Earning Darcy's Trust

Earning Darcy s Trust Tragedy strikes Pemberley and Fitzwilliam Darcy must assume the role of guardian to his maiden sister Georgiana When Darcy s trust is betrayed by a childhood friend Darcy decides to take affairs int

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  • Title: Earning Darcy's Trust
  • Author: Jennifer Joy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tragedy strikes Pemberley and Fitzwilliam Darcy must assume the role of guardian to his maiden sister, Georgiana When Darcy s trust is betrayed by a childhood friend, Darcy decides to take affairs into his own hands only to find himself blackmailed by his worst enemy and manipulated by a woman who would ruin his innocent sister s reputation to suit her own wants Miss ElTragedy strikes Pemberley and Fitzwilliam Darcy must assume the role of guardian to his maiden sister, Georgiana When Darcy s trust is betrayed by a childhood friend, Darcy decides to take affairs into his own hands only to find himself blackmailed by his worst enemy and manipulated by a woman who would ruin his innocent sister s reputation to suit her own wants Miss Elizabeth Bennet longs for excitement and a good match for her dear sister, Jane Hope springs in Elizabeth s heart when Mr Bingley lets Netherfield Park and sets his sights on Jane Victim of a poor decision, Elizabeth is forced to spend time with the disagreeable Mr Darcy She learns that there is to the gentleman than meets the eye and she has the key to solve his problems if only he would trust her This sweet Regency romance based on Jane Austen s Pride Prejudice gives our beloved characters, Darcy and Elizabeth, new obstacles to overcome before they achieve their happy ending.

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    1. This is another delightful variation from Ms. Joy that changes up how Darcy and Elizabeth initially meet and interact. I also enjoyed how Georgiana is central to this story. We watch her grow and gain confidence as she overcomes the debacle of Ramsgate. Darcy is completely lost in how to help her get over Wickham and move on. He offers her a journal to write her thoughts in. By also taking her with him to Netherfield, she gets to spend time with Jane and Elizabeth Bennet and finds true friends i [...]

    2. I didn't realize until I started this that I had read it when it was first released. I enjoyed it as much the second time around as the first, this time partaking of the audio format. Those who applaud Ms Joy's recent forays into the Cozy Mystery genre will enjoy this earlier offering. Darcy was amazing here, so patient and so wise, even when he was truly at a loss. Georgiana's growth from petulant child to clever young woman was wonderful to see, but Elizabeth stole my heart. I love how GOOD sh [...]

    3. 4.5 starsLike fine wine Jennifer Joy's books seem to get better with time. I read this in less than half-a-day and found my attention nicely caught, even though it does follow events in canon loosely and we do know that ODC will enjoy their HEA. The author uses well her creativity to give us a new slant with some drama all her own.We read up close of a different demise for Fitzwilliam's father and then of a small homeless boy showing up in Hertfordshire, only to be found hiding in the hay by Eli [...]

    4. A great variation, full of enough joy to temper the angst. And the Darcys have more than their fair share. At the age of sixteen, Darcy witnesses his father murdered by a distraught tenant's wife. Mrs Darcy is still alive at this point, and chooses deportation over the gallows for the woman and her remaining family. Somehow, young Wickham achieves local approval as a hero, both as witness to the woman's perfidy, and his "exhaustive dedication" to finding the one missing family member, a young bo [...]

    5. Initially I wasn't that interested in the book. It takes a trip back to the childhoods of the Bennets and Fitzwilliam Darcy that reminded me of an episode of Muppet babies ( 6 year old Mary citing scripture Mrs. Bennet explaining how 8 year old Lizzy and 10 year old Jane must marry well). Also the story frequently switches perspective from Lizzy's to Fitzwilliam's with little warning; this does give the author the ability to 'see more and know more' but it is initially awkward.However the energe [...]

    6. I love Jane Austen, and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books. I have read others books that put a spin on the story. I felt this one was very well written. It had enough of the real story to make it familiar, yet contained some interesting surprises for the reader. I enjoyed learning more about Georgianna, and her personality , and growth in this novel. Wickim, and Miss. Bingley were even more conniving than usual. I truly liked this Darcy, and Elizabeth. Jane, Bingley, and the other [...]

    7. Wonderful variation!I really enjoyed this book, I especially loved Georgiana and how she matured through the story in all ways. This Darcy and Elizabeth were also outstanding; and I really liked the way Bingley took charge of his life.As I said, a wonderful variation!

    8. Intriguing D&E love storyThis is Jennifer Joy's third book, though the first I have read so far. I truly enjoyed this book and seeing the what-if thread that Ms Joy takes us on.This story premise is pretty original. It starts with a prologue introducing us to a 16 y/o Darcy at the point where he loses his father (Mr Darcy senior does not die the way we are lead to believe from other writings). Then we are thrown into the events of Ramsgate, with a petulant 15 y/o Georgiana and meeting a horr [...]

    9. First of all I have to say that Ms. Joy is very sly. I had no idea that she was releasing a new book so soon. I did enjoy her first two books and once I read the blurb for this one I was intrigued and decided to check it out. Darcy in this book is very agreeable. I would imagine this is how he might have acted if his father was murdered in front of him. Though I might add that he should have had some anger towards that as well. The Bennets were as they always are except omg Mrs. Bennet actually [...]

    10. I really enjoyed Georgiana's character in this novel. Elizabeth seemed even more impertinent,witty and jovial that I normally picture her but I enjoyed how those qualities made Georgiana blossom and Darcy crave for laughter in his life. Wickham plays a major part in this novel as Georgiana's near elopement and the emotional affect on her is developed. Also Darcy's seriousness is understood due to the murder of his father 11 years prior (and that is resolved by the end thankfully). Georgiana's pr [...]

    11. Enjoyed this variation very much! The book starts out several years prior to the start in P&P. This helps with the story line. It than jumps to the current P&P and we see the Ramsgate debacle and also what is going on in Hertfordshire. This story progresses quite fast but unlike the original it stays in Meryton till it's conclusion. It was well done and I loved the character building for Georgianna.Worth reading

    12. Review first published at:frompemberleytomilton.wordpreJennifer Joy’s writing is so good that it gets me glued to her books for hours!While I’m captivated by the premise in some books, in Jennifer’s I have to say that it is the way she develops her stories and her characters that keeps me wanting to read more and more. I’m not saying that the premises are not good in her books, by the contrary, they are quite interesting, but her writing is definitely her strongest characteristic for me. [...]

    13. I'm not sure that I've ever read a variation that had Georgiana come along to Netherfield at the beginning--only a few where she came to visit later--so I really enjoyed that aspect of this story. Anytime Georgiana can be done well and have more screen time, I'm game. I was a little afraid at the beginning that she was going to be a brat and that I wouldn't like her, but I found that it was realistic of a 15-year-old girl who fancied herself in love, and she became a much more likeable character [...]

    14. Really well-done variatonThis was a charming story. Miss Darcy really comes into her own quite nicely. Bingley is a big boy in this, in that he has his own mind.ly. Carolinee is pure evil. I like when she lets her freak flag fly like that.I didn't notice any glaring grammatical issues and the book read really well. All in all a great book that is worth your time.

    15. Another wonderful and thought-provoking variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in which Darcy learns to trust and to depend on others, including Elizabeth, in order to protect his family against the wiles of Wickham and Caroline Bingley. A terrific plot with a theme that should make us all consider trusting others rather than trying to handle our problems all alone.

    16. As a writer, Ms. Joy is grammatically and structurally sound. The story itself is a bit contrived that a boy from Derbyshire and with knowledge of Wickham and Darcy ends up working for the Bennets and said boy is considered to be George Darcy's killer (according to Wickham).

    17. I enjoyed the beginning of the book, I loved the new Caroline angle, but I found it lacking feeling in places. I think that perhaps if the author had spent more time with it that this book could have been fantastic.

    18. Light and easy readI really enjoyed the introductions of the characters to one another. I especially like the way that Georgianna Darcy dealt with her mistake . It seems more realistic than most books that deal with a young woman of her age and time

    19. Just okSorry, but kind of boring. No real conflict, nothing to keep you reading. Unbelievable plot and characters. Too easily and simply resolved.

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