Mai più così vicina

Mai pi cos vicina Da un assolata citt del Sud Antonia una ragazza che mette i tacchi anche per fare la spesa arriva a Milano accarezzando il sogno di scrivere un romanzo che ha in mente da tempo L impatto con la cit

  • Title: Mai più così vicina
  • Author: Claudia Serrano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Da un assolata citt del Sud, Antonia, una ragazza che mette i tacchi anche per fare la spesa, arriva a Milano accarezzando il sogno di scrivere un romanzo che ha in mente da tempo L impatto con la citt e con il suo cielo senza colore non dei pi incoraggianti, finch un amica non la trascina a una conferenza letteraria e in poche ore tutto quello che Antonia ha pensaDa un assolata citt del Sud, Antonia, una ragazza che mette i tacchi anche per fare la spesa, arriva a Milano accarezzando il sogno di scrivere un romanzo che ha in mente da tempo L impatto con la citt e con il suo cielo senza colore non dei pi incoraggianti, finch un amica non la trascina a una conferenza letteraria e in poche ore tutto quello che Antonia ha pensato non conta pi Milano le regala Vittorio, un uomo molto diverso da lei Vittorio un editore, appartiene ai ceti alti, disinvolto, ha due occhi magnetici e quell aria libera e sfrontata di chi non scende a compromessi E soprattutto ha una vita sociale che intimidisce Antonia, ma nel contempo la affascina Il bicchiere e la sigaretta sempre in mano, chiacchiere fino all alba di cinema e libri con amici impegnati, romantiche gite in moto lungo i tornanti mozzafiato della Liguria Antonia si innamora follemente di lui, ma qualcosa non funziona Vittorio sfuggente, sparisce, riappare, si sottrae, non programma e non promette E proprio come la ragazzina down protagonista del suo romanzo, Antonia costretta a misurarsi con i suoi limiti e le sue paure Ogni donna sa che cosa significa incontrare il grande a E ogni donna sa bene che cosa significa perderlo Con una scrittura poetica, coinvolgente, emo zionante, Mai pi cos vicina racconta il disperato tentativo di non mandare in pezzi il sogno pi grande e pi bello della vita.

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    1. How do you rate a book that was written well but you didn't connect with? Do you rate on enjoyment level or the authors prose or how much you enjoyed or didn't enjoy the main characters. I found the writing very lyricalbut I was bored to tears.Ultimately since I wouldn't recommend this book to any of my GR friends, I'll have to rate it low. Review to come.

    2. Some moments of beautiful prose. A broken relationship that anyone can relate to. But a scattered plot and characters I didn't really like.

    3. This was not my favorite book ever. I found it very confusing. I understand the story line - that of a young girl who has her heartbroken by a man she falls in love with that doesn't love her back. However, the story itself does not flow, it is difficult to follow the events - is the reader reading about a memory of Antonia's or does the story jump between present and past? I found the characters of Antonia and Vittorio to not be fleshed out all that well. You get a sense that Antonia is young - [...]

    4. Antonia is heartbroken. She fell in love with a man who didn't return her feelings. When she moved to Milan she was young and naïve, but ready for new experiences. When she met the alluring Vittorio she fell in love straight away, but that's the last thing she could share with this charming, but often distant man. Vittorio is an enigma and tends to disappear for days, but when Antonia is with him she can't resist his charms.Antonia needs to find herself again. While being back home she bakes, w [...]

    5. Beautiful prose can't redeem these terrible charactersThe prose can be lovely in this book, but it fell flat for me as I couldn't get over my frustrations with the characters. There are hints that Antonia could be something more than a vaguely pretty, shy and shallow human being, but she never actually lives into that potential. She embraces being a shadow, content to not have a voice or a point of view, and never grows or evolves. Vittorio has no redeeming qualities and it's never quite clear w [...]

    6. This is the story of a weak woman hopelessly in love with a loveless man. The woman is also writing a story about Silvia, a woman (or child) with Down's Syndrome. That second statement I only figured out at the end. I'm not sure what Down's Syndrome had to do with the majority of the story which was her throwing herself at a man that wasn't interested. I didn't like this book at all. Oh, and almond trees were a part of the story also but I have no idea why (though I think it had something to do [...]

    7. I tried to push my way through this one I am Italian for goodness sake you think I would like the writing and the setting, etc.--Instead my intense dislike for how Antonia treats the Padre Pio bread within the first few chapters--not a spoiler-- makes me not want to finish the book-so I am not going to I chose this book for my Kindle first reads free read for January 2017. I regret my choice.

    8. Vittorio, Antonia's love interest, is a sketchy man, but not a flat character. Instead, Vittorio makes you wonder, and you are just as lost as Antonia without being confused in the book. Rather than being frustrated by Antonia’s naïve character, I felt like I was trying to read him too. I was disappointed in Vittorio throughout the book as if he were a real person rather than being disappointed in characterization.This book was written so poetically that I felt like I could pick out paragraph [...]

    9. I have no idea what this book is aboutThis book was way over my head. Perhaps I should read it again. I'm dumbfounded. I don't know what else to say

    10. Nostalgic and sad but engagingVery sad but as a woman I relate to falling in love with an emotionally unavailable man. Somehow I didn't like the ending. It seemed like I wanted to read more and see more healing and transformation. Even so it is well written and beautiful imagery both of outer and inner landscapes.

    11. This was like reading the diary of a really sophisticated teenage girl who liked a boy who didn't like her as much as she liked him.

    12. A Bittersweet StoryClaudia Serrano's novel deals with selfish love, from both ends of the spectrum. Lovers Vittorio and Antonia are central to the story, told from her point of view. It's an ill-fated love story with some interesting insights. The novel is translated from Italian but it flows smoothly, even beautifully in passages.

    13. Just ok. It feels like nothing ever happens in the book and I mainly felt sorry for Antonia. The main part I enjoyed was the Italian references and locations.

    14. Boring and disjointedI started skipping all portions of the book that were a terrible novel within a novel. I found the narrator's personality to be immature, judgmental of others, and totally insecure, with few redeeming qualities for balance. The main reason I didn't discontinue reading the book was that I happened to be on holiday in Milan, Italy where the book was set.

    15. So when you find yourself copying passages because of the beauty and truth of the prose, do you credit the author or the translator? A beautiful, sad love lost story.

    16. Gutted That's how I feel after reading this book. Never Again So Close resurfaced a few too many negative emotions about a past relationship with a narcissist, but this is a well written and emotionally articulate novel about love, loss, and eventually, moving forward. Thanks you!

    17. Unexpected richesThe richness of the writing is enough to read this book. I had trouble with the story line, then realized I have been there, perhaps we all have in one form or another.

    18. It was beautiful. For those who loved someone, yet lost them because they could not love you the way you needed to be loved in return.

    19. Raw and beautifulThe characters intermingle and develop beautifully. Antonia and Vittorio, who are pulled together while she is made miserable. Sometimes a little depressing.

    20. Love but lostIf you ever loved too much by yourself and then lost you will under the author's writing and feel her pain.

    21. What a wonderful storyI chose this book because it tells a take of survival, straight and courage. It is dark and frustrating and a wonderful read. Well written.

    22. That color of dawn in a room in Rome would remain the color of an unexpected joy that found me amazed and naked in the arms of a man I barely knew. If you pick this book expecting a happy ending, do not even start it.The story feels melancholic and nostalgic from page 1 and it does not get better.It was delightful and painful all at the same time. It was poetic and dramatic."It’s just that on nights like those, I felt that my love would be enough for both of us. I knew it wasn’t true, but I [...]

    23. Nostalgic and painfully familiar, compounded with beautiful, lyrical prose that is a credit to both the author and the translator.I think like the bread-making in the story, this book is something that resonates at a certain time and place in people's lives, and probably not with all people. I can honestly say that 10 years ago I would have hated this book, and 10 years from now I may grow far away from it, but for now it speaks to me. Antonia is tragic and pathetic, and her love is aimless and [...]

    24. So much went wrong with this book, and I just I could not get into it at all. The whole story seemed so disjointed! The first 20% of the book was so hard to put together, as the story and characters jumped all over the place, and at some points you didn't know whether what you were reading was what was happening at the moment, or what the main character was writing or reminiscing! I think the translation of the book might have something to do with all the problems I found in it, to be honest. So [...]

    25. I will finish this book today-hopefully but believe me I am finished with it. The story just wasn't for me. It didn't make sense through most of it. The small parts that did make sense, would give me hope for the book but the very next page would start in a completely different and strange path. The characters weren't likeable. Antonia was the main female character and I tried to relate, care about her but I couldn't get there. She loves Vittorio who is almost, in this book, a non-person. I woul [...]

    26. The Story of a Doormat: A Cautionary Tale*spoiler alert*Girl meets man, girl falls in love with man despite his complete lack of positive qualities, girl is utterly baffled at the fact that her obsession cannot imbue man with genuine character, man is annoyed by attempts to change his life by being a part of it, girl is crushed when faced with the reality that assholes tend to follow their immutable destiny of excreting shit. There is a happy ending. She bakes a cake.No. You misunderstood. The h [...]

    27. Lovely LanguageAnyone who has loved a selfish, intimacy-avoidant person will relate to this unhappy love story. Its theme of unrequited devotion evokes sadness along with other dark emotionsVittorio deserves a swift kick in the pants, for instance. Yet we enjoy lightness from the vivid and often lyrical style of its author (and, for us English readers, the talent of its translator). This book reads like a poem.

    28. PloddingI gave this 4 stars because in the end I liked the final resolution of the main character's thought process. The book just seemed to plod along for the first 3/4 until the three story lines begin to converge and take a stab at leaving the reader with some sort is message. I think many would find this difficult to get through but I didn't give up and was rewarded in the end.

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