No Limit

No Limit Denn Doyle feeling lucky His landscaping business is thriving he s got money in the bank his girlfriend loves him and the city bus that ran into him that morning left him alive and well Soon he ll

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  • Title: No Limit
  • Author: Pete Hautman
  • ISBN: 9781416968207
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Denn Doyle feeling lucky His landscaping business is thriving, he s got money in the bank, his girlfriend loves him, and the city bus that ran into him that morning left him alive and well Soon he ll turn sixteen and buy himself a car Everything is going his way So when Jason Hicks and his buddies ask Denn to play a little poker, he says yes The cards are dealt, the mDenn Doyle feeling lucky His landscaping business is thriving, he s got money in the bank, his girlfriend loves him, and the city bus that ran into him that morning left him alive and well Soon he ll turn sixteen and buy himself a car Everything is going his way So when Jason Hicks and his buddies ask Denn to play a little poker, he says yes The cards are dealt, the money is bet, and then the worst possible thing happens.Denn wins And he likes it.Soon Denn is using a false ID to play in the local casino for ever increasing stakes As he enters the strange universe of high stakes poker, the cards become his life real than his family, important than his friends Denn learns to read tells the tiny clues that give away other players hands He figures he can t lose.But one other player the stonefaced, emotionless Mr Kingston has no tells at all.Denn soon finds himself in the biggest game of his life, head to head with Kingston and his cronies, with far than money at stake To win, Denn must put all his emotions aside and play stone cold but at what cost

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    1. I read the book No Limit by Pete Hautman. In this book, the main character is Dennis Doyle and he loves poker. He also has a good landscaping business going on and he doing really well. Once he picks up the cards for the first time, he immediately loves the game. I liked this book because it was a fast read and and it was one of those books where you want to know more about the character and what is going on in his life. Once I picked this book up, I didn’t want to put it back down. It was so [...]

    2. STONE COLD tells the story of Denn Doyle, a high school student who discovers, quite accidentally, that he's an amazing poker player. But more than that, it's a story about growing up, the choices you make AS you grow up, and about discovering who you are for better or for worse. But even more than that, STONE COLD is about the things we do to convince ourselves that we're not making mistakes, and how we justify the things we do as we do them. Hautman's writing here is reminiscent of Robert Corm [...]

    3. Very good read keeps the reader engaged and great ending. The development of the characters throughout the book it some of the best I've read. Very good descriptions and cliffhangers at the end of most chapters. I would recommend this book to most young adults it is an easy book to read but also engaging.

    4. In the book No Limit and previously named Stone Cold by Pete Hautman the main character Dennis Doyle or Denn is just a normal kid in the beginning of the summer. He has his own small lawn business, a girlfriend, and a lot of friends. His dad left their family when he was younger to make movie scripts for a living. His dad constantly trying to have Denn visit California so he can see what it is like. Denn always makes up an excuse why he can’t come out and visit. One day Denn was hanging out wi [...]

    5. No Limit the story of a sixteen year old, high stake poker player is a great book with bursts of action. Pete Hautman did a great job with this book and I absolutely loved it. I loved the way he spaced out the book giving every part of the book some action. The author definitely kept us engaged and it had an absolutely amazing ending. Dennis Doyle the main character in this book is in love with money, however his social and family life is just as normal as any of the sixteen year old. I also lik [...]

    6. I just finish reading the book No limit is written by Pete HauntMan and it was great. The main character Dennis Doyle is a worker. He like earning money for himself but when his lawn business doesn't sky rockets as he plans he turns to something else His neighbor introduces it to him and Dennis turns out to be good at it. He wins wins and wins but when one of his friends bluffs him out of a jack pot of 200 hundred dollars he stops playing for now. He buys books and cards to help him out for his [...]

    7. Stone cold is an amazing book, You wouldn't know what hit you if you didn't read pete hautman's first book, Mr. Was. Stone cold is about a teen named Denn Dole, who is getting to some pretty high risks, getting into gambling is now his new priority. With selling his booming lawn business to his friend murky, Denn takes his life to a new level raking in all the cash. As Denn gets addicted to Gambling, he gets good. His friend jason is challenging him to some games at his place, maybe it's them wh [...]

    8. “Money is not everything”. Denn Doyle knowledge this from lots thing happened to him. Then he had a lot of money. He felt so lonely without of family and friends. He just wants someone could call him and listen to him. He is a one really loves money. He has a lovely girl friend who loves him a lot. He also has good friends who always listen to him. But he lost them after he learns that he has a natural talent. "All I want is to play cards, to run my fingers over those slick, hard surfaces, t [...]

    9. No Limit is a book that I read within a 3 week span. It was a good read for me because I am not the best of reader but it also challenged me. The book has strong points in it because he had problems. He gets together with some friends and come to find that they really aren’t the best of friends. I can relate to what he feels at this time because I have friends that have been there for me and know when to push my buttons and know when not too. He never gives up on his plan from when he was youn [...]

    10. The book lacked character development, and upon finishing the book I realized that I never connected to any of the characters that Hautman introduced.The storyline is predictable, but I found myself most frustrated by Hautman's decision to not delve deeper into the relationships in the novel. Why is Mark friends with Denn in the first place? Why don't we learn more about Denn's girlfriend? Because Hautman never lets us experience the relationships on a deep level, I found myself indifferent when [...]

    11. I really enjoyed reading this book this month because it made me realize that you don't know what you are capable of unless you really go and and try. This book is a great book because it also showed the ups and downs to actually seeing what you are capable of and accomplishing it and it also showed who you're real friends are because they will either support you or put you down and discourage you. And it showed me more of why you don't need someone.

    12. This book was really good book. What made me become interested in it was the amount of poker Ive been playing lately. It taught me a bunch of things i didn't know about poker.This book is about a kid that gets addicted to poker and loses everything, but he is able to buy what ever he wants because he is rich and keeps winning.I definatley recommend this book to kids that want to get better at poker.

    13. I enjoyed this book dispiriting having no knowledge of poker. It was an exciting book and was detailed. It's wasn't too stressful because Denn, the main character, didn't care about the money but he had a passion for cards. It's a good read. Four stars because it wasn't the greatest book I've ever read but it's alright. But the ending I felt, was rushed and ended to quicklyz

    14. im about half way through the book and it really isnt what i had expected it to be, its not very interesting at all. it is a very fast read so thats one good thing about it. so all in all it was one of my worst books to read. after finishing the book i thought it was kind of dumb. it wasnt all that good from the begining to the end it made me bored.

    15. Dennis Doyle has a successful lawn business and is slowly saving up money for a used Camaro when he is hit by a bus and knocked off his skateboard. When he escapes the incident unharmed he feels extraordinarily lucky. This luck continues as he is asked to play in his first poker game. Eventually, Denn will have to decide what it worth giving up in order to win the big pot. Sequel = All In

    16. This book was pretty ok, i really only liked when they played poker, Dennis started to be a jerk at the end of this book thought, and he has a friend name seamus, read this book, its not gay like lyddie =), thats always a bonus

    17. this book was pretty good. :) it wasnt a REALLY good book but it really kept me reading. i guess it would be easier if you know something about poker. I would suggest this book to a kid who likes poker lol. :)

    18. I was surprised that this book, originally titled Stone Cold, was a fresh concept in YA lit. It's about teen gambling with a twist that I can't say. Students say they enjoy the book, and I really liked the ending.

    19. I liked this book as a recommendation for some of my freshmen this year. Poker, illegal gambling rings, high school romance --- this book will be good for some of my reluctant readers. Under 200 pages, it's a quick read.

    20. I loved the fact that the ending wasn't predictable nor was it a happily ever after scene. This is about addiction, specifically addition to gambling. quick and easy read.

    21. This is a book just about a regular old kid in a town. One day he walks by and is doing an errand, but gets tempted to play some poker. He realizes that he's good at it.

    22. With Texas Hold 'em so popular with teens today, this books is certainly relevant to their lives. I think Hautman is a GREAT YA writer.

    23. This is very great book , author doesn't make story long by describing things that doesn't need to be described like in other book. Story is very fun and entertaining.

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