Chapel Springs Survival

Chapel Springs Survival A mail order bride a town overrun with tourists and illegal art How on earth will Claire and Chapel Springs survive With the success of her Operation Marriage Revival life is good for Claire Bennet

  • Title: Chapel Springs Survival
  • Author: Ane Mulligan
  • ISBN: 9781941103586
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • A mail order bride, a town overrun with tourists, and illegal art How on earth will Claire and Chapel Springs survive With the success of her Operation Marriage Revival, life is good for Claire Bennett That is until the mayor s brother blabs a secret Claire s nineteen year old son, Wes, has married a Brazilian mail order bride one who is eight years older than him WhA mail order bride, a town overrun with tourists, and illegal art How on earth will Claire and Chapel Springs survive With the success of her Operation Marriage Revival, life is good for Claire Bennett That is until the mayor s brother blabs a secret Claire s nineteen year old son, Wes, has married a Brazilian mail order bride one who is eight years older than him When Claire tries to welcome her new daughter in law, she s ridiculed, rebuffed, and rejected Loving this girl is like hugging a prickly cactus Will Claire and her family survive her son s marriage Lydia Smith is happily living alone and running her spa then the widow on the hill becomes a blushing bride Along with her new marriage, she has a dream to expand her business by adding guest rooms Things are going according to plan That is, until her groom s adult son moves in on everything Will her dream survive her stepson From the first sighting of a country music star in Claire s gallery, The Painted Loon, to the visit of a Hollywood diva, Chapel Springs is inundated with stargazers, causing lifelong residents to flee the area When her best friends, Patsy and Nathan, put their house on the market, Claire is forced to do something or lose the closest thing to a sister she s got With her son s future at stake and the town looking to her to solve their problems, it s Claire who needs a guardian angel.

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    1. This book will touch your heart — and your soul — with the humor, love, and patience Claire brings to Chapel Springs. I was caught up in the story from the first sentence . . . and my emotions were engaged until the very end, when the tears began to flow once again — happy tears this time.Claire and Patsy, our favorite characters, are back. And just when you thought things were getting better — they get worse! What can they do to help?Don’t worry . . . Claire has lots of ideas. Unfortu [...]

    2. I was delighted to get to go to Chapel Springs once again and visit some of my favorite people, especially Claire. I see so much of myself in Claire. She is a bit clumsy, outspoken but totally lovable. Ane Mulligan has such a wonderful way of putting words together with a great touch of southern flavor and just enough humor to keep you up way into the night reading. After revitalizing Chapel Springs the community has been overrun with tourists. They are everywhere and although the shop owners li [...]

    3. A fun contemporary Christian novel full of colorful characters and Southern charm!The little town of Chapel Springs, Georgia seems to suffer from the success of a town revival, and local artist Claire Bennett is determined to find a solution. Afraid her best friends will be moving away to avoid the crush, she finds herself in the thick of the controversy on what to do about it. She has a lot on her mind at home as well wondering what her youngest son has been up to so secretively.There were a lo [...]

    4. Claire is a lovable character whose heart often works faster than her brain, often getting her into the oddest situations. She is a wife and mother who cares deeply about her family and friends.When things start to go sideways in town and her own family, Claire feels that it is her responsibility to fix it. She forgets, but is reminded, that God is in control and that His plans are greater than hers. I love this character; we would probably be friends. She reminds me - of me. Read the book for a [...]

    5. Oh, how I'd love to be at Dee's 'n' Doughs and hear the conversations in that bakery! This book reminds me so much of my hometown where everybody meets at a favorite spot and catches up on life. I love the language of these town people and the mishaps Claire gets into, I am constantly surprised where they take her. Claire is my favorite character and I love the following the happenings in Chapel Springs!

    6. A laugh out loud book that makes me want to read more stories by this author. The characters are realistic and easy to relate to. I recommend this book if you want some giggles.

    7. If you’ve never read Ane Mulligan, let me introduce you! The author of Chapel Springs Survival will have you in stitches on one page and in tears on the next. Expect spontaneous bursts of giggles when you pick this one up! Her turns of phrase are so fun, like when she observed one of Chapel Spring’s tourists and commented, “A man entered the bakery wearing nothing more than a Speedo and a sombrero, and he was at least fifty pounds over the Speedo limit.” Claire Bennett is an artisan in C [...]

    8. In Chapel Springs Revival the author introduces readers to a fun loving, colorful cast of characters that make up this sweet town; they also appear in this second novel where I fell in love with Chapel Springs as everyone is trying to protect the integrity of their beloved little town.There’s trouble brewing in their small city. Some want a large hotel built in Chapel Springs. On the one hand this would bring lots of people to the town which would infuse it with money; on the other hand it mig [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading this book by Ann Mulligan. It was my first book ever by her and I was quickly caught up in the characters and their small town lives.One of the main characters, Claire, is usually getting herself into some kind of mess. She owns a pottery shop in town and is a gifted artist. She has apparently (in a previous book) helped expand tourism to the small town of Chapel Springs. And although, the tourism is good for business it is also causing a bit of disturbance in the everyday livi [...]

    10. Chapel Springs has had a revival and the result has been a lot more visitors to the area than the area is able to handle. The visitors are taking over the roads and there is not enough housing for them. And for some reason Claire is being blamed for this. Claire is know for the funny things that happen to her. Claire is a member of the town council, owns her own art gallery and has 5 grown children. Claire's husband, Joel owns the marina. Their youngest child, Wes, drops out of college, joins hi [...]

    11. Returning back to one of my favorite places, Chapel Springs was an absolute delight, especially seeing old friends and watching new friends grow into their characters. Ane Mulligan has a way of taking the reader into this charming town, with a southern taste, with humor that will make you belly laugh and keep you up so late into the night because you can't wait to see what's going on in Chapel Springs. With tourists abound, sales running rapid and cars every where it seems the town is exploding [...]

    12. Chapel Springs Survival finds us back in the small town Chapel Springs. However, since the "revival", tourists have gotten out of hand in this small town. You can't even walk or drive down a street anymore. This is prompting many locals to relocate. Claire can't let this happen when one of those who may locate is her best friend, Patsy.Chapel Springs is trying to survive all of the tourist traffic while keep it's small town appeal. Claire is credited with the revival but she is also blamed for t [...]

    13. Ane Mulligan’s Chapel Spring’s Survival is more than entertaining. After reading Chapel Springs Revival I couldn’t wait to pay the town a visit again. Chapel Spring seem to have a whole new string of dilemmas thanks to tourism taking the place by storm. In the midst of the humor Ane weaves some relatable family and community scenarios. Claire Bennett continues to embarrass herself in public. Her best friend Patty and her ever patient husband Joel continue to rescue her. This novel has a mo [...]

    14. This was such a fun book! Not only trying to figure out what is going on, but I enjoyed the small town friendships. After building up the tourist trade in the last book, this book has tourists over-running the town and making the locals crazy. With the threat of a big chain hotel trying to buy land and get permits to build, the locals are in fear of losing their small town shops. Claire's son starts by hiding himself in his room and then drops out of college. What Claire thinks is awful, but the [...]

    15. Chapel Springs Survival was filled with more challenges than ever since the revival in Chapel Springs. Ane Mulligan created a light hearted story filled with characters that are true to life friends. Best friends Patsy and Claire are continuing to see what should be change or not change with the growth of tourists and businesses wanting to settle in Chapel Springs. Then the newly weds, Lydia and Graham, are met with challenges of a spoiled adult son. What is going to happen to their relationship [...]

    16. Oh, Ane, you've gone and done it again. First you revive a little town dying on the vine, and now you want to squelch the incoming entrepreneurs. For shame.Claire Bennett has more energy than her body can contain, so naturally it's got to have an outlet. In the prequel to this (Chapel Springs Revival), Claire had almost single-handedly gotten a struggling economy onto its feet and running toward the finish, uh, beginning, line.Now there's a big problem. Tourists are coming in droves too big to h [...]

    17. This was a light-hearted story. It was a little confusing at first because ther were so many characters. Also, this was not the first story so I didn't know who they all were. Once I figured it out I really enjoyed the story. The story flowed along well. The characters were mostly developed but not deep. There was both fun and conflict in the story. The editing was quite well done. I counted 3 places that needed attention, not bad. The book itself also needed attention. The printing on most page [...]

    18. The Plan Worked, Now What?" (Audiobook)The antics, planning and hard work by Claire, Patsy and others worked too well in bringing tourists to their small picturesque town of Chapel Springs. They are now inundated with happy tourists and very unhappy residents. Some of the residents are now looking to move away including Claire’s best friend Patsy. What can be done to keep the residences and tourists happy? Small town politics at its worse and its best.On top of this there are several family an [...]

    19. What a fun book this was to read. The characters are quirky , funny and busybodies. Well after all it is a small town. Everybody knows each other and I guess that means they get to know each other's business as well. Claire and Patsy are at the center of this exciting story . Claire is at it again with her hairbrained ideas to make the town popular. Not only is she just as clumsy as ever, her ideas attracts more tourists than they know what to do with. The author has made this town come to life [...]

    20. This was my first book by Ane Mulligan but will not be the last. I wish I had read book one first because this one was so much fun. The townspeople are so believable. You feel at home reading about it. I instantly fell in love with the small town charm and can totally understand their concerns about a big hotel taking over. Besides all the fuss and frustration of the tourists Claire has a bad feeling when it comes to her 19 year old son being so quiet and secretive. Then she finds out why and it [...]

    21. Chapel Springs Survival by Ane Mulligan Have read other works by this author and enjoyed the book.This is about a town where many new things are happening. They are happening so fast that the tourists are staying past the summer and there are no places to stay.Townsfolk are overworked but love the income and they try to create a balance for the growth changes.What I really like about this book is that it concentrates on many different age groups and their problems.Claire is newly married and try [...]

    22. Full review on Faithfully Bookish faithfullybookish/reviClaire takes the bull by the horns and tenaciously strives to solve every problem she encounters. Her naivety is both endearing and hilarious. More than once I wanted to warn her of an impending debacle or shake someone who failed to warn her!Business is booming for our newest friend Lydia but the honeymoon is over when her stepson shows up and moves in! Lydia responds with grace and generosity while I wanted to kick that boy to the curb. C [...]

    23. "Chapel Springs Survival" was a fun book to read. I loved its small town setting and the primary characters who were more mature than the usual novels I encounter. From the problems of a small town that is suddenly bursting at the seams to family problems at home, Claire and her friends Patsy and Lydia often find themselves overwhelmed as they attempt to navigate their lives. At times humorous and at other times serious, the story moved along at a fast clip from one incident to another and held [...]

    24. I loved the first book in the series and was looking forward to this one, and I was not disappointed. Claire is a character that you can't help but fall in love with and following her as she throws herself headlong in to any situation she faces is a pure enjoyment. Once again I was pulled into her life from the first pages and was kept reading to see what could possibly happen to her and her friend Patsy next. This author certainly knows how to write a story that is a delight to read. I was give [...]

    25. What a wonderful story. Ane Mulligan truly captures the true meaning of being a Southerner and a woman of God. The characters are wonderful, complex people, especially the three women. It's a story about the ills that befall them, small town living and pulling together for the greater good. One son surprises them by marrying a young woman he met on an online chat room, a woman from Brazil. The mother wants to be the ideal mother in law, but is met with a lot of resistance from Costancia. Why? Yo [...]

    26. "This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."Chapel Hill is in trouble again. The re-visit to this coastal town was just what I needed. The people are trying to keep up with all the tourists that returned after the makeover in the first book. Some of the characters made you love to hate them, while others you just loved. The story grows on you with serious problems with a big serving of humor on top. [...]

    27. What do you do when your solution to reviving a dying town causes it to be overrun with tourists? When your best friend may move to get away from the burgeoning commercialism that threatens the once-charming town? And your young son springs the surprise of your life on you? A follow up to "Chapel Springs Revival," "Chapel Springs Survival" by Ane Mulligan is a hoot!! Loved how klutzy Claire and her friend Patsy help their touristy hometown retain its small-town flavor as well as show God's love [...]

    28. Mail order what?????This day and age so many romances are striking up from internet dating sites, chat rooms etc, never thought of it leading to mail order brides. Yet I met my husband online so it can be fun and work out.Just fell in love with Claire all over again, I knew something was gonna be up with those beautiful leaves. love the ending! Ane Mulligan is starting her novel career off after many years of play writing and I know with each book the talent will shine through. Worth the read!

    29. Loved this book, which had a number of situations going on, all within a small resort town in Georgia. I fell in love with the characters and completely got sucked into the stories! When I finished, I wanted more, so I got the next book! Incidentally, I had the audio book, and the narrator was wonderful! She did different voices and had a Southern accent, so it was like listening to a radio show!

    30. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. This is a cute story set in a small town that suddenly has achieved newfound fame. The characters are funny and well developed. This is part two of the series, but I was able to catch up quick. A very good read.

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