One for Sorrow

One for Sorrow Against the ominous backdrop of the influenza epidemic of Annie a new girl at school is claimed as best friend by Elsie a classmate who is a tattletale a liar and a thief Soon Annie makes o

  • Title: One for Sorrow
  • Author: Mary Downing Hahn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Against the ominous backdrop of the influenza epidemic of 1918, Annie, a new girl at school, is claimed as best friend by Elsie, a classmate who is a tattletale, a liar, and a thief Soon Annie makes other friends and finds herself joining them in teasing and tormenting Elsie Elsie dies from influenza, but then she returns to reclaim Annie s friendship and punish all theAgainst the ominous backdrop of the influenza epidemic of 1918, Annie, a new girl at school, is claimed as best friend by Elsie, a classmate who is a tattletale, a liar, and a thief Soon Annie makes other friends and finds herself joining them in teasing and tormenting Elsie Elsie dies from influenza, but then she returns to reclaim Annie s friendship and punish all the girls who bullied her Young readers who revel in spooky stories will relish this chilling tale of a girl haunted by a vengeful ghost.

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    1. You can see this review and others @ readrantrockandroll/2018/One For Sorrow is a middle grade, chilling ghost story. It takes place around 1918 during the deadliest influenza pandemic that killed millions of people. Annie Browne has just moved to a new town with her mother and father. She's a bit timid and she's nervous about making friends at her new school, the Pearce Academy for Girls. The first girl she meets is Elsie, and Elsie doesn't waste any time filling her in on how horrible the gir [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis was such a page-turner for me that I read it in one day. The story and characters were so captivating that I was hooked on page one. I think this is the first time I’ve ever read an entire book in one day.This is a suspenseful story that’s a mixture of historical fiction and a children’s ghost story. I didn’t want to stop reading this because I HAD to know what happened next. I was so engrossed in this story that I didn’t watch the baseball game on TV. I watch just about [...]

    3. Against the ominous backdrop of the influenza epidemic of 1918, Annie, a new girl at school, is claimed as best friend by Elsie, a classmate who is a tattletale, a liar, and a thief. Soon Annie makes other friends and finds herself joining them in teasing and tormenting Elsie. 2.5 stars. I've read a few of Mary Downing Hahn's books and liked them quite a bit. I don't read a lot of middle grade, but her books are usually fun, creepy reads. This one I did not like as much as the others I've read. [...]

    4. I jumped this ahead in my queue after reading the first four pages. Spooky time infused with history as this is set during the influenza epidemic of 1918. I haven’t read a genuinely scary book for awhile. It’s going to be hard to review this without giving away spoilers. I’ll set the stage, and you can deduce the rest. Annie is the new girl at her school. She has just moved to town with her mother and father. She has an uncle away fighting World War 1, and they are hopeful that the war wil [...]

    5. *I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*For a middle grade book, this is quite scary!! I know I read some of Hahn's other novels when I was in elementary school/early middle school, but that was a long time ago. I only remember thinking that her novels weren't scary, but by 7th grade I was reading Stephen King. I stand corrected! "One for Sorrow" isn't Stephen King-esque horror, but it is a well nuanced ghost story. Eliza desperately tries to befriend the [...]

    6. Annie is the new girl at school, she just moved and is a bit stressed about making friends.But Annie isn't given a choice by Elsie, who the minute she saw the new comer, decided they were going to be best friends.What Annie didn't know is that her new friend is mean, bossy, highly umbareble and would get her in a lot of trouble. None of the other girls liked Elsie, so, they didn't like Annie either.It is 1918, and the an influenza epidemic is reaping people, old young, babies and Elsie was one o [...]

    7. I don’t know whether the author intended to make her characters unlikeable, but if she did, they are too much for me. The bullying in this book was so horrifying, with all the pushing, name calling and peer pressure. Not only that, they also showed no respect for the plague and its victim. They even showed no remorse after Elsie’s death, which in my opinion, is their fault.The worst thing for me is how the bullying is swept under the rug. Like, none the adults care that the girls were bullyi [...]

    8. I have ADORED Mary Downing Hahn's books since I stumbled upon Wait Til Helen Comes in my elementary school's library. My friends and I checked it out over and over, shivering with fear every time the main character ended up haunted. I continued reading the rest of Hahn's oeuvre that was available in the library, and fell in love with her historical fiction and coming of age stories like Stepping on the Cracks and Tallahassee Higgins. Hahn has always been a treasured writer of mine and I am thril [...]

    9. This is a nice hot cup of nostalgia to me. I adored Mary Downing Hahn when I was younger, and One for Sorrow did not disappoint. An excellent ghost story. Although I will not go into specifics, I can say simply that I genuinely enjoyed it and am looking forward to buying it in hard copy for my own kids.

    10. This was a little hard for me to get into. I didn't sympathize with any of the girls because none of them were ever very nice. Ultimately I read it to see how much damage the ghost could do.

    11. I will admit that this is my first Mary Downing Hahn novel that I have ever read. I had been thinking that her novels were too light for my taste but after reading this one, I believe that I might have been wrong. I started this novel right before going to sleep but I ended up staying up way past my bedtime and then I got up way too early so I could finish it. The real obsession I had with this novel is that I dreamt about it. I didn’t dream about the ghostly presence that is inside the novel, [...]

    12. This book is intriguing; it's an absolute page-turner! For me, it is a little stressful to read, just because of all the sorrow. The ending is a little anti-climactic, which is one of the reasons I don't give this book 4 stars. The other reason it does not earn 4 stars from me is that I have trouble believing some of the language is equivalent to the time period's written about an historic period for a contemporary reader and does not seem to capture the proper language of its setting. However, [...]

    13. I expected a creepy horror story that gave me chills up my spine. What I got was a shallow read that tried to be way too deep. *sigh* Calm yourself Katherine. Stay calm. I know that this was a middle grade read, and obviously won't have as much depth as young adult or adult, but it was as flat as the salt flats in Utah.The characters were annoying AF. I didn't like any books except the old lady that I already forgot the name of, and even she wasn't really the best character, and I didn't care mu [...]

    14. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineAnnie moves to a new town and starts school. One girl, Elsie, comes and befriends immediately. Of course, Elsie is the sort of girl that the other students don't like, but she is very possessive. She even invites herself to Annie's home, averring the entire time that they will be best friends. Elsie has a difficult home life-- her father is a German butcher, and in 1918, this leads him to be considered suspect by many people. Elsie's stepmother is cruel to [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.One for Sorrow is an old school horror story with a ghostly theme. The story opens with cruel children, and by that I mean tinged with Shirley Jackson-levels of meanness, taunting Elsie, a German-American girl during WWI, just before the infamous Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918. The meanness of these little girls, which is quite heavy-handed, spurs Elsie's lingering ghost status, after she succumbs to the flu due [...]

    16. First, I would like to thank the publisher for the advanced copy of this book. I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.The first book I loved was Wait Till Helen Comes. I found it in my school library when I was in second grade. That was when I had discovered that reading scary stories were just as cool as watching them.It’s been years since I read a book by this author and so I was thrilled when I learned of this book. The cover and title alone sent me chills, the [...]

    17. One for Sorrow is either an expertly written book or a very bad book. I have waffled back-and-forth on whether the author, Mary Downing Hahn, intended to make the characters so unlikeable the reader would find them abhorrent. If this was the author's intention, she has done a fine job of creating characters that are mean, nasty and spoiled. That includes the character Elsie who received a pretty bad rap in life and was forceful in creating a friendship with Annie Browne. I found the characters s [...]

    18. Annie moves to a new school and is quickly befriended by Elsie, a lonely, mean spirited girl; when she finally disengages from that toxic "friendship," she ends up in the popular clique, tormenting Elsie and leading to a terrible haunting. This is one of my absolute least favorite ever plots, where no one believes the protagonist and there's nowhere to turn and nothing to do and they are entirely powerless. Most of the characters are also quite unlikeable--Annie and Jane don't like going along w [...]

    19. Annie is the new girl at school, and it's awful. Elsie is the only girl who will talk to her, and she's the class freak. Not surprisingly, Annie is now the other class freak. (And it's deserved, honestly; Elsie is awful.) When Elsie gets sick, Annie has a chance to make the popular girls like herd it works! Except Elsie then gets the Spanish flu and dies.ough (like Helen in the scariest kids book ever, Wait til Helen Comes), it doesn't seem to matter. She's still very much around. This is an exc [...]

    20. I absolutely adore Mary Downing Hahn. She has a great talent for writing Ghost stories. Wait until Helen comes was my fave but now I think I'll make this one my fave of all times. You know, karma comes in all shapes,sizes, and forms. Even after death it seems.I am disappointed in Annie Browne.I never thought she would've did what she did.Even if I had wanted to have friends that is not what I how I would've gotten them.I can relate to Elsie in so many ways.I hated being made fun of. As the old s [...]

    21. Good historical elements and a good ghost story for 4-7th grades. Listening to the audio made me wonder if the writing was really this stilted or just the narration. Sentence structure didn't seem varied at all.

    22. The characters in this book are almost too realistic with their weaknesses and foibles. It makes the story even creepier. I'm glad I didn't read this as a child, it would have freaked me out.

    23. In our school district, kids are required to read a book from every genre. This is a great option for kids that like scary horror novels who need to read a historical fiction genre book. Also great for reluctant readers who are looking for a scare!

    24. One for Sorrow is a great, creepy story. Elsie is the girl everyone loves to hate. She gloms onto Annie and forces her to become best friends with her. Except Annie can't stand Elsie. She breaks free of her grasp when Elsie is absent from school one day. When Elsie unexpectedly dies from the flu, Annie begins to see her ghost everywhere she looks. Elsie still wants to be friends and will do whatever it takes to keep Annie from leaving her. Set during the Influenza Epidemic of 1918, the story non [...]

    25. Nobody writes a creepy ghost story like Mary Downing Hahn! "One for Sorrow" brought me back to my elementary school days of being completely terrified by "Wait Til Helen Comes." In this story, newcomer Annie joins the other girls at school in bullying Elsie, an unlikable girl who wants desperately to claim Annie as her best (and only) friend. The book turns even darker when the Spanish Influenza epidemic unexpectedly claims Elsie's life but she doesn't seem to be gone completely.This is a perfec [...]

    26. Standard Ghost Story TemplateThis book was reviewed as part of 's Vine program which included a free copy of the book.My youngest daughter was enamored with Mary Downing Hahn’s “Took”, so ONE FOR SORROW seemed like a logical follow-up read. While I enjoyed the time period the story is set, I found the ghost story itself rather routine FOR SORROW is a decent ghost story for children ranging from 8 to 12 years of age. The book aims at the 10-12 age group, but there is nothing in the book tha [...]

    27. I usually love this author, but this book left me disappointed. The writing did not seem realistic from a historical perspective . These were mean girls and a bit modern for this time period. I didn't find the story creepy or scary. I think this was just not for me. I am still a huge fan of Hahn but this is not one I would read again or give as a gift.*Thank you to NetGalley, Mary Downing Hahn, and the publisher for allowing me to read an advanced arc of this book in exchange for an honest revie [...]

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