Fighting the Dark

Fighting the Dark Desperate to escape her past Rylee Smith spends her days behind a computer She hides away in her home diligently working to make her next deadline Escaping her father s grasp keeps her motivated Being

  • Title: Fighting the Dark
  • Author: Kassidy Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Desperate to escape her past Rylee Smith spends her days behind a computer She hides away in her home diligently working to make her next deadline Escaping her father s grasp keeps her motivated Being an author doesn t leave a lot of time for a social life If it wasn t for her nagging, yet loving best friend she wouldn t see beyond the walls around her and the scDesperate to escape her past Rylee Smith spends her days behind a computer She hides away in her home diligently working to make her next deadline Escaping her father s grasp keeps her motivated Being an author doesn t leave a lot of time for a social life If it wasn t for her nagging, yet loving best friend she wouldn t see beyond the walls around her and the screen.Determined to prove himself Mason Carlson hasn t had the easiest life Growing up with a tyrant for a father and a brother just as demented, he struggles to find his place within the family He was given one assignment Watch her and wait for further instructions Mason never expected to become attached to her He never expected that her screams would cause him such pain.Dedicated to righting the wrong When secrets are exposed, Mason realizes everything he thought to be true is lie It will take everything in him to right those he has wronged Everything he has to set her free And to find a way to Fight the Darkness Recommend for 18 due to Violence, language, and adult situations.

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    1. Okay, I know I read the warnings about violence and such, but it was a lot different than I expected. Rylee is kidnapped, because of her father's gambling issues. She is taken to Mason's family's house. There she is exposed to things and threats I wasn't completely comfortable with. I almost stopped reading to be honest. The only reason I continued was because said event didn't happen.Mason has a really messed up childhood and adult life. His father is cruel and that is how he was raised to be. [...]

    2. I'm sorry, but I couldn't finish. The plot and characters need work. I got to about 50% before I called it quits.

    3. I reviewed this book for Kylie's Fiction Addiction. I wasn't sure what this book would really be about death, mourninghorrible nightmares? Well, it did have some massive anxiety brewing, but really , this book was awesome. The plot was full of drama, but the characters made me keep on reading. Mason had a depraved childhood. Not the normal depravity , if that is even a thing but a past that makes your skin crawl. Rylee was a beautiful woman with a bright future that was taken from her. Her nigh [...]

    4. Let's see if I can come up with the right words for this book, without me rambling on or sounding like a sap!!!! :) This book This book is so different from author Kassidy Carter's first two books. This isn't a sweet and light book. This book is darker. As soon as I heard Mrs. Carter was coming out with a "Dark" book. I knew I Needed This Book!!!! Gosh what can I say about Mason and Rylee. Both of these characters are damaged in someway and have demons on their shoulders. Mason probably more tha [...]

    5. This is the first book I have read by Kassidy Carter and it will not be my last. I actually went into the book totally blind on what it was about and right from the start I was not able to put the book down. Mason Carlson lost his mother at the age of ten and her death took the light out of his world. Growing up with a very strict father and younger brother his life was never an easy one. He isn’t like his father and brother but follows what he is told to do. That is until Rylee Smith.Rylee wa [...]

    6. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****The title of this book says it all. While reading you will find that fighting the darkness is exactly what you, as the reader, are doing. I was completely captivated by Kassidy Carter's story telling and will be recommending this book to everyone.Rylee Smith keeps to herself. Always trying to stay one step ahead of her gambling father. She has one friend who keeps her grounded and her writing that allows her to work from anywhere.Mason Carlson's life is a test in resili [...]

    7. This book will sweep you way and hold your emotions for ransom. Rylee is an author whose life is more exciting and dangerous and romantic than any story she could ever write. How can so much sadness and pain turn into anything positive. Rylee's night out with Alice was anything but fun and she was sure she would never live long enough to have another girls night out. Her life would never be the same. The author makes you fall in love with the characters and even the evil Beck has a horrible chil [...]

    8. This story was heart gripping and captivating. Sometimes you need a lil dark romance in your life and Fighting the dark was the perfect book. Mason is the brooding bad boy that has some good in him that makes you fall in love with him. This book definitely has some dark issues that are heartbreaking. There were times when I didn't think it was gonna go the way I wanted than it would turn around and than I would be screaming at the book again. My first reaction to the first couple of chapters was [...]

    9. Amazing Dark Suspense!I really enjoyed reading Fighting the Dark by Kassidy Carter. This is a first read by her and will not be my last. Her writing style just flows and reading this book was very enjoyable. I was captivated at the beginning (what a way to begin a story!) and it just kept coming with surprises and those "I did not see that coming!". Full of suspense, it kept me on edge and I love that in a book. I liked that this was dark ( I love my dark reads) and did not disappoint!

    10. Fighting the Darkness is fast-paced, dark, suspenseful, sad, hot, & even has an HEA for those of you that require one. I would rate FtD 3 out of 5 on the dark. It's definitely not sunshine and rainbows, but it's not seriously deranged either. A good first for those wanting to dip their toes into the pool of darkness. Kassidy is a new to me author, and I can't wait to get my hands on more of her work.

    11. This was my first read from Kassidy and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. This is a fast paced book and although it is dark it's nothing that is too extreme. Rylee and Mason are an unusual match but with their backgrounds they kind of bring each other light in the darkness. I do hope to see more in this series. I don't want to give too much away because I went into this book kind of blind and I think it made my experience all the better.

    12. First, I'm going to start my review off by saying I love the heroines name <3 (Daughters name.)But "Fighting the Dark" by Kassidy Carter is about Rylee Smith, an author who was raised by her alcoholic father. She doesn't have a social life, and more so focuses on her next book deadline. Her best friend Alice drags Rylee out for one night at the bar, which she normally doesn't do, and towards the end of the night realizes why. She meets Mason and his friend Dan. Mason's job is to keep tabs on [...]

    13. Wow!! This book left clueless how to even describe it or put it into words. Yes, it really was that good. I really had no idea what I was getting my self into when I started reading this. I read the blurb but still didn’t expect too much but read it anyway since a friend kept telling me I needed to read it. This book gave me a hangover that’s what’s I definitely know. It was everything I didn’t expect but it was totally the different that I’ve been looking for without realizing it. The [...]

    14. Dang!!! This book took me took to places I never thought of. Rylee, a girl who is normal and is a secret writer, is happy with her life. The one times her best friend makes her go out and things happen that you never would of thought could. Meeting Mason and Dan at the bar with her friend Alice changed her life. She was kidnap for Mason's brother Beck. Beck is a nasty man who takes what he wants and doesn't care about anything other than him. Mason takes Rylee to Beck but something changes and h [...]

    15. This is a new Author to me - the Synopsis drew my attention and I can say I'm glad I decided to read this one. The Prologue broke my heart but definitely set the stage for understanding Mason and seeing the "world" Beck is living in. I love that through everything Rylee kept her "sass" and remained true to herself. The characters were broken, which made it easier to understand & not hate some of them. The writing kept me turning pages, even keeping me up when I really needed sleep - it was w [...]

    16. This is the first book I have read by Kassidy Carter, it is not the last. This book is dark, twisted. It's characters are REAL. The drama between the brothers is dark and intense, and you may like me find it disturbing. Miss Carter writes with authority, her voice amazing in the interactions of the pivotal characters. Not for the weak of heart, not a sweet romance, but the pay off in the end. Will leave you book hung over. Recommended.

    17. Follow the story of Rylee kidnapped to pay a debt, then saved by her captor sounds good doesnt it? This story will have you on the edge of your seat with every page you read. Holding your breath to see what happens next. Its brilliantly written and being my first by this author im excited to see what else shes written. This book has a dark edge to it but its quite a soft side of dark. Id definately reccomend this book.

    18. This story was good, not great for me. I found myself struggling through it. However, it was suspenseful and I love that. Rylee and Mason meet in a very non conventional way, they end up falling for each other and have to face some pretty tough obstacles to be together.This book has a little bit of everything you look for in a book, suspense, love, and mystery.

    19. This was a great book. Just enough suspense and drama, mixed with love. I enjoyed it very much. I hated Beck. I wanted to yell at Mason every time he tried to push Rylee away in the beginning, thinking he wasn't good enough for her. I loved how strong and defiant Rylee was. I really enjoyed this book!

    20. Wow going into this book I was hooked in this book I was on the edge of my seat! So many twists and turns! Mason meets rylee at a bar and they hit it off but when she goes home something crazy happens she wAkes up being kidnapped!!! This book had alittle emotional read to it but I loved reading it and can't wait to read more!!!!

    21. I thought the book was going to go one way but then there was a twist and it went another way and then another twist. There was a lot going on in a short amount of time but the story didn't feel rushed. Nor was it as dark as I though it would be. I'm really look forward to Dan's story.

    22. Well this book is definitely like the title there were some dark moments in this book. Which made it intense but still needed to find out what was going to happen. Well written and worth reading kind of book.

    23. Good 4 star book!Dark romance about overcoming the darkness you are given and finding the light. First book I have read by this author and I liked it. My only issue is it could have been longer !

    24. Good read! Strong characters. Good storyline. Several twists and turns. Not an obscene amount of sexy time. I really liked Dan, Masons best friend. Some of it was a little cheesy on some of the love parts but overall it was a good book. This was my first Kassidy Carter book and I will for sure read more from her.

    25. I think I've learned that I like light & sweet over darker books, but reading about love & redemption can be satisfying, as well. There is a lot of both love & fight in this book and it's worth a read.

    26. ExcellentI found this to be an excellent book. It definitely keeps your attention, and there are some real sum bag characters but, hey their needed to make the story. It also has some really great characters and great love. Characters that will risk all for the one they love and the love of friends. This really is a great book written well, that keeps your attention from beginning to end.

    27. I tried really hard to love this book, I wanted to love this book but I just was not able to make the connection with the characters that would allow me to love it. I like the premise of the book but I just think that there needs to be a bit more development of the relationship between Rylee and Mason. I almost felt like Rylee was suffering from Stockholm syndrome but it felt like it happened too fast to make it believable for me. This is a very dark romance and there are some scenes that are pr [...]

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