In Dark Waters

In Dark Waters After globe trotting as an underwater photographer Kelsey Warren is ready to stir up trouble again in Grant s Forge She swore she d never return yet years later she s back home to face the music

  • Title: In Dark Waters
  • Author: Mary Burton
  • ISBN: 9780373274482
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • After globe trotting as an underwater photographer, Kelsey Warren is ready to stir up trouble again in Grant s Forge She swore she d never return, yet 10 years later she s back home to face the music and the only man who ever broke her heart.

    One thought on “In Dark Waters”

    1. Meh. Just alright.Hero and heroine have a past -- she had a crappy childhood and at age 18, hooked up with the hero (also much younger at the time) and they had what he thought was a summer fling -- only for her it was much, much more serious. When she told him, right after they made love for the first time, that she'd been a virgin and that she loved him, he was horrified, and in true clueless male fashion, told her not only that he didn't love her, but that if he'd known, he never would've sle [...]

    2. I really wanted things to be right between me and this book, but alas, the book didn't cooperate. That's right: it's you, not me, book. A style of writing where four sentences are used to say what could've been done in three words. Forgetting your own plot (ie you can't tell us about Stu's accident until you tell us Stu had an accident; you can't bemoan a certain body being found until that body gets found. Stick with me, plot. Come on now, I know you can do it.)Kelsey Warren's mother Donna ran [...]

    3. I've read several Mary Burton books before and really enjoyed them. This book, however, was only so so. I feel the characters weren't engaging enough and the plot was only just ok.

    4. The first 100-150 pages had great potential and I really enjoyed the build-up, but after that it just seemed rushed and not cared for. The tension which had been obvious from the beginning was climaxed with a poorly crafted sex scene which was about a page long. When attempting a scene like that you really need to have the skill to make it sound anything but sleazy but that was the only feeling I got from this book. The character of Kelsey was extremely annoying, verging on bipolar with relation [...]

    5. I don't know where to start. This was such a great read. NOT!! A complete waste of time with cheesy characters and a lame, hackneyed, pot-boiled, recursive, repetitive and an altogether inane story line that read like a cheap, ill-thought, half-baked, semi-rendered T.V. soap script. The writing though clipped, provides redundant details like, and I am too tired to quote, but stuff like "the gravel crunched under his boots" - Who gives a nocturnal quadruped's posterior for this? The characters ar [...]

    6. Die Fotogratin Kelsey kehrt nach dem Tot ihrer Tante zurück nach Grant's Forge. Hier war sie immer eine Aussenseiterin. Als sie Stu einen Gefallen tun soll und eine Tauchgang machen soll. Entdeckt sie mit ihrer Jugendliebe Mitch ein Autowrack. Diese Entdeckung wird ihr Leben verändern.Eine gute Mischung zwischen Liebensroman und Krimi. Schleichend stärkt sich Spannung auf und die Fesseln werden um einen gelegt. Als man merkt wie die Geschichte einen in ihren Bann gezogen hat, ist es zu spät [...]

    7. Although I did like this book I didn't love it as much as others that she's written. I wondered whether it was because this is now about 10 years old and she's really honed her skills in writing these types of books. That being said I did enjoy reading it - it didn't take me long and I think it could of benefited by being lengthened slightly. It just felt as if it rushed through the story without much intrigue and seemed to be over as soon as I began. The story had a lot of potential that didn't [...]

    8. The main problem with this book is that its PR team seem to have made a mistake. From the title to the cover to the description at the back, this book seems to be an exciting mystery/thriller, but the story is much more a love story than one about murders. In addition to this genre mistake, this book is packed with clichés from one end to the other, leaving it extremely predictable. I'm rarely displeased with books, but this just wasn't anything in particular Of course, if a cliche love story w [...]

    9. KELSEY WARREN IS BACK! After globe-trotting as an underwater photographer, I'm ready to stir up trouble again in Grant's Forge. I swore I'd never return, yet ten years later, here I am, back home to face the musicd the only man who ever broke my heart. Sheriff Mitch Garrett may be crucial in helping me uncover the mystery of my mother's murder, but I'm not a love-struck teenager anymore. Once I know the truth about the past, I will leave this town in a trail of dust and embark on another underwa [...]

    10. A quick read that had potential but didn't go anywhere. A very rushed ending really ruined the book though, it's almost as if the author had run out of interest and just wanted to wrap things up quickly. Not a terrible story, but not in the same league as the others she has written.

    11. I had read a book recently by Mary Burton and wanted to read more of her books. So I started at the beginning with IN DARK WATERS, and I enjoyed it very much. It was an exciting storyline, great characters and an easy read. Now I'm ready for more.

    12. I did enjoy this book but I did find the last quarter of the book was rushed. I would of loved a more in depth of who did it instead of it getting straight to the point. Otherwise I still liked it

    13. Bit cheezy. I didnt like kelsey all that much. Thought she was meladramatic. Mind you it did get interesting towards the end. Then the ending spoilt it.

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