A Mother's Love

A Mother s Love This compassionate novel published in paperback in time for Mother s Day explores how women learn to be mothers and celebrates the resilience of all those who raise children Abandoned by her mother at

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  • Title: A Mother's Love
  • Author: MaryMorris
  • ISBN: 9780385312196
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • This compassionate novel published in paperback in time for Mother s Day explores how women learn to be mothers and celebrates the resilience of all those who raise children Abandoned by her mother at age seven, Ivy is a new single mother who must cope with financial difficulties and a demanding infant.

    One thought on “A Mother's Love”

    1. This was a good book, a little frustrating at time though. While the women in the story is clearly young and has made some silly decisions, I can understand many of the thoughts she relating to being a mother. Many of us experience amazing insecurity with regard to our mothering abilities. The book seemed fairly realistic as far as the challenges a single mother might face which was refreshing. This was s good book and even though I'm pretty sure I got this book from a friend many years ago, I j [...]

    2. Amazing portrait of the chaos and despair of new motherhood--rare and vivid. Also an interesting example of a plot where not much happens but we're supposed to beleive the character changes. I think for non-mothers this would be a little hard to believe. I didn't feel that the backstory (daughter abandoned at age 7) and the front story (single mother trying to cope) fit together that well, but it was an interesting attempt.I'd recommend this to any woman who is or has been parenting a newborn wh [...]

    3. Run, don't walk, to your local book store or library and get every book Mary McGarry Morris has ever written. She can do no wrong. All of her books are great. A Mother's Love is no exception. A very good read.

    4. This was not a bad book but it also wasn’t a page turner. There were many times I could have closed the book and never picked it up again. The main reason I didn’t is that I was curious how the book would end. I wish I could say the ending made the journey all worth it but honestly I felt the ending was anti climactic at best.Ivy is an interesting character and her story is heart breaking. As a mother I can relate to both wanting to deal with your own mommy issues and also trying to figure o [...]

    5. A surprising read. I often judge books by their cover, and I did not like the cover of this book. But this engaging story of a young, single mother in NYC was well-worth the read. The protagonist was abandoned at age seven by her mother, so she wasn't well-prepared to mother her own child. She had a lot to learn, and not much help learning it. A sad story, but not a hopeless one. I recommend!

    6. Not my type of story, but not awful. (view spoiler)[ Did I enjoy reading about the protagonist's childhood? Yes, I am not too familiar with life on a moving trailer, also, I enjoyed how this story wasn't afraid to point that mothers aren't always great. But, I felt frustrated reading it. The details given about the protagonist's current life seemed pointless in a way. It didn't tie together in the end. That's my opinion. (hide spoiler)]

    7. I really loved Ivy's story. The book was well-written, but at times I was skimming, especially toward the end. I can't pin-point why though.

    8. Good book-but not something that I just couldn't set down. But you did become curious about certain things in the story.

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