A Step in Time

A Step in Time The time of her life Following a totally justified ugly public brawl with her love rat boyfriend soap star and paparazzi darling Amy Lavender s TV career is over Her agent assures her that winning a

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  • Title: A Step in Time
  • Author: KerryBarrett
  • ISBN: 9781474044998
  • Page: 438
  • Format: None
  • The time of her life Following a totally justified ugly, public brawl with her love rat boyfriend, soap star and paparazzi darling Amy Lavender s TV career is over.Her agent assures her that winning a glitzy dancing TV competition will put Amy back on top But Amy has two left feet, and her hot dance partner Patrick seems to think that she s behaving like a superficial sThe time of her life Following a totally justified ugly, public brawl with her love rat boyfriend, soap star and paparazzi darling Amy Lavender s TV career is over.Her agent assures her that winning a glitzy dancing TV competition will put Amy back on top But Amy has two left feet, and her hot dance partner Patrick seems to think that she s behaving like a superficial spoiled brat also totally justified.At rock bottom, Amy is now living in a rented room when she encounters her upstairs neighbour, an elegant older lady with a mysterious, tragic air who knows than a thing or two about the foxtrot.But it ll take than a couple of dance lessons to get Amy back on the leaderboard and ready to cha cha cha her way to glitterball glory

    One thought on “A Step in Time”

    1. The second I saw the stunning cover for this book revealed, I knew it would be one I wanted to read. My first thoughts of the title were of the Mary Poppins song "Step In Time" but thankfully I didn't have it running in my head as I read this. A Step in Time is definitely a book for fans of Strictly Come Dancing, or other ballroom dance TV shows, and even if you aren't, like me, I was still able to enjoy the story, and wished I knew more about the various ballroom dances, to picture them fully a [...]

    2. Sparkly, fun, witty and deeper than expected.I absolutely love this book. Set in London against a Strictly backdrop it is as gorgeous as a perfectly performed American Smooth. This book literally has it all. What started out as a quick peek lasted a lot longer because I was hooked from the first page and couldn't put it down. This is a book about living life to the full, following your dreams and being true to yourself whilst empathising with others.Just like Amy there is far more to this book t [...]

    3. This was a really enjoyable, funny read. It features a show based on Strictly Come Dancing which is currently on TV, making it extremely relevant.Amy Lavender is instantly recognisable as being similar to more than a few 'celebrities' over the years. She makes a mistake, one which is caught on camera, and suffers professionally as a result. In order to try and gain her 'celebrity' status once more she is forced to take part in reality tv. In order to achieve her goals Amy has to do things she re [...]

    4. I have loved all of Kerry Barrett's books in the past, so I eagerly awaited the publication of A Step in Time and downloaded it on to my kindle as soon as it was available! I have to say I think that this is, without a doubt, the best book she has written to date.It follows the ups and downs of Amy Lavender, disgraced soap star and media tart as she rebuilds her life after being fired from one of the country's biggest TV shows. The friendship with her new landlady and neighbour, Cora, brings a w [...]

    5. Amy has always loved acting and dreams of becoming a serious actress but being a celebrity has sucked her into the fast lane. Even though she does have a good part on a soap opera. Eventually she loses her loser boyfriend and her job. Babs her agent gets Amy on Strictly Star Dancing. The only problem is Amy cannot dance in any stretch of the imagination. Amy has to take a low rent apartment and agrees to keep an eye on the old lady- Cora upstairs. Then we learn about Cora who does know a thing o [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this book, not my usual choice but a rave review from a friend, an intriguing book cover and the need to read something different brought me to it.Clearly based on SCD, even head judge Len and Kristina Rhianoff are in their in disguise, but both Amy and Cora had me interested and turning pages. It made me want to scream at Amy at times which is always a good sign! There are passages in this book that had me in tears because it was so similar to conversations I had had with my [...]

    7. Cute story of a British soap opera actress who suffers an embarrassing scandal, leaving her jobless and homeless. She accepts an offer to compete on a reality television dance competition, and coincidentally moves into the basement flat of an elderly former dancer. The novel alternates between the two women's stories, and is most interesting, with moments that are poignant and compelling, when describing the older woman's life as a WWII performer for the troops stationed in London. I did enjoy t [...]

    8. What a fantastic read for fans of Strictly Come Dancing. A very enjoyable page turner.Amy, a celebrity, is trying to recover from some bad publicity and finds herself signed up for the dancing show- even though she has no sense of rythym . She’s trying to raise her profile again with the public even though the dancing isn’t coming naturally.We’re introduced to the other characters who add lovely interest to the story. Cora is her neighbour and we learn how her early life has shaped the way [...]

    9. This is a charming story. I started it on a Sunday morning and read it in a day! Being a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, I really enjoyed the book and the characters.I'm not a fan of reality TV, Strictly and Bake Off aside, and the reality stars in this book merely cemented my beliefs. Amy was so much nicer than Matty and Babs to start with, and Patrick was just plain gorgeous!I liked the way Cora's story was interspersed with Amy.'s and a tear in my eye on more than one occasion! As for the winne [...]

    10. This is a modern, easy to read, romance. I enjoyed it. Amy is a soap star with a famous boyfriend. When they fall out, over his infidelity, Amy loses her home and job. She ends up in a flat in Clapham where, for cheap rent she agrees to pop in now and again to her upstairs neighbour, 89 year old Cora. Amy gets a place on a glitzy dancing competition and falls for her dancing partner, Patrick. We read on as Amy decides her future and Cora takes us back in the past. The book is very up to date and [...]

    11. A Step in Time is a funny, heartwarming read. It is perfect for fans of Strictly Come Dancing and for anyone who loves a sweet romance with main characters that you'll want as your best friends and / or dance teachers. The story made me laugh, cry and want to put on my dancing shoes! Kerry Barrett is a seriously talented writer with a lovely, warm author voice and the ability to completely immerse the reader in her engaging prose.

    12. I love when books are written from more than one persons perspective and in different times too. Going through Amy's big change in life is interesting but my favourite part of the book was looking back at the past life of Cora. Things that happened so many years in the past shaped the wonderful person she became and she was obviously loved by so many. Sometimes heartbreak can form a strong and great person.

    13. I enjoyed this even more than I thought I would. It brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion and was a great page turned!

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