Warriors Austin Valley appears as it always has but Em Fuller knows that appearances aren t what they seem She knows under the surface that cracks are starting to form in this seemingly well manicured societ

  • Title: Warriors
  • Author: Sarah Noffke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Austin Valley appears as it always has, but Em Fuller knows that appearances aren t what they seem She knows under the surface, that cracks are starting to form in this seemingly well manicured society She s responsible for creating these cracks and for planting a slow dissension among many of the residents of this once happy city Broken in a way Em never thought possibAustin Valley appears as it always has, but Em Fuller knows that appearances aren t what they seem She knows under the surface, that cracks are starting to form in this seemingly well manicured society She s responsible for creating these cracks and for planting a slow dissension among many of the residents of this once happy city Broken in a way Em never thought possible, she turns into a well calculated, strategic leader With the help of the brightest minds in Austin Valley, Em begins building an army whose only purpose is to protect the population of Austin Valley from their President, Victor Vider Em firmly believes the success of her army is inevitable, that is until a new blow strikes her heart and she questions whether she has the tenacity to go on.

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    1. ***I received the ARC eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review***A phenomenal end to one of my favourite series. It made me laugh, it made me cry but most importantly it has left me happy and content – that’s not to say I’m not eagerly awaiting Ren’s novella and anything else Noffke will send our way (because I am).Never again will I go into one of her books anxious about how things will play out or if characters will finally grow a pair and admit thei [...]

    2. *Many thanks to Sarah Noffke for giving me an eCopy of her amazing book!*“I only ever save you because I can’t live without you. My reasons are purely selfish.”This is the third book in the trilogy and thank God it came out soon after I finished book number 2, because that ending had left me in a state of shock to say the least!I think it's fair to say that for almost the first half of the book I was so frustrated with Em and Zack, that I wanted, if possible, to jump in the pages and start [...]

    3. What?! I hope you have recovered from book 2.e, WOW! How do you follow that up? Well, in true Sarah Noffke fashion she has given you an ending that will make you bite your nails (and possibly make you threaten said author, lol) while you are trying to decompress from book 2 and get into book 3's crazy antics. One of the biggest OMG moments for me was in book 2 with Rogue. I had to put the book down and take some deep breathes. Then we rejoin the characters in Warriors where they are trying to ge [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.After finishing Rebels I was devastated. I mean how was Em going to move on after that loss. Em and Zach had to find a way to continue with the rebellion and deal with the loss of their best friend. They are convincing Defects not to convert to middlings and instead join them in the takeover. None of this would be possible without the help of Ren and Parker. Did I mention I love Ren and his sarcasm and how Em plays right into it.Em has grown, l [...]

    5. ***This audio book was given to me in exchange for an honest review****4.5 starsI can't believeWow, this was a special series! I absolutely loved it! There were well developed characters, interesting world building and magical system and not one but two heart warming love stories (without there being that sticky love-triangle dynamic).Like the book preceding this one, this book starts months after the end of the last book. In this missed space of time a lot of the war effort happens. I understan [...]

    6. Obviously, I LOVED IT! I'll write a more complete review when my Nook is fully charged and it isn't 3:35 a.m. but I couldn't put it down!13.5 hours laterThis was amazing! Don't be fooled by the fact that it took me over a month to finish this (if not more.) Were it not for health concerns, I would have gone through it in a day or so - it's that good! I predicted in Defects that Nona and Zack might end up together. (view spoiler)[Nope! Of course, Em had to be the object of all the boys' affection [...]

    7. I'm pleasantly surprised at how the quality of this series has remained consistent throughout. I'd say the highlight for me is the characters: they're endearing and memorable and make you wanna root for them.I also felt like the plot was crafted very well; especially towards the end. I was a little put off by the romance aspect at first; Em is a bit oblivious in that regard, but even that had a few surprises that were delightful.Notes:(Warning: mild spoilers below) a. I think it's cool that you [...]

    8. *FREE ARC FROM AUTHOR*After the tragic events that took place, Em is more determined than ever to destroy Vider and give Austin Valley its freedom. As her courage grows and her attacks become more effective, Vider starts to fear this simple Defect that has managed to start a rebellion on her own. Armed with her own intellect and determination along with her most trsusted friends, Em will have to rally more residents if she wants to win the fight. But the more she fights, the more she forgets tha [...]

    9. *I was given a copy of the book from the author for an honest review!*Well, Ms. Noffke, here we are, at the end. Or, is it?I'd like to think of it as a new and better beginning because I'm wise and $hit.Now, seriously, could you just stop for a minute and be a little less evil, I mean, C'MON, you are just like a little bottle of evil essence. You always bring forth in me these urges to cry, and laugh, and throw things, and smash people's heads, I think they're called FEELINGS. OMG. Do you realiz [...]

    10. Warriors picks up a few months after Rebels. Em is still trying to lead the rebellion whilst coming to terms with Rogue’s death. Things are moving along quickly. Working with the trusted doctor, Parker, her uncle, Ren, Nona, and Zack, Em is convincing as many kids as possible to avoid conversion to Middlings. If they choose to remain Rebels, Parker will inject them with a harmless fluid, and eventually they will finally receive their gift. Em is working non-stop, forcing herself to her very li [...]

    11. What a finish! Better then I could imagine! When you know there is going to be a war you have to be prepared to be on the edge of your seats while reading and I was for this book. Any chance I could to read during a break, after work, on the weekends, anytime I could get I was reading this book. I could not wait to find out how the final show down was going to go. With the ending of Rebels you had to suspect Em did not have anything to lose. She was ready to do whatever it took to get the upper [...]

    12. Well, this was just beautiful. I'm honoured I received a copy from the author in advance - this was such a gift :)We've now followed Em through 2 books and countless moments of suspense, heartache and joy. Now's the time for rebellion. It's actually hard to say anything without spoiling a lot of content but here's as much as I can say:If you liked book 1 and 2, the third installment won't disappoint. It's just as strong as the first two books, if not stronger. Em is still Em though she is less c [...]

    13. Em has been working steadily to gear up for a rebellion behind the scene during the 3 months since Rogue’s death. Her commitment to freeing the Defects and the destruction of President Vider is aided by her best friend, Zack, her sister, Nona, Dr. Parker, and her snarky uncle, Ren. With several heart wrenching revelations thrown at her will Em be able to succeed? Noffke’s third and final book in The Reverian series, Warriors is a heart-pounding, roller coaster ride of emotions and action. Th [...]

    14. *Screams* This. Book. Was. Freaking. AMAZING! It's was my absolute favourite Sarah Noffke book (so far.) The characters were awesome (I liked Soon-hee, but I can't really tell who's my absolute favourite). The plot was amazing as usual. The gifts were awesome, too! I loved the super-telekinesis! This book made me grab my heart in awe, and made me scream in frustration, and andere are no words to how I really felt. This review would probably be too short to do so. I can't tell you how excited I w [...]

    15. Warriors, the exciting conclusion to the Reverians series, takes you on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. Losing Rogue is one of the hardest things Em has ever had to face. Now, she must lead the Rebels on a journey to overthrow President Vider's absolute rule over the Reverians and Austin Valley. Enlisting the help of her younger sister Nona, her best friend Zach, her Uncle Ren and Dr. Parker, Em plans to do just that.Warriors begins 3 months after Rogue's death at the end of book two. [...]

    16. Warriors, by Sarah Noffke is the third and final book in the heart-pounding Reverians Series. I’m so incredibly in love with these stories, that I’m a little sad I had to read the ending – I wish there was more!Picking up just a few months after the second book ended, Em is confronted with a new reality of loneliness and heartbreak while struggling to triumph in a world without the man she just lost. She learns new insight into her families past, and works to keep her emotions in check whi [...]

    17. I was given this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 5* may not be enough. I am completely in awe of Sarah. I can't believe any one person had such an imagination and the gift of putting it into book form. This book is so intense in places I held my breath. I ran the gambit of emotions reading this. The characters are intriguing and captivating. Each one brought something powerful to the story. Even the villians.I love Em. How can one girl be so powerful and yet so relatable? She [...]

    18. I've now read everything that Sarah has released and I can honestly say that each book is better than the previous. Em is an amazing, take-no-prisoners, take-no-BS-from-anyone protagonist who really steps into her full potential in the final book in this series. She overcomes seemingly insurmountable challenges, obstacles, and heartaches and somehow manages to come out changed but improved on the other side.For everything Sarah takes away from the reader she gives us something back two-foldd she [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book.The author creates well developed characters I care about.The amazing world building lets my imagination soar with the feeling I am there with the characters.The book concludes without any loose ends.I loved being able to read about Ren in this series.The narrator is amazing and quite pleasant to listen too.I received an audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    20. I got this book for free in exchange for a honest review.Another great book by Sarah Noffke! This is the last book in the series, and it didn't disappoint. I was hoping for one ending, and for a while I didn't know if it would happen. The characters are awesome and they make you want to know them. If you are not sure if you will like this book, give it a shot I think most people would really like it!

    21. Great final installment. Love reading a book when you think you know what might happen but then it takes you by surprise. There was a lot of that with this whole series. Things wrapped up perfectly and damnit that last page almost had me in tears! Looking forward to future writings by Sarah Noffke!

    22. I really enjoyed this series. I liked the characters. The story was a fun read. I look forward to reading more of her books I.

    23. 4.5. Another great book and one of the sweetest endings ever. Plot:Em returns to Austin Valley after Rogue's death to continue the rebellion. Everything seems to be coming together. She works with Ren to iron out the different aspects of her plan, while relying on Zack to get inside information and evidence to put Vider away. She also finds out from Tutu how she and her sisters fit into the Reverian prophecy. When she suffers another unexpected loss and Zack makes a huge sacrifice to further her [...]

    24. I have received a copy of this book in audio format in exchange for an honest review.In the previous book, after Rogue's death, we left Em, Zach and Nona at the head of the rebellion. Nevertheless, their initial efforts at destroying the drug injected to the defects are not enough since President Vider has taken more drastic measures by surgically modifying defects to become middlings without a will. The future of the people in Austin Valley depends on them, but things will not be easy.If the pr [...]

    25. What a spectacular ending to a fantastic series. I don't even know where to start or what to say. Going into it I didn't know what to expect. I went in cold. Totally blind but once I started I couldn't get enough. The characters were solid and relatable. I felt like I really got to know them. The book was steadily paced and full of action. I was never bored. There was constantly new and surprising information revealed. I was always kept on my toes but not to the point where I was so confused tha [...]

    26. Stunning Conclusion to a Powerful SeriesI thoroughly enjoyed this series conclusion. The strong characters and immersive world draw you in and demand your attention. I simply did not want to put this book down and am sad to say goodbye to some of my favorite characters in quite some time.

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