Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington 1837 - 1863

Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington This sequel to Abe Lincoln The Frontier Days follows Lincoln s life from the age of when he arrives in Springfield Illinois ready to take up his post in the state legislature to his

  • Title: Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington 1837 - 1863
  • Author: Cheryl Harness
  • ISBN: 9780792237365
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This sequel to Abe Lincoln The Frontier Days, 1809 1837 follows Lincoln s life from the age of 28, when he arrives in Springfield, Illinois, ready to take up his post in the state legislature, to his assassination in 1865 Includes six maps researched by the National Geographic Society Full color illustrations.

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    1. Grade/interest level: Middle School (6-8)Reading level: Lexile, 790LGenre: Picture Book, Biography, Informational Book Main Characters: Abraham Lincoln Setting: Various settings that correlate with Lincoln's storyPOV: Third personThis book is an informational text about Abraham Lincoln. It covers the years 1837-1865. The book features beautiful, detailed illustrations that support the dense written text. The book is written in story format, but includes dates and specific historical facts. The f [...]

    2. An excellent resource on the adult life of Lincoln, focusing on the events leading up to and during his presidency. Author touches on family, business and political life. The narrative captures not only the mood of the president during the Civil War, but also the mood of the country. Bright and colorful illustrations including maps, battle scenes, big moments in Lincoln's life, his family and contemporaries. There is great attention to detail in all illustrations. Maps are filled with informatio [...]

    3. I love reading and sharing great non-fiction picture books with my daughter. It’s surprising how much one can learn in less time than watching an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. (Don’t get me wrong I love the occasional episode of Mr. Pants – but a book will earn my time 9 times out of 10). Cheryln Harness did a nice job with both the information and illustrations. My only criticism is when she tried to combine both onto one page. Some of the otherwise beautiful pictures were too crammed [...]

    4. Abraham Lincoln was an incredibly influential and inspiring man that changed our country forever. This National Geographic book depicts the adult life of Lincoln in great detail; and even draws in some of the youngest readers. This book is jam-packed with information not only on this man, but also on the Civil War. I could have spent hours looking at the in-depth illustrations as they include extra information about the various events and people that pop in this book. I also enjoyed that Harness [...]

    5. Abe Lincoln goes to Washington would fit well in any Civil War unit quite nicely. It has some good information on the role of children in Abe Lincoln's life that would provide children in a primary or middle grades classroom greater access and interest into larger events - which is always good thing. Overall it follows the basic canon of Abe Lincoln's life, but for a class that does not have this information the book could be very helpful.

    6. Abe has finally been elected president and then a war begins. Reasons I like this book-Reason 1- The book was a very short easy read.Reason 2- I learned about when Abe Lincoln was at the White House.Reason 3- The book has good illustrations.

    7. The illustrations are awesome. The book was well-written history, however the book did seem to be overwhelming with the information and illustrations. The book would definitely tie in nicely with history in the middle grades.

    8. Very informative, although some important parts are glossed over. Would recommend for middle grade children.

    9. Cheryl Harness is at her best again as she chronicles the political years of Abraham Lincoln. My boys spent hours pouring over this book. We especially love the illustrations.

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