Return to Labyrinth, Vol. 3

Return to Labyrinth Vol Continue on with Toby in the bestselling manga that picks up where the popular film leaves off

  • Title: Return to Labyrinth, Vol. 3
  • Author: Jake T. Forbes Chris Lie
  • ISBN: 9781598167276
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Continue on with Toby, in the bestselling manga that picks up where the popular film leaves off.

    One thought on “Return to Labyrinth, Vol. 3”

    1. In the early 2000's, Tokyo Pop published a 4-part Return to Labyrinth manga series. I love the 1986 movie, so I was so happy when someone gave me the first 3 volumes in the series several years ago. The only downside was that I didn't have the final volume. Turns out the last book in this series is a bit hard to find, and often ridiculously expensive. This year I have challenged myself to read more books that I want to read, nostalgia reads that I enjoyed in the past and more books from my own b [...]

    2. I'm kinda of angry I don't have the 4th volume ready to read at home to see how this story wraps up. I got into the storyline in the last volume and though it's not the most original of plots there's good artwork and I'm liking a few of the characters a lot. Plus it's great seeing old friends like Ludo and Didymus again. I'm going to have to find the last volume because I can't leave this unfinished.

    3. I wouldn't get much by the way of reviews if I split all of these up, plus there's more to comment on when targeted as a whole series instead of individual books so a combined review it is.I read the first volume of this Labyrinth sequel while I was on vacation and pretty much as soon as I was done, I had to order the rest because I needed to see where these writers took the story and the world and I have to say, as a hardcore Labyrinth fan, I wasn't disappointed.First a comment on the artwork. [...]

    4. *Note: Please see my personal disclaimer at the beginning of my review for Vol. 1**2nd Note: Many sentiments of Vol. 2 go for this Vol. as well.*I'm so glad that for this next I only had to wait as long as it took me to put vol. 2 down and pick up vol. 3. Woohoo! The story started to get even more intriguing. The flow was difficult for me at times (with both volumes) because of all the flashbacks and daydreams. And because of the format, of course. But I still enjoyedg it, and I know part of tha [...]

    5. So far this has been my least favorite in the series but that will in no way deter me from finishing the whole thing. I don't think I liked this one as much because Jareth is portrayed as such a jerk. He's just a misunderstood romantic! In this volume, Toby has his coronation and we discover the secrets behind the mystery "goblin" girl. Slower paced than the first two, it took me longer to get into. Can't wait to see how everything turns out in the final volume!

    6. The writing and the illustrations get better and better with each volume! No Labyrinth fan should miss this series!

    7. Okay, so this series is becoming fairly terrible. There's a section in this one lasting several pages that is essentially supposed to mirror the "music video" portions of the original film. It's just lyrics and a bunch of posing and staring between Jareth and Sarah. This really does not translate to manga. Not only is there no actual music, the lyrics are terrible, and without Bowie's charisma this is really not something anyone is interested in seeing. It's really bad. Additionally, there's one [...]

    8. The book covers how much Sarah changed after her adventure in the Labyrinth. Most of her memories of what happened are gone. Moppet (the woman in the goblin mask) and Sarah really belong together as Moppet was basically made from Sarah. If one dies, both die. Jareth is basically stalking Sarah. She may, or may not, have some kind of relationship with a guy. The major thing is that the evil Queen stages a coup. Overall an interesting third story in the series. The thing is that this series is muc [...]

    9. Well that was letdown. I was lost going in to this installment because it had been so long since I had read the first and second books. Maybe after the second book, I had had enough and given up? I should have gone with that. I have begun the journey into the fourth and final book so hopefully all will not be in vainbut I'm not holding my breath. P.S. I miss Bowie :(

    10. Still not sure why I decided to continue reading, but this one actually was better. Still did some skimming. Interested enough to read the last book, but still don't love the storyline.

    11. After reading the second volume I immediately had to pick this one up and read it. The most unfortunate thing about this volume is that it ends! The fourth and final volume will be published in August 2010. It’s going to be a long wait…There is a lot of story and plot in this volume, so be prepared. Everything starts to come together. Sarah invites Jareth in for some tea, however, Sarah doesn’t remember him or that she has a brother. Jareth leaves and goes to see Cob, apparently a goblin t [...]

    12. These books get better and better, plot wise. I am really looking forward to reading volume 4. I really wish the art looked like the cover, but alas, it doesn't. The art is alright in this one (the goblins and backgrounds look great), but only just that. The people ruin it. I mean, their proportions are ok. But the expressions look bad some times, and Toby and Jareth's hair is drawn pretty badly. I wish it was either drawn in an actual manga style, or realistic. Not a weird mix of the two. Reali [...]

    13. Finally these novels have started to pick up and things seem to be happening. Sadly there still just isn't enough and the plot jumps around a little, leading to a real sense of dissociation between strands and characters sadly. Whilst I have enjoyed it, I'm still a little saddened by the differences between the cover artwork and what's inside. That and my huge bugbear at Jareth and Sarah not really resembling themselves any more - though at least Sarah is now gradually looking more how she shoul [...]

    14. It's almost time for Toby's coronation as the new Goblin King, but Mizumi's plans have not been revealed yet. She does reveal that one of her powers is to create an "ablation", which is a being who represents one aspect of someone, magically removed from them. Moppet is an ablation of Toby's sister Sarah. She is a risk though because if the ablation dies, so does the host. Toby realizes that when Moppet was created, Sarah lost her passions for the theater. Whats more the ablation was created for [...]

    15. The riddle of Jareth’s obsession with Sarah comes clearer in this book. Apparently, his bet with the Lady Mizumi involved taking a piece away from Sarah, i.e her ability to dream. Presumably, this will lessen her power over Jareth and make it possible for her to love him.Love is something that Jareth seems to crave desperately, although his icy demeanor doesn’t show it and his actions are highly questionable. At first, the Lady Mizumi seems as glacial as he, her motives equally impenetrable. [...]

    16. The plot thickens and darkens; definitely the best in the series so far, as it contains the fewest weird goblin jokes and focuses on story and character.One thing that particularly stood out to me was anting.ght,if you will, into Jareth's character: if the labyrinth, with all its quirks, is a reflection of Jareth's heart, than is really all that evil? Interesting. There was a twist that I was not expecting, though it explains a lot, and I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes, and if [...]

    17. The third volume of the story that takes us back into the Labyrinth.This series has to be one of my favorites. It takes you back into the world that we saw in the film. You have Toby having to get ready for the coronation and the reason for Moppet's existence. Elsewhere Jareth meets with Sarah in the real world. Love how the characters are drawn and the return of the old ones that were in the movie. I recommend you read Return to Labyrinth if you love manga or are a fan of the classic film Labyr [...]

    18. Last read: May 27th, 2009OK, so how long has this been going on now with no resolution yet? Just give me an ending SOON! Jareth is up to no good in the human world messing with Sarah. Toby is now king and Mizumi is up to no good (having throuwn Toby in an Oubliette till he agrees to play ball), and one daughter is already "dead" with the other soon to go (and they were the only ones I liked!)Best part is the terrifying red demons from the episode of The Storyteller, "The Soldier and the Death" p [...]

    19. Moppet's relationship with Sarah was slightly interesting, and Skub's story continues to be the only entertaining part of this series. I liked the fact that Sarah and Jareth got a song and dance number, for all that I didn't particularly care for the scene. Much as I continue to not particularly care about Toby - the nominal hero of the book. He has yet to evince any qualities worthy of admiration. I cannot stress enough how little I find to recommend these books.

    20. The only problem with this series is the lack of professionalism in the artist\writer team.A year and a half to get a book out? I meanSERIOUSLY?Thank goodness the fourth volume is supposed to be the last or I'd be waiting forever for the ending.No, at this point, just until maybe 2011!

    21. Things are really heating up now! Nice climactic build, things are starting to get really intense. Poor Mayor, he was an ass in the beginning, but he turned around. I wonder how Toby's gonna fix this one. And what's Moppet going to do? Damn you, Jareth, what the hell have you done? Must finish story. more volume.ah!

    22. We've learned how Moppet is who she is. It's pretty interesting. Because it's also how Mizumi's daughters came to be. That was definitely not something that I thought of. The series keeps getting better the more I read it. Love it.

    23. The plot thickens I feel sorry for Sarah and I wonder what will happen with her and Moppet. Unfortunately my public library doesn't have the final volume, so I have to wait to get it through interlibrary loan.

    24. It's The Labyrinth, guys! MORE of THE Labyrinth. It was fun seeing cameos from the movie, as well as reading lines from the movie. Just fun. Kinda wish it was in color, but that's forgivable because color comics are harder to read. (Or is that just me??)

    25. This one picked up a bit more than the previous books and actually started to get interesting. Some of the silliness from the previous books faded and the plot got more complex, making this a more interesting read than the previous books.

    26. The third is finally here! This series is always coming back to me! I have had quite the adventure following these characters and their hardships and triumphs! Spoiler!!!! And Sarah and Jareth finally meet once more!!!!!!!

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