…“You have a pamphlet stuck to your rear,” he said." I really liked this book the back and forth between these two characters were entertaining.

    25. I don't know what it was about this author's writing that didn't appeal to me but I struggled with this from the start and put it down about a third of the way through. I felt like the author just jumped straight into the marriage of convenience / enemies to lovers tropes and counted on their popularity to get readers engaged in the story and didn't put enough effort into making her own characters interesting and complex.

    26. Parts of this felt a bit far fetched and slow to me, but it ultimately paid off in the end. Colton and Lydia were great characters who were so well suited to each other (once they figured out how they could help each other).

    27. I enjoyed this book so much, much better thanOne Night Charmerthat I read yesterday. I just loved Colton and Lydia so much more than Sierra and Ace both as a couple and as individuals. The storyline was better. The pace was so much better. Just everything about this book was better. I thought it was well written and very done. I really enjoyed seeing the progression of their relationship which had a nice steady pace and nice build up where it was just enough not to be dragged out overly much. I [...]

    28. This was a really good audio book. The story was good, the characters were strong and very cute together (but very hot together also). It starts out with the characters waking up naked in Vegas the morning after Colton was left at the altar. Lydia and Colton are both horrified to realize that they are married, because they don't even like each other. They decide to stay married to keep from destroying Lydia's political ambitions. It's to be a marriage in name only, even though they have already [...]

    29. I received an ARC of this book last year and I'm kinda regretting why I didn't read it as soon as I got it.This has got to be one of the books that I found easy to read. I like the writing style, the characters (+ their cute but sometimes worrisome bantering), and the pacing. Although it's a bit cliché, there were still some unique elements added here and there. The last few chapters, however, was pretty disappointing - it just felt rushed.I would have probably finished this in one sitting if I [...]

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