Edisto Jinx (The Edisto Island Mysteries, #2)

Edisto Jinx The Edisto Island Mysteries A phenomenal read Sharon Sala New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Is it a flesh and blood killer or restless spirits According to Sophie the psychic beautiful Edisto Beach becomes a hotb

  • Title: Edisto Jinx (The Edisto Island Mysteries, #2)
  • Author: C. Hope Clark
  • ISBN: 9781611946659
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • A phenomenal read Sharon Sala, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Is it a flesh and blood killer or restless spirits According to Sophie the psychic, beautiful Edisto Beach becomes a hotbed of troublemaking spirits every August But when a visitor dies mysteriously during a beach house party, former big city detective Callie Morgan and Edisto Beach police A phenomenal read Sharon Sala, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Is it a flesh and blood killer or restless spirits According to Sophie the psychic, beautiful Edisto Beach becomes a hotbed of troublemaking spirits every August But when a visitor dies mysteriously during a beach house party, former big city detective Callie Morgan and Edisto Beach police chief Mike Seabrook hunt for motives and suspects among the living With tourists filling the beaches and local business owners anxious to squelch rumors of a murderer on the loose, Callie will need all the help she can get especially once the killer s attention turns toward her Edisto Jinx is a phenomenal read from beginning to end The psychological twists are as intriguing as the vivid imagery of Ms Clark s writing From characters with just the right amount of flaws to make them realistic, to the eerie peek into a madman s mind, it is a gem of a story I didn t want to end Sharon Sala, author of Cold Hearts, book two of the Secrets and Lies trilogy August 2015 from Mira Books Edisto Jinx has everything you want in a good island read sand, food, drinks, people you care about, beautiful sunsets, secrets, murder, and page turning suspense C Hope Clark took me to one of the most unspoiled South Carolina islands and gave me plenty of reasons to want to stay with Callie Morgan and a richly drawn cast of beach town regulars Pull up a beach chair, dip your toes in the gentle waves, and enjoy Cathy Pickens, author of the Southern Fried mysteries and Charleston Mysteries Ghostly Haunts in the Holy City C Hope Clark is the award winning author of the Carolina Slade Mysteries and now the Edisto Island Mysteries During her career with the U.S Department of Agriculture, she met and married a federal agent now a private investigator Together they plot murder mysteries at their lakeside home in South Carolina Visit Hope at http chopeclark.

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    1. C. Hope Clark’s Edisto Jinx is a mystery of seamless twists and turns, with prose sharp, clear, crisp and sure of itself. I ignored the call of ten books piled up on a chair to read, ignored the call of social media, and I carved out two long sessions to inhale this delightful story. Clark is a fun and bright story teller. The author had me on the first two sentences in the book, “CALLIE STUDIED all the tanned visitors with drinks in their hands. The last time she attended a beach house part [...]

    2. There is a little bit of just about everything in Edisto Jinx: murder, mayhem, paranormal interest, and quiet walks along the beach. There’s also a hint of romance thrown in for good measure.We join Callie Morgan on Edisto Island, a quiet little seaside town where she spent summers as a kid. We met her first in Murder on Edisto, and there are memory tidbits that remind us of the first book in the series. This is easily a stand-alone novel…but you’ll probably want to go back and find out mo [...]

    3. Jinx or No Jinx C. Hope Clark’s new Mystery A WinnerC Hope Clark captured my attention again as I entered the world of Edisto Jinx. The residence of Edisto Beach welcomed me into the dilemma surrounding the death of Brea Jamison. Callie Morgan, Ex Boston Detective, investigative instincts kick in and stir up more than the residence of this tiny island want to deal with. A serial killer is on the loose but no one believes Callie. August is a busy tourist season on Edisto Island, add a few spirt [...]

    4. There are many things to love about C. Hope Clark's writing, and I will leave the elements of a great mystery to those reviewers who read mysteries on the regular, which I do not. What I want to celebrate are two things Clark does well: strong female characters, and also a clever use of current social media to make the mystery even more intriguing. I want to avoid spoilers, so let's just say that the party, the Millennial journalist, and the use of Twitter to complicate the suspense was really c [...]

    5. C Hope Clark does it again! EDISTO JINX is an excellent crime mystery that kept me up all night till the end of its pages. I still have all the characters in her latest novel in my head wondering what will happen to them in the next book. Not going to give the ending of EDISTO JINX away but I do want to know how Callie Jean Morgan, main character, fulfills her new job on Edisto Island. :-) This novel gets a well deserved five-star rating, as does all of C Hope Clark's mysteries! I cannot wait to [...]

    6. Edisto Jinx is another great read by @C.Hope Clark. If you love #mystery, set on the beach, with interesting characters - then you will enjoy this book as much as I did. #Readers #bookreview

    7. Edisto Jinx is the second book in C. Hope Clark's Edisto Island mystery series.The book opens at an island get-together hosted by a local realtor to snag new clients. Mingling with the vacationers who like to attend such events, our heroine Callie Morgan meets a beautiful visitor named Brea. The two strike up an amiable conversation; minutes later, Brea lies dead on the floor, causing much screaming and the rapid evacuation of party-going guests.Then, the notion of an isolated incident takes a t [...]

    8. Edisto JinxSome books I want to rush through, so I can get to an author or style I want to read more. And then there are some books I want to savor so I can really pay attention to the twists and turns, or admire the deep characterization, and all the twists and turns you hope for in a good book. C. Hope Clark's Edisto Jinx, part of her Edisto Beach mystery series has all that and more. Another sign of a good book is when the characters like, Hope Clark's Callie Morgan, live inside you a long ti [...]

    9. Bad things happen to good people in peaceful places. Not once. Or twice. But six times in August on Edisto Island.Childhood tourist and recent resident Callie Jean Morgan can't leave her big city detective life behind when a young woman she just met dies at a party hosted by a realtor intent on keeping the summer season rental revenue rolling in like waves on the beach. Callie's quirky next door neighbor Sophie's connections in the spirit world throttle up, the jinx buzz talk spreads on Twitter [...]

    10. Just finished my first C. Hope Clark book, Edisto Jinx. I realize it is the second in the series, but I chose not to backtrack and read the first book first. It's interesting to learn if an author's second book in a series can stand alone. Clark's Edisto Jinx passed the test!Though it took a few chapters to catch up with the characters, I think reading it as a stand alone allowed me to appreciate the story as an Edisto tourist. I didn't know Callie's Boston background or any of the other charact [...]

    11. C. Hope Clark did it again. I couldn't put this book down. I loved the plot, the characters, the scenery, everything was so beautifully crafted. As a person who doesn't like the beach, but grew up 30 minutes from one, I felt like I was walking the sand beside Callie Morgan. I loved this book. The writing was superb. The action was well orchestrated and there was hardly any downtime in the book. It wasn't boring at all. The mystery was on point. I couldn't guess the killer at all! This is a great [...]

    12. Better than the first in the seriesThe first book, "Murder on Edisto" was a perfectly good novel, but I thought that the main character was more engaging in this one. The island and its inhabitants came more fully alive for me this time around. I especially liked that I didn't figure out who the killer was until it was revealed. I look forward to the next one!

    13. Loved this story! The character interactions are great. Love how Callie found strength through her convictions. Love Sophie! I really like the character of Sophie, with all her magical ways, she proves how much her spiritual insight is a force not readily accepted by many. Callie is an interesting and strong woman, yet riddled with past unresolved issues she works hard to figure out. I love Seabrook in his often quiet way. I love how the characters of Edisto are slowing knitted together through [...]

    14. I am a great fan of C. Hope Clark, so I'm always happy to have a chance to read something new by her. Edisto Jinx did not disappoint. In Callie Morgan, Clark has fashioned a main character it is taking me some time to care about. I'm not sure what it is that makes this so. The writing is brisk, crisp, clear, entertaining. The mechanics are all there, the storyline an interesting one, the supporting characters an interesting lot. I've just had trouble warming to Callie herself. Still, that did no [...]

    15. I received from the author in exchange for an honest review.C Hope Clark did it again! Great story. And unlike with the main character from the Lowcountry Bribe, I love Callie!Once a Boston city PD detective, Callie is still dealing with the loss of her husband, a teenage son more mature than his years, and the trauma she endured in the previous months (read Murder on Edisto). Meanwhile, she is having a difficult time ignoring what appear to be crimes happening in the community. It seems like th [...]

    16. It’s difficult to find mysteries that are complex, and interesting but without a constant stream of heavy handed sexual not-so-innuendo and tough guy bravado. For me, Edisto Jinx delivered that.You meet the soon-to-be dearly departed on the first page, you make a connection with her on the second, and she’s dead by the end of the third. You spend the rest of the book not knowing who’s going to be next but you know there will be a next. Clark’s style reads like a conversation with a local [...]

    17. If you are a mystery fan and haven’t read C. Hope Clark’s Edisto Island mysteries, you’re missing out. The latest in the series featuring former Boston PD detective Callie Jean Morgan, Edisto Jinx, grabbed me by the throat at the very beginning and didn’t let go until I finished it. The story is compelling, with Callie again believing in her instincts when no one else does. She trusts her gut about the series of so-called accidental deaths in the small beach town, and once again she’s [...]

    18. This is the second book in the Edisto Island Mysteries which features former detective Callie Morgan, the hero of the piece. This time, it turns out women keep dying on the island every August but all from seemingly unrelated accidents. Are these coincidences? Or is there a serial killer on the loose? Callie is determined to find out.I've not read the first in the series but this book brought me up to speed with ease and I quickly fell in with the characters and background. Hope Clark has penned [...]

    19. Although it looks like it took me a long time to read this book, it was only because after starting the book, I realized, I had to go back and read the first one in the series. Too many references to past incidents that I didn't want to miss. That being said, I thought the first book was better than the second. Love Hope C. Clark's writing and a good mystery is always right my alley. This book was well written but felt it moved a little slower than the first book. The main character, Callie, see [...]

    20. This is my 5th C. Hope Clark book I've read and the second in the Edisto Island Mystery series.I really enjoyed the progression of characters in the follow up to Murder on Edisto. It's great to see Callie finding her footing as a permanent resident of Edisto Island. It's a pleasure seeing Sophie return, as she provides vibrant color to the main cast of characters. The new crew of supporting characters contains a great mix too: a young, up-and-coming journalist in Alex who brings social media to [...]

    21. Though a little slow for my taste, if you enjoy cozy mysteries, this book is right up your alley. My favorite part was the setting. Edisto acted as one of the characters as a retired detective can't turn off her instincts even in the peaceful scenery. I really liked the importance of social media to the plot. It grounded the story in the modern world. Nothing overtly sexual or violent happens in the book, making it a safe read for anyone sensitive to that kind of content. There were a few issues [...]

    22. Edisto Jinx by C. Hope Clark is our return visit to the chaotic world of Callie Jean Morgan, a former Boston police detective who has relocated to the palmetto lined streets of the South Carolina paradise. Callie’s life has been in deep disarray since the death of her husband two years earlier. She and her teenaged son, Jeb, are seeking refuge in the peaceful resort community that holds comforting ties to her past. But serenity is hard to come by when panic attacks plague her attempts to blend [...]

    23. Once again, C. Hope Clark has given us a whodunit that leads you along one line in the sand…only to find out there’s actually a completely different set of footprints alongside the shore.Callie Morgan is back in this second installment of the author’s Edisto Island Mystery series…back in the middle of the chaos, back under the microscope for all her neighbors to scrutinize, and as you might expect, back on the case. Acting Chief Seabrook reaches out to Callie (in more ways than one), and [...]

    24. I read Edisto Jinx in one sitting. I have said it before upon finishing C Hope's books, but it warrants repeating. Her characters are people you know. They are your family, neighbors and coworkers and you are immediately immersed because you can fully relate to the people. The setting is paradise, but she shows it's darker side. The people are complex> She shows their strengths and weaknesses and why it's okay to embrace both sides. C Hope is the Queen of showing how the combination of all th [...]

    25. Edisto Jinx- a devious mystery with a fantastic cast of characters set in a wonderful background of a small town, South Carolina island. You can almost smell the salt from the ocean just blocks from Callie Morgan’s beach home, and given the pace of life and laid back atmosphere it was as hard for me to believe there was a murderer on the loose as it was for the folk of Edisto Beach. But Callie Morgan smelled trouble even when the local chief of police did not. She’d come here to put her own [...]

    26. Edisto Jinx is the second book in C. Hope Clark's Edisto Island mystery series. I really enjoyed the first book in the series, Murder on Edisto. Edisto Jinx is a great story as well.First off, I have been to Edisto Island and found it to be a fascinating place. What first attracted me to the series was the setting. C. Hope Clark is a great storyteller. The story began in Murder on Edisto flawlessly transitions into the Edisto Jinx tale. I love the flawed character, Callie Morgan. She has a wound [...]

    27. I was lucky enough to receive this book from C. Hope Clark for review purposes. Once again she has created lovable characters while bringing in the rich history of the low country.Edisto Island is south of me, I've not been to Edisto, but believe it will be worth a trip. I love Calllie Lawton as a character. She is flawed and fighting her own demons while at the same time taking on the demons in Edisto. Her former years as a police officer, show she has not lost her touch. She knows how to root [...]

    28. This was an ok cozy. The writing was crisp, the characters were well developed, the plot was interesting but overall the story was a little slow. Until about three quarters of the way into the book when the suspense picked up in a big way. It got very exciting and was a true page-turner for about 20 pages. The biggest thing I had a hard time with was the main character, Callie. She was a hard pill to swallow and got on my nerves. Throughout the majority of the book I kept thinking, "She really n [...]

    29. EDISTO JINXIn her book Edisto Jinx, C. Hope Clark delivers a suspenseful murder mystery chock full of lively and believable characters including neighbors, police, family, and more. This beautiful beach setting combines serenity with intrigue as Callie Morgan battles her private demons while trusting her instincts to pursue a probable serial killer.With Callie in pursuit of truth, a spiritual "jinx" rears its head as explained by neighbor and friend, Sophie. The eerie coincidences and beliefs of [...]

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