The Geek Feminist Revolution

The Geek Feminist Revolution None

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  • Title: The Geek Feminist Revolution
  • Author: Kameron Hurley
  • ISBN: 9780765386250
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
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    One thought on “The Geek Feminist Revolution”

    1. Terrific essays, a little repetitive in some spots, and slightly more sarcastic than I'm used to. But, great stuff nonetheless. At the very least read 'We have always fought', the essays on Mad Max, Die Hard, and True Detective, as well as 'In Defense of Unlikeable Women'.I've never read any Kameron Hurley fiction, but I would really like to after reading this. It sounds like she has a fantastic grasp on writing real, living, breathing characters. She also clearly understands—and opened my eye [...]

    2. Thank you so much to Netgalley and Tor Books for the advanced copy given to me in exchange for an honest review.Pre-reading : This better be intersectional feminism. Tired of being disappointed by whitewashing in femlit.Post- reading : Well, I shouldn't have worried about the whitewashing, Hurley definitely tried to be inclusive. She was very vocal about acknowledging the need for diversity, and in her own shortcomings as a white writer who sometimes makes mistakes with representation in her fic [...]

    3. This is the 5th book I've read of Hurley and out of all of them, I'm going to have to rate this the best.Why? Is it because it's full of rage at the real injustice in the world? Or because it's a call to action for every one of us to do and think better than we have been?Both of these, I think. But because I'm a White Male of traditionally acceptable sexuality Who has read Adrienne Rich and has generally read voraciously about feminism and the problems of the culture we live in, thinking and bel [...]

    4. A fabulous, fierce essay collection that uplifted my soul in the busy season of graduate school applications. Double Hugo Award winner Kameron Hurley writes about the intersections of feminism, science fiction and fantasy, and the struggles she has overcome in her personal life. She sheds light on the sexism women encounter online and in the writing industry, in a way that conveys strength and hope. Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite essays of hers, "In Defense of Unlikable Women," which [...]

    5. Todos sabemos lo que pasará cuando salga este libro traducido a nuestra lengua, ¿verdad? Diremos: «cuánta razón tiene la Hurley», «¡qué gran verdad!», «esta cita es genial» y toda esa clase de cosas.Y yo me alegraré, porque estaréis leyendo este libro tan necesario para todos, seáis mujeres, hombres, blancas, negros, trans, cis, de aquí, de allá, de ahora o de hace unas décadas. Pero que lo leáis no supondrá ninguna diferencia. El mundo seguirá siendo una mierda.Leer y no ha [...]

    6. Footnotes! Get your footnotes here!These footnotes annoy me. A lot. As in, if there are 22 footnotes labelled "1," they should at least be at the bottom of the page. And if not at the bottom of the page, perhaps an annotated bibliography at the back, rather than just a citation? Maybe a URL shortener? Please?AND SO, I give you the current links, valid until they're deleted or modified in shame:PART I: LEVEL UP1 Bury Your Gays1 The Spoon Theory by Christine MiserandinoPART II: GEEK1 Dale Cooper1 [...]

    7. An excellent selection of inspirational, thought-provoking essays and cultural critiques. The subject matter touches on writing, on the meaning and impact of recent cinematic choices, and the presence (and absence) of women in our pop culture creations. Hurley balances the often rage-inducing subject matter with her down-to-earth drive to change the status quo. Hurley's career in copywriting and advertising is clear in her non-fiction works. She appeals to your emotions and provides you with cal [...]

    8. Required reading for everyone: whether you're a woman, man, geek, a non-geek, or just simply, human. This book will make you angry and frustrated, but with good reason! It will make you want to rage against the machine and the man and society, and make you want to get off your butt to change the world. Kameron Hurley sheds light on all the things one should be angry about, but also lets you know that all is not lost. This collection will allow you take a step back and reassess the world, the med [...]

    9. Reminiscent of Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist in that it framed feminist concerns in relation to representations of pop culture. I found it very engaging and accessible, although as it was a collection of previously available essays naturally the content could be somewhat repetitive. Also, as a postgraduate historian (and I believe Hurley is too) I couldn't help but wish there was a little more theory/research/critical engagement in there. In saying that, that might be a little unfair as Hurley has r [...]

    10. I was so excited by the title of this that I missed that this is an essay collection. It's definitely focused on sci fi books in particular as opposed to geeky fandom in general. Even though I had different expectations, I loved this. It makes me want to pick up her novels as well. The writing is engaging and smart, but it's also got a lot of rage bubbling underneath. I was impressed with how inclusive it is: Hurley is trans-inclusive and talks about racism as well as misogyny. This is definitel [...]

    11. I would buy this book for everyone if I could.Edit 6/22/17: I actually wrote up a bigger review/blurb/squee for one of Speculative Chic's very first My Favorite Things column, which you can read here: speculativechic/2016/07/04

    12. Recent Reads: Orientalism, The Satanic Verses, and The Geek FeministI’ve waited a long time for the masterpiece essay‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative to be put into a lengthy book collecting incredible works about representation, and feminism in general, and although I expected that collection to feature many other voices, Kameron Hurley’s work alone is just as fantastic.This collection of essays, with a focus on Hurley’s life dealing wi [...]

    13. This caught my eye for a couple reasons. One being that I can imagine that if I were half my age, born in 1990 rather than 1965, I might well be participating in the geeky internet fandoms Hurley describes in her introduction, those that “have arisen around science fiction and fantasy novels, games, and other media.” In my teens and early twenties, when I was a passionate reader of fantasy and science fiction, there wasn't such a community available to me, but I can certainly understand the [...]

    14. (4/5)Ya lo he ido comentando a medida que lo leía y no tengo mucho que añadir. En resumen: es una recopilación de artículos muy interesante, que hace pensar y te ayuda (o a mi me ha ayudado) a identificar algunos sesgos cognitivos que pueden estar influyendo en tu forma de leer (expectativas al enfrentarte a personajes y asignarles raza o género inconscientemente, forma de valorar determinados comportamientos ficticios, etc.). Creo que Kameron Hurley articula muy bien sus ensayos, con una c [...]

    15. Okay so I have never read a collection of essays up until now, but for Kameron Hurley, a woman with an extraordinary imagination when it comes to fiction, I had to try it. I'm so very glad that I did pick this up (I'll admit that the wonderful cover played a big part in that decision too) as I had been reading a fair few mediocre books, and this was a really great one in the midst of the no-so-great.I have been told that a lot of these essays appear on Hurley's blog so if you've followed her the [...]

    16. A+ - every essay is well-written and well-constructed. Spoiler: I agree with pretty much everything she writes here and when I don't agree she's got a good argument for her opinion. "We Have Always Fought" is *diamonds*

    17. Warning: This is not a review. It is more like a personal rant. Let me just tell you that everyone especially SFF readers should read it. It is a no-holds barred, highly opinionated writings about various subjects from personal struggles, discrimination towards women, the importance of non-binary gender, how to survive in the publishing industry, gamergate, Sad Puppies and so on.Okay? Okay. Now let's start the non-review.Reading this feels like having a direct life lesson / motivational seminar [...]

    18. First of all, I read this as an audiobook through Audible. That was my first mistake.My second mistake was thinking that this was an all-inclusive, general book about geek feminism. Apparently not. I got halfway through the first part of the book before I had to put it down. The author was starting to drive me crazy - or, more accurately, the narrator was. C.S.E Cooney (not sure what she's going for with the initials as her name but each to their own) does not do a very good job of narrating thi [...]

    19. The thing about this book is, if you've been Paying Attention on the Internet the past few years, none of it is going to be new to you. Hurley makes a lot of good points, but if you're a geeky feminist, you know them all already. Hell, you may have even read Hurley's take on them already. This book (as far as I can tell) is basically just a compendium of blog posts Hurley has written recently. Which is fine, except that means all the essays in this book are too short to really dig deep into any [...]

    20. I am both the best and worst audience for this book.Best, because the issues that concern Hurley -- the intersection of feminist and geek culture, women's place in the SFF community and in the world, the importance of representation -- are all major concerns for me.And worst, for the exact same reason: I know all of this already. This is what I already think and believe. I have heard all these arguments made before, both more and less effectively. There is nothing new for me here.I think for som [...]

    21. No tengo palabras para describir esta lectura. Resulta que tengo una gemela espiritual en Estados Unidos y no lo sabía. Kameron Hurley dice palabra por palabra lo que pienso sobre el valor de la ficción, la narrativa de la normalidad, la importancia de la representación y la construcción de un mundo mejor. Leer el libro es una tanda de asentimientos.Interesantísimo e imperdible. ¡Que lo leas!

    22. If you were a book about an "ongoing conversation within the science fiction community," on what page would you first compare your opponents to Nazis?If you are this book, the answer will be the fourth page of the introduction.[ETA: The rest of the book is not as bad as the fourth page of the introduction led me to expect.]

    23. Very interesting read. I wasn't sure what to expect - sometimes people's opinions can end up being extreme, even if the blurb/description doesn't make you think it will be. But this book brought things to my attention that I didn't necessarily always realize other women thought of as something being an issue. But as someone involved with the book medium and having at least published my poetry, there were quite a few things I could really relate to the author with. I found myself angry on her beh [...]

    24. This is really worth reading for the essay about Mad Max: Fury Road. It really is. The other essays aren't bad, but the Mad Max essay and the ones about personal experience and storytelling (in particular in regards to South Africa) are great.(2017 MLA freebie)

    25. Um conjunto de ensaios da Kameron Hurley sobre o que é ser uma escritora de ficção e os problemas que as mulheres enfrentam no meio. Do sexismo a como incluir personagens mais completos que fujam dos estereótipos da ficção (como Conan). Trolls, críticas à mídia em geral, problemas enfrentados por minorias e outros ensaios. Na mesma linha do que me fez recomendar o The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science Is Still a Boys' Club, recomendo para as mulheres como forma de entender e enfrentar [...]

    26. This book was FANTASTIC! More of a review to come on the blog, but suffice to say it was amazing and you should read it.

    27. In her collection of essays, The Geek Feminist Revolution, author Kameron Hurley passionately discusses the prejudice and violence towards women in the "geek culture". She makes cases for how this can be easily overlooked by anyone. She also discusses how women authors have changed the science fiction and fantasy genres and how we can all benefit from diversifying our reading and calling for more diversity in publishing.This is also Hurley's life story and her experiences in the publishing world [...]

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