One thought on “Divine Mercy for Moms: Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina”

  1. This is a short book. It’s 135 pages, and that includes a foreword, an afterword, notes and two appendices. I appreciated the introduction to St. Faustina’s life and diary. It did give me some desire to check out the actual diary, which I have not read. The longest section of the book contains the two chapters on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. I was disappointed, however, that most of the “practical” suggestions were aimed at women as extroverted as the authors. Visit random [...]

  2. It was a good introduction to Faustina's diary, and I liked the practical suggestions for practicing works of mercy. I thought the discussion questions fell flat. There weren't enough, and they didn't have enough depth to them for a group to discuss much of anything. The online resources were better for some chapters than others, but a great addition to our group meeting.

  3. This was a great book! I lead a small group book study with this book and everyone had such a great experience reflecting on the meaning of mercy as shared by St. Faustina. The website (divinemercyformoms/) also gave us very helpful tools to living out both corporal and spiritual works of mercy in our daily lives. So very pleased with this book and looking forward to a group study of their new one being released this autumn!

  4. This book was filled with some wonderful stories and GREAT examples of how to truly live mercy as a mother. I think I will come back to this book over and over to refresh my memory on how to live the message of mercy better in my home.

  5. Our moms group read this book. It was the best book and study we could have asked for. The only thing we were sad about is that it is over.

  6. Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is a simple and easy to follow guide for any woman (not just Moms) who wants to find meaning in her everyday life and share her Catholic faith with the people she encounters daily. The chapters cover the topics of St. Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy, Developing trust in Jesus through the Divine Mercy Devotion, Showing Mercy to our neighbor, The Corporal works of mercy, The Spiritual Works of mercy, and Ma [...]

  7. My most loved read of the year. After reading this I also got the print outs from the website for the book and hung them on my fridge. Within this Papal Year of Mercy I have tried to focus on integrating mercy in my every day life, and this book has been a large piece of this puzzle.This book is written very much for a middle class or upper middle class family. Application at times for those in poverty is limited.

  8. This is a very easy and simple read about the lessons of St. Faustina and how to incorporate them into your every day life as a mom. I enjoyed this and it was a simple read, however their were a few mistakes that were a little too obvious. I also really wish the authors would have included anecdotes from their own experience or own lives to make the tasks more relatable.

  9. For moms with children of any age, this book packs a strong spiritual punch. It's loaded with advice on living the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in family life and comes complete with an excellent resource list, including a tutorial on the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

  10. Divine Mercy for Moms is an engaging introduction to the saint and the devotion.I wrote more about books related to Poland, WYD, and Divine Mercy here:readingcatholic/good-reads

  11. Wonderfully written for anyone. The explanations for the corporal and spiritual works of mercy are simplified and easy to understand. They give great ideas for serving others, as we are called to do.

  12. For all Mothers who daily give of themselves to family this books is for you. You will witness how mercy flows through your family and community through your deeds of mercy. You will also feel the presence of Divine Mercy in your soul. Enjoy!

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