Warrior Cats - Special Adventure 5. Gelbzahns Geheimnis

Warrior Cats Special Adventure Gelbzahns Geheimnis Eine finstere Kraft ist unterwegs Und sie wird von einer Heiler Katze aus dem SchattenClan gebracht werden Die junge Gelbpfote hat sich voll und ganz dem SchattenClan verschrieben Sie kann es kaum erw

  • Title: Warrior Cats - Special Adventure 5. Gelbzahns Geheimnis
  • Author: Erin Hunter Klaus Weimann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eine finstere Kraft ist unterwegs Und sie wird von einer Heiler Katze aus dem SchattenClan gebracht werden Die junge Gelbpfote hat sich voll und ganz dem SchattenClan verschrieben Sie kann es kaum erwarten, endlich f r ihre Gef hrten zu k mpfen und Abenteuer zu bestehen Als sie schlie lich ihren Kriegernamen Gelbzahn erh lt, wird ihr schmerzlich bewusst, dass ihre w Eine finstere Kraft ist unterwegs Und sie wird von einer Heiler Katze aus dem SchattenClan gebracht werden Die junge Gelbpfote hat sich voll und ganz dem SchattenClan verschrieben Sie kann es kaum erwarten, endlich f r ihre Gef hrten zu k mpfen und Abenteuer zu bestehen Als sie schlie lich ihren Kriegernamen Gelbzahn erh lt, wird ihr schmerzlich bewusst, dass ihre wahre Bestimmung die einer Heilerin ist Ihre Treue zum Clan ist nach wie vor unangefochten, aber Gelbzahn tr gt ein dunkles Geheimnis in sich, das sie auf Schritt und Tritt verfolgt, und das Leben aller Clans auszul schen droht.

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    1. This book seriously made me weep. It was depressing.Yellowfang lost everything.In the beginning, I was so in love with the book.I love Raggedpelt, and I loved the relationship he had with Yellowfang. I knew it was going to end, and I knew their history, but I never knew how devastating it truly was.First off, Raggedpelt/star was confusing. He had mood swings. He could be so devastatingly sweet and charming and gentle and enigmatic, a mixture of beauty and pain, or he could be mean and cruel, unp [...]

    2. Recently re-read this, and (for some reason) enjoyed it more the second time around. Second time's the charm, I guess.This is the only book (I believe) in the Warriors saga that takes place in Shadowclan, and it was exciting to see things from their perspective. I never really liked Shadowclan, but after this book I came to respect and even like them. Per usual, there is a lot of action and never a dull moment, which is good. And I do like Yellowfang. I feel sorry for her, she went through so mu [...]

    3. I'm a longtime fan of Warriors. I am 15, and I started reading these when I was 10. The people who introduced me to these dont read them anymore, but I still continue to love them.When I read all the books, I had never liked ShadowClan. I always went from loving ThunderClan to WindClan to RiverClan, but never ShadowClan. I always saw them as evil, as Brokenstar and Tigerstar lead them, and I didn't really ever like Blackstar. I think it was past due that ShadowClan got a book about them.I love t [...]

    4. In this book there is a she-cat named Yellowkit (when she is a kit(ten)). She later graduates to an apprentice and is known as Yellowpaw, and finally she becomes a warrior, and is named Yellowfang. As she goes through moons (months) in her clan, she starts to notice that something is wrong. Whenever there is a battle or another cat is hurt, she seems to feel other cats pain. Her clan's (ShadowClan) medicine cat, Sagewhisker tells her that her destiny is to become a medicine cat even though Yello [...]

    5. I must say that I'm actually disappointed with this book.SPOILERS!I was really looking forward to learning more about ShadowClan and some prominent characters from this period in the Clans. It felt like one event after another with little time for characterization. I mean, I know we alreay knew Yellowfang's story, but I was hoping for a little bit more information or insight and I felt I didn't get it.I was also hoping to see how Yellowfang and Raggedpelt would react to one another after Brokens [...]

    6. I am enjoying these latterly-written prequels very much - they round out the world of the cats by taking us to all the other clans and making bit parts the centre stage.

    7. Personally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Warriors! I even have a club 4 it with a bunch of people. This book took my breath away with the shadowclan cats. I am used 2 books with Thunderclan, but I got the chance 2 C what shadowclan was all about and there secrets. I totally recomendend this book 2 any young reader. But I loved the book SOOO much that I never wanted it 2 end, even though it was a super edition. I LOVE WARRIORS! All of there books, but I think so far, this is one of there best.This book was a [...]

    8. This was fairly good. The reasoning of the cats was quite a bit lacking in quality, but I suppose one must forgive them.

    9. I'm surprised that I am the only person who actually hated this book.I guess that I have the same gripes with this book that I had with Bluestar's Prophecy - it ruined the character. However, many Warriors fans feel the same way as I do: this book was the worst Super Edition to date.I'm going to list the reasons why I hated this book with a passion:1.) Yellowfang's power. Oh my freaking god. This annoyed the heck out of me! Yellowfang, a great character from the Original Series who was widely re [...]

    10. *The following contains no spoilers.*"Yellowkit always dreamed of becoming the greatest Warrior in all of Clans, but that was not meant to be: StarClan had picked out her destiny right at birth and that was to care for her Clan, to become a Medicine Cat. This story is about love, pain, and protection."Aaah, good ol' Warriors. I grew up with this series, being a fan for about five or six years. I literally cherish this whole series and it's inspired me to read more, draw more, and write more. The [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book about Yellowfang, but truthfully I expected more than what was there.It wasn't as shocking or exciting as Bluestar's Prophecy or Crookedstar's Promiseand I found that, even though I read it quickly that it wasn't a very fast paced book.I did give it 4 stars because this is my rating scale:1 - hated it!2 - not great, but it wasn't the worst book either.3 - neither good nor bad didn't stick out4 - good book. Not the best I've ever read, but enjoyable none the less.5 - excellent [...]

    12. 5 starsNice to be able to know Yellowfang's life story and life in ShadowClan. Also, about her relationship with Raggedstar. Can't wait to read more Warriors books!!!!

    13. Those who read the first arc of ‘Warriors’ know the story of Yellowfang: warrior, medicine cat, mother, outcast. She certainly had a remarkable life and deserved her own book. But had this book done Yellowfang’s story justice? My answer would be both yes and no, because ‘Yellowfang’s Secret’ has many merits and just as many demerits. I’ll start by saying that there are a lot of inconsistencies with the other ‘Warriors’ books. A lot. It’s understandable that with four story ar [...]

    14. I'm going to start off by evaluating the back of the book."Yellowfang has dedicated her life to ShadowClan. She is a loyal medicine cat, ready and willing to do anything to protect her clanmates. But Yellowfang's dreams are haunted by a dark prophecy one that whispers a devastating secret that will threaten her future and the lives of every cat around her."Yellowfang hasn't always been a medicine cat. She received her warrior name long before she was a medicine cat, from Deerleap. A fierce but v [...]

    15. I may stretch this to a 3.5, but Yellowfang's Secret sort of fell short for me compared to the other Warrior Super Editions. The awesomeness of Bluestar's Prophecy made the bar pretty high. And with Yellowfang being an all-around excellent character, I was disappointed with this back story. She didn't have that spunk until nearly the very end. Actually, the entire story didn't hold a great amount of weight for me until 80% or so 'til the end. We know what happens, and we already knew part of her [...]

    16. I loved this book! I personally thought this book had more depth, emotion, and truthfulness than all the other Warrior books put together. It made me really sentimental at some parts, and I really connected with Yellowfang. Also, this answered several questions I had about the series. I didn't know so many things,and I won't tell you what they are, because I don't wanna spoil it for you! (view spoiler)[If you're reading this, and you haven't read the book yet, I KNEW IT! Cheater :P (hide spoiler [...]

    17. I closed this book with a heavy heart.Usually, I don't write reviews for books, but this time I had to. I've been reading Warriors since I was eight- I'm fifteen now. From the time Yellowfang and Firepaw fought, I knew she was my favorite. I loved her grumpiness, her ugliness, and her loyalty to Thunderclan- not the clan she had been born into, but the one that she had come to love.Reading Yellowfang's Secret was a shocker to me. To see Yellowfang as we had never seen her before- young, beautifu [...]

    18. Overall, I'd say the book was well written, but of course there were flaws. I mean Yellowfang's secret; the pain-sensor I believe, was odd. It just seemed out of place that the Yellowfang we knew suddenly has a power that was not even hinted at in any of the other books. And what bothered me the most was how the book ended. Yellowfang's encounter with Firepaw was exactly the way it happened in book one, but it did not match her character at all from this book. Also, Brokenstar was too ruthless. [...]

    19. Since I already knew what would happen, not many things were a surprise to me, but the book is just amazing. The line of events that happen in the book really brings everything together in the end and thinking it over, the book is just plain sad. When Yellowfang was in denial, it was written in a way that you, yourself, felt that you were in denial. Love it.

    20. Yellowfanglove it Erin Hunter!!!!!!!!please please please write more books!!!!My mind is blown I think you are an amazing writer!

    21. Another Amazing book by Erin Hunter. This book is one of the best special editions Erin has wrote. This book gave great insight into the life of Yellowfang before she is taken into Thunderclan in the main series. While this is one of Erin's best books this is also, by far, her saddest book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has read the first 6 books in the main series. This book starts off with three kits playing in the Shadowclan camp; Yellowkit, Nutkit, and Rowankit. Soon after you l [...]

    22. *** Warning: This review contains spoilers!!! *** Maybe as a standalone book, this one would have been 3 stars. But in comparison with the original Warriors series, I felt I had to lower its rating relative to the other books in the series. Fans of the Warriors series will know who Yellowfang is, and this book follows her life from the time she was a kit up until the point at which we first met her in the series, when she meets Firepaw. You don't need to have read the Warriors series to enjoy th [...]

    23. This book is part of the Warriors series, and although it can be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading "Into the Wild" first, in order to fully understand the clan setup and functions. There are four cat clans in the forest, each with a leader and many other ranks. This book centers around Yellowfang, a medicine cat of Shadowclan, who in "Into the Wild" moves to Thunderclan. The book explains many of the secrets surrounding Yellowfang’s love life and her banishment from Shadowclan (which [...]

    24. Make sure to check out betterbooks.tumblr/!“ ‘It’s time to face your destiny,’ Sagewhisker announced. ‘You have to be a medicine cat.’ ”In this super edition we follow the life of Yellowfang, who acts as one of ThunderClan’s medicine cats in the main series. We see ShadowClan before it’s fall into darkness under Brokenstar and just how things got so terrible that Yellowfang found herself exiled.Definitely one of the better super editions, it isn't without it’s faults. The usu [...]

    25. This book is one of the best books i have read by Erin Hunter. This book will make the readers want to keep on reading more and not stop like some other old, boring book. No, Yellowfang's Secret is filled with action and drama and there will always be something waiting later in the book. You will not feel bored once you start reading this book; it's just that good! I found it amusing in many different ways and so would the readers reading this book. A thing I found nice in this book is that it s [...]

    26. Alright throw away all your pre-opinions about books about cats because this book is great! And . Extremely sad. For you guys who don't know much about the warriors universe. (you poor deprived people) It's about cats who live in four tribes/ or clans and are well like the name implies warriors. This book is about the past of the born Shadow Clan/ adopted Thunder Clan medicine cat YellowFang. It was refreshing to see and hear from a Shadow Clan cat and learn about Shadow clan, since so much abou [...]

    27. A terrible, heart wrenching yet wonderful story. The Hunter's have done it again with a beautiful tale from the world of the warrior cats! A story that gives the reader insight into former ShadowClan medicine cat Yellowfang's past, just as Crookedstar's Promise Crookedstar's Promise and Bluestar's Prophecy Bluestar's Prophecy have. I look forward to more Warriors books in the future. Perhaps, the Erin Hunter team should do a super edition on WindClan now, with the main character perhaps Tallstar [...]

    28. Bought it because I couldn't wait for the library to get it. The cover is really cool, along with the hardcover under the jacket.I really like this book. Kind of a Supernatural kind of thing? Dunno. Anyway. One thing I really liked was with Yellowfang and Raggedstar. I liked how Yellowkit showed hostility to him in the beginning of the book, then she starts to like him more. I thought it was really touching when the elder died any Yellowpaw was frantic to try to help her. True medicine cat, righ [...]

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