Halfskin (The Vignettes): A Technothriller

Halfskin The Vignettes A Technothriller A techno thriller far intimate and human than anything Crichton ever wrote Brian Braden author of Chronicles of Fu Xi A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body They are

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  • Title: Halfskin (The Vignettes): A Technothriller
  • Author: Tony Bertauski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A techno thriller far intimate and human than anything Crichton ever wrote Brian Braden, author of Chronicles of Fu Xi A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body They are infallible As our percentages of biomites rise, we become stronger, we become smarter and prettier We become better Can we resist the temptation of perfection A techno thriller far intimate and human than anything Crichton ever wrote Brian Braden, author of Chronicles of Fu Xi A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body They are infallible As our percentages of biomites rise, we become stronger, we become smarter and prettier We become better Can we resist the temptation of perfection Are we still human when our bodies are replaced by synthetic replications If biomites exist, laws will be imposed to prevent excess and abuse Those with 50% biomites will no longer be considered human They will be halfskin Halfksin The Vignettes is a compendium of short stories found throughout the Halfskin trilogy, a harbinger of what humanity s pursuit of perfection may look like INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR WHAT GENRE DO YOU PREFER Science fiction, dystopia, technothriller and, to some extent, young adult I do have a series of novellas in the vampire genre Yeah, I know Doesn t fit That character, Drayton, came out of nowhere when I was at a community theatre production of Dracula I figured that an immortal vampire would likely become compassionate and wise as he grew older The technothriller Halfskin is similar to vampires in that technology promises immortality and complete control of our bodies But then what WHY A SYNTHETIC STEM CELL Organic life is too nilly willy We re limited by our DNA Give it to the scientists to perfect this vehicle that carries us around because it is a vehicle If we no longer have organic bodies, if every one of our cells is replaced by something manmade all the way down to the neurons and synapses, then what are we What if our world is just a computerized environment, ala The Matrix Would we know the difference Look, we re printing organs today I m not, but someone is Some genius has figured out how to push play and heart or liver or kidney comes down the chute Halfskin takes the idea into the distant future and explores whether this leads to happiness or just of the same Because money, problems DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER JOB BESIDES AUTHOR Day job, I m a college horticulture teacher Writing is a passion No plans to change it WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO Breathe WHAT TALENT WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO HAVE Omnipresent supergalactic oneness IF WE HAD A CUSTOM THAT ALLOWED US TO EAT OUR CHILDREN, WHAT KIND OF SAUCE WOULD YOU USE Ketchup, the miracle condiment ARE OUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES STEALING OUR SOUL AND IF SO, DO YOU MAKE OFFERINGS TO YOUR TOASTER I offer white bread and the toaster gives back crunchy, brown bread Never doubt a true miracle.

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    1. anaslair.wordpress/2016/0When I got this book as a gift from the author's newsletter, it was presented as a prequel.Now a prequel can be defined as noun 1. a literary, dramatic, or filmic work that prefigures a later work, as by portraying the same characters at a younger age.So imagine my surprise when I start reading it and everything, for some reason, sounds familiar. I recognized all those stories I enjoyed reading so much from Halfskin #1. There they were interspersed with the main narrativ [...]

    2. I recommend 'Halfskin' series by Tony Bertauski which uses stem cell tech replacing normal cells and shows that some people will do this for gain, athletic advantage or glamour once it's available. We see a series of shorts, the vignettes of the title, letting us into the world once the biomites tech has been developed and put into practice. Baseball playing kids are souped up illegally while still growing, students attend clandestine parties where they become prettier - if the biomites work pro [...]

    3. BERTAUSKI STARTER LIBRARY is FREE!Get 3 full-length novels and 1 novella…Just tell me where to send themrtauski/

    4. This taster has been on my shelf for a while now, so I thought I would indulge in some reality based Sci Fi. There are several short stories within this book, all based around the idea of Stem Cell 'upgrades' to boost the human body in many ways - Fighting illness, learning skills etc. There is a nice balance between the ethics of carrying out procedures and the reasons for doing so, and also the greed and corruption that ultimately becomes prevalent from abusing this new technology. The fascina [...]

    5. This as it states is a short story book, it has several mini tales which were taken from the Halfskin series . I received this e book free after subscribing to the author's newsletter .Even though I hadn't read any of the Halfskin series of books I enjoyed this little taster of the author's work .It was intriguing and its the kind of thing that makes you think after you've read it , I like that a lot .

    6. Interest ring conceptI received this book for free and requested to review it. I found the idea that this book is based on a interesting concept, as well as a complete possibility. I will get the next novel and see how that one goes.

    7. a very interesting idea to be raised. however, i found some of these vignettes to not be making much sense, as if they were torn out of a bigger picture, and perhaps they were otherwise, it's a good read, indeed - with all the ethical issues and repercussions.

    8. Got this as some giveaway at some point or directed to here when free. Writes in a genre or genres more likely hard to pin down so just look at his works is all can really say beyond the stars rating from me. Came to my attention when got to do ARC for Humbug! Date is off, forgot to review some of his.

    9. Author Tony Bertauski is a master of what-ifs, and the vignettes in Halfskin blend together scarily into a what-if world where the greatest technological advance was in biological chips rather than silicone. But Bertauski’s worlds are never simple, and his questions, like those of George Orwell or Philip Dick, leave the reader with much to ponder. What makes us human? What makes us fast, or clever, or gives us personality? And what’s left if too much of the brain and body are fabricated inst [...]

    10. I downloaded this book for free today after seeing the Boxset advertised on Twitter. I would call this a series of short interlinked stories based on the idea that new nanotechnology has enabled human beings to eradicate illness via the use of synthetic cells. The twist comes by the fact the cells start to take on a life of their ownI read the collection in a couple of hours and liked the way the different stories came together in the last account. It was like reading a futuristic diary.Overall, [...]

    11. Interesting ReadThis book was intellectually interesting and made me think. The writing style is unique in a positive way. The only downside to this novel is the length (seemed short) and the characters, although fascinating, didn't have lasting substance to them. Their individual stories were short lived.Still, the concepts of advanced technology and the reactions of various characters made this well worth reading. I would definitely read on in this series.

    12. This is a collection of the short vignettes interspersed through the trilogy - with at least one extra that seems not to have made it into the books and possibly one missed out. Useful snippets that make sense of the general thread in the books - the need for regulation of biomite use (and ethical considerations in sport and intellectual competitions such as spelling bees; the concept of humanity and the use of the halfskin/brick categories.

    13. What is he?Drayton is ancient, he isn't human and doesn't exist, yet he is there.I found this a sweet and compelling story. It is a glimpse of a strange character that left me with many questions.

    14. 。.halfskin a full human read。。。an excellent look at one authors take on the future of a "connected" society and the moral.cial.d ethical dilemas that come W/scientific advancements

    15. I love the way Bertauski writes. That said, I did not "get" some of these stories. I guess I need more details - most ended too soon. Also - I don't get how the nanites influence your dreams. Maybe the full length stories will not be so abrupt.

    16. Science fiction of the biology sort. Mankind has the ability to make himself more perfect. But what does that mean about his humanity? If he's 51% machine, is he still a human? Interesting topic, but I don't think I will continue with the series.

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