The Unfortunate Fursey

The Unfortunate Fursey Originally published as two novels in and The Complete Fursey comprises The Unfortunate Fursey and The Return of Fursey They are a blend of satire comedy and fantasy set in the th centur

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  • Title: The Unfortunate Fursey
  • Author: Mervyn Wall
  • ISBN: 9780863277290
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Originally published as two novels in 1946 and 1948, The Complete Fursey comprises The Unfortunate Fursey and The Return of Fursey They are a blend of satire, comedy and fantasy set in the 10th century where Fursey encounters sorcery, demons, witches, Vikings and the wealthy Festus Wisenuts.

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    1. Sometimes it happens that I find a book that on opening and reading only a few pages, I know is a perfect fit. This book, along with The Return of Fursey, is one of those. It is a mix of silly and darkly serious, and the author has done such a great job that I fell in love with Fursey from the beginning. It is whimsical yet satirical; entertaining while thought provoking, and should not be written off simply because it came out of the 1940s. I'm telling you, this one and its companion are beyond [...]

    2. I read this book years ago: it's a perfectly well written, enjoyable and funny satire of Irish Catholicism in the 1950's although set in medieval Ireland.

    3. A wonderful funny satire of the State of the Church in Ireland. Fursey is one of the earliest and most unlikely heroes but utterly sympathetic. He is a victim of a series of most unfortunate events which give rise to a novel as funny now as when it wa first published in the mid 1940s.

    4. Como Terry Pratchett y Monty Python antes de Terry Pratchett y Monty Python.Esta pequeña joya publicada originalmente en 1946, y rescatada por Valancourt books, es una sátira fantástica ambientada en una Irlanda del siglo X en la que los demonios, las brujas y los hechiceros son tan reales como el pan y la mantequilla.Empezando por el personaje principal, Fursey, un antihéroe que no hace más que intentar evitar a toda costa tomar las riendas de su vida, la novela ofrece personajes y situaci [...]

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