Winter's Fairytale

Winter s Fairytale Step into a winter wonderland and fall in love in the snow this Christmas Let it snow let it snow let it snow A few weeks before Christmas and a sudden blanketing of snow has closed the roads and br

  • Title: Winter's Fairytale
  • Author: Maxine Morrey
  • ISBN: 9781474046817
  • Page: 126
  • Format: ebook
  • Step into a winter wonderland and fall in love in the snow this Christmas Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow A few weeks before Christmas and a sudden blanketing of snow has closed the roads and brought public transport grinding to a halt, stranding Izzy miles from home and in desperate need of rescuing.That doesn t mean she s looking to bump into Rob and spend a cosy wStep into a winter wonderland and fall in love in the snow this Christmas Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow A few weeks before Christmas and a sudden blanketing of snow has closed the roads and brought public transport grinding to a halt, stranding Izzy miles from home and in desperate need of rescuing.That doesn t mean she s looking to bump into Rob and spend a cosy weekend holed up in his swanky flat watching London become a winter wonderland Because Izzy and Rob have history Six months ago, they were standing in the vestry of a beautiful country church, while best man Rob delivered the news that every bride dreads on their big day.But at the time of year when anything is possible, can Rob and Izzy let go of the past and let Christmas work its magic Or will this be one holiday wish that Izzy lets walk right out of her life Winner of the Carina UK WriteChristmas competition

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    1. Six months ago wedding dress designer Izzy was all dressed up at the church ready for her own wedding. That’s when the best man, Rob, came to pass on a message from the groom and told her the wedding was off. Izzy’s reaction was to hit out and she punched Rob, a hefty rugby playing hunk, knocking him to the floor and breaking his nose! He’s still a gentleman and offers to inform the awaiting guests in church . . .Six months later she’s still avoiding texts and calls from Rob who seems de [...]

    2. The romance is super cute in this book (yes even I say so), it was fun seeing the feelings develop between the characters and it was infuriating to see them both trying to hide it. I really did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it. The main character isn't your usual blonde bimbo who will do anything to get a guy, Izzy acts like a normal person when it comes to relationships, she doesn't immediately jump in, she has doubts etc. and it was refreshing to see this normality when the majority [...]

    3. Winter's Fairytale started out great, the heroine, Izzy, was so likable, quirky and funny, and I was especially happy about the fact that I was reading another holiday romance with a nice male love interest, nice as in "not a jerk with extreme mood swings who’s only interested in sexing up the heroine until after much angst and denial when he finally admits he loves her like a madman", I’m done with this type of plot and it was a relief to see how Rob, the main male character, was always so [...]

    4. Rob was there to deliver the news that changed Izzy's course of life and he's there 6 months later when a snow storm leaves her stranded from getting home. Never mind the fact that he was the best man to her ex-fiance and on the receiving end of an epic punch, he wants to be her friend and help her out. The cozy weekend stuck together is a good reason to be friends again, but the holidays may bring some feelings along with the snow, especially when Izzy starts designing the wedding dress for Rob [...]

    5. Got this for free and it's just your standard run of the mill chick lit. Keeps you entertained on the train.

    6. Izzy has been stood up at the altar, so-to-speak. The groom's best man, Rob, is the one who broke the news to her. Out of anger, Izzy punched Rob and broke his nose. Of course she felt terrible, as the punch was meant for the cowardly groom instead. Fastforward six months, Izzy was busy working in her wedding dress shop. When she left to go home, she runs smack dab into Rob. He had been calling her for the last six months to check on her and see how she was doing, but out of embarrassment, she d [...]

    7. Oh my goodness what a perfect *Winter's Fairytale* Maxine has written. It's such a superb read for this time of the year, giving you heaps and bounds of feel good factors. It was a pleasure to read about a united supportive family, intelligent and artistic people who face life's ups and downs and their hopes and dreams. What's more, a strong hunky male lead Rob, makes turning the pages so very easy. I adored the leading lady Izzy, a tiny yet perfect package with a heart of gold. Sexual tension a [...]

    8. I received a free copy through Netglley in return for an honest review.This is a typical 'day at the couch with a nice and quick to read book' kind of book. There were some nice romance-thingies, some great friends, and a bride left at the altar who makes bridal dresses herself. It is not the kind of book in which you should expect huge character developments and the likes. Guess what: I did not care. I enjoyed reading, just because it was that kind of book, and I was in that kind of mood.

    9. this was such a cute, romantic holiday contemporary! i absolutely loved it and devoured it in one sitting!

    10. Winter’s Fairytale- Maxine Morrey 4* Izzy has been left at the altar and punched the best man in the process. The slightly ironic thing is that she makes wedding dresses for a living but didn’t get to enjoy her own. She throws herself into work and decides that it might not have worked out after all. The best man makes a re-appearance and Izzy feels very guilty. This is one of those books that if you need a lift and a smile then sit back, relax, grab a coffee and enjoy the read. A well writt [...]

    11. A lovely 'feel-good' Christmas story with characters that were engaging and 'real'. Off to find more books by this author :)

    12. Another totally sweet novel by Morrey. Common themes with the other one I read, but still quite enjoyable.

    13. Downloaded this book as wanted to read something Christmassy and what an excellent choice I made although I could hardly put it down!!!! Stayed awake till way after 1am this morning as I just wanted to keep reading! So needless to say after 5 hours sleep I have been walking about like a zombie at work today! I absolutely loved the story of Izzy and Rob and how their story develops! This book made me laugh and cry and gave me goosebumps cause it’s just so lovely! I really didn’t want the stor [...]

    14. Pretty much the definition of "chick-lit." That's what I was going for, so it was ok. There were a few things that were starting to grate on me a little bit -- like the constant miscommunication that caused snarkiness between the two main characters. And the fact that the doctor in the story had to "check someone out" every time anyone in the book slipped on the ice or got a headache (I've never known a doctor that got his blood pressure cuff out of his car when a friend or relative got a headac [...]

    15. I received an ARC from NetGalley! (10/22/15)I was torn between enjoying the light love story and being annoyed by how much of the book played on lack of communication. (12/27/15)

    16. Izzy is a talented wedding dress designer and creator. We meet her in a dramatic opening chapter, but the bulk of the book happens a few months later, as the weather becomes wintry in December. There's a likeable hero, if at times almost too good to be true. The main plot involves a journey towards a romance, which in classic chick-lit style is full of misunderstandings and interruptions. There’s a nice sideline story involving the hero's sister and her fiancé. My main gripe with the book is [...]

    17. ❄️When wedding dress designer Izzy is stood up at the alter on her own wedding day, it's the best man Rob who takes the brunt of her upset.Six months later, Izzy is getting over her non-wedding and avoiding Rob, embarrassed with how she reacted. When heavy snowfall strands her in London, Izzy finds herself stuck with Rob. Can they fix their broken friendship? Do either of them want more?❄️It was a cute fluffy Christmas read, but I have given it 2⭐️ due to the fact it didn't seem to f [...]

    18. I read this book slowly between my many hours of holiday work. I took my time and what a wonderfully fluffy story it is.From left at the Alter to possibly finding love again? Then you mix in Christmas, snow, family and an adorable dog and you’ve got yourself the perfect feel good book for the holiday season.Although the plot wasn’t overly exciting. It did what I wanted it to do - Make me feel festive.

    19. Pure joyI loved this story so much. My only suggestion is to cut a lot of the greetings in dialogue. I really started to notice toward the end go often someone walked in the room and said hi, hello, hey, and hen everyone reciprocated. But overall, it was an adorable holiday romance that I can’t wait to read again next Christmas. Total escapist joy.

    20. I really liked this book. I liked Izzy’s character and her feistiness, I thought it was a nice easy Christmas read but with enough things to keep you guessing. It could potentially have been really cheesy but it wasn’t. I also liked the writing and conversation style in the book. All in all I enjoyed and be good to know what else Izzy gets up to later in life!

    21. even though this is more a christmassy novel I needed something light to read after an eye operation and the four weeks reading ban afterwards :-(so this was just the right thing - easy going, romantic and nice I enjoyed that.

    22. This was an enchanting and wonderful read. I picked this book up on a whim and I’m glad I did. It was well written and even tear jerking towards the end. It was a pleasure to read. I loved the setting and the characters were brilliant.

    23. One great book thourly enjoyed it kept me interested all the way through could not put it down Can't wait for read another book by this author well written and a good sorry to it thank you so much

    24. This was just what I needed during a busy festive period. It was easy to read in short chunks and I couldn't wait to get back to it every time. Not the most imaginative of stories but I totally feel in love with the characters and there romance.

    25. Ridiculously cute and adorable. The ice skating scene is probably one of the favorite things I've read all year. Rob's almost too good to be true, though he does pull a couple bonehead stunts towards the end, and I feel like I would be friends with Izzy. A delightful froth of a Christmas romance.

    26. Actual Rating: 4.5 starsI wasn't expecting much from Winter's Fairytale because I got it for free on iBooks but I was pleasantly surprised. I was hooked from the beginning and I found myself reading most of the book with a smile on my face because it was so cute!

    27. A relaxing readA perfect holiday read, especially when I'm tired and stressed. Very little concentration needed. The story just carried me along.

    28. Good read!Love this author!! Her stories are delightful and engaging with characters with more depth than the usual chick-lit.Another Winner

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