A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency

A Tragic Legacy How a Good vs Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency The first true character study of a lost president and his disastrous legacyIn this fascinating timely book Glenn Greenwald examines the Bush presidency and its long term effect on the nation chart

  • Title: A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency
  • Author: Glenn Greenwald
  • ISBN: 9780307354280
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first true character study of a lost president and his disastrous legacyIn this fascinating, timely book, Glenn Greenwald examines the Bush presidency and its long term effect on the nation, charting the rise and steep fall of the current administration, dissecting the rhetoric, and revealing the faulty ideals upon which George W Bush built his policies EnlighteningThe first true character study of a lost president and his disastrous legacyIn this fascinating, timely book, Glenn Greenwald examines the Bush presidency and its long term effect on the nation, charting the rise and steep fall of the current administration, dissecting the rhetoric, and revealing the faulty ideals upon which George W Bush built his policies Enlightening and eye opening, this is a powerful look at the man whose incapability and cowboy logic have left America at risk.

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    1. This is why I avoid politics. I feel like all politicians are flawed in one way or another, be it Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau or Elizabeth May, but up to a certain point they're just human beings like the rest of us, and often people forget that. The likes of people like Micheal Moore have really painted Bush into this negligent monster and of course the terrorist attacks at the turn of the century didn't help matters any, but every story has two sides, and A Tragic Legacy stays surprisingly [...]

    2. A necessary read for anyone interested in knowing the full extent of the Bush regime's manifold crimes. A civil rights litigator prior to his career as a preeminent commentator in the left-leaning blogosphere, Greenwald lays out his case in a lawyerly fashion. It is impossible to mistake his driving argument - that Bush's overly simplistic view of America's role as essentially Good and America's supposed enemies as essentially Evil has led our nation down the road of failure - and the evidence i [...]

    3. Fantastic, insightful, totally depressing. This put together many notions I have been having in the last 6 years in a way that nothing else has. Greenwald knows his stuff. This is what happens when people vote for the guy they'd rather have a beer with than the person who would make the wisest, most responsible leader for this country. Greenwald's blog on Salon is a must-read as well.

    4. Methodical, angry, meticulously researched and documented, and very unsettling. This book belongs on the shelf next to Bush On the Couch - it's a terrible indictment of the damage done to America, Iraq, and the rest of the world by George W. Bush and the neocons who support and influence him, and the serious danger that they will make the perversions of American laws and values they've carried out permanent, and that they'll manage to get us into a war with Iran that will make the human and othe [...]

    5. Greenwald explores how the presidency of George W. Bush radically and fundamentally shifted the ideological and political landscape in the U.S. His war in Iraq was justified by the Manichean premise that the mission he was pursuing was of the highest moral Good, necessary for the preservation of civilization. In the Good vs. Evil view, no limits on presidential powers could be accepted. Greenwald shows how political values long embraced and accepted by America were held to be obsolete and quaint [...]

    6. As tragic an assessment of Bush junior's administration as the title would suggest, Greenwald gives an eloquent elucidation of the personal (mis)traits he blames for the raft of illiberal and ill-advised foreign policy decisions made by America's 43rd president. The demonstration given in this read, that Dubya's Manichean certitude was permitted to overrun democratic consensus, Congressional consensus, unwelcome political advice and even international conventions, is worrisome enough in itself, [...]

    7. It's very good so far. No one does a better job describing Bush's assault on the US Constitution than Glenn Greenwald.

    8. The subtitle provides the book's basic thesis: "How a Good versus Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency." On page x, the author, Glenn Greenwald, says: ". . the end of his presidency approached, historians and political figures from across the political spectrum. . .were speaking of the Bush legacy as one of colossal failure." Why did a presidency that--after 9-11--was so popular become so unpopular (in the public's mind) by 2007? That is the focus of this book. Greenwald notes that the [...]

    9. A damning indictment of the destructive legacy of the Bush administration, a presidency all but guaranteed to go down as the worst in American history which perverted this country's basic values in the service of a man who seems to view himself as some avenging warrior angel waging divine battle against the forces of Pure Evil. Unfortunately, this heroic, evangelical mindset laid the plans for his total and utter ruin as a man compelled by divine forces cannot consider whether or not what he is [...]

    10. Thorough overview of why it is The Pres never, ever backs down on any policy. I disagree that a war with Iran is likely during the next year; he'd need the absolute backing of the Republican members of Congress in many, many districts where that'd be political suicide. I'm not saying he hasn't come close to it in the past, and would do so, if he thought he could get away with it.

    11. The only problem I have with this book is that it's too repetitious in spots. Other than that it is an invaluable analysis of the Bush years; very close to what I saw and experienced myself from 9/11 onwards.

    12. Even having lived through this, it's a shocking read! If anyone believes there are checks and balances in place to prevent a leader from destroying the core values our great nation was built on, you need to read this book.

    13. 4/14/2014 Okay so apparently Glenn Greenwald won an award for his investigative journalism. Good for him. Maybe he should stick to writing articles and blogs because honestly I don't think his books are very goodEAKING NEWS! I actually agree with Greenwald about something! [link]And now on to the rant.*So I elected to ignore my own advice from a couple weeks ago and checked out this book. I should have heeded my experience with Glen Greenwald, though. This bookah no.Let's recap:I never got aroun [...]

    14. Although published back in 2008, this is still an informative read for those of us look back at the sheer breadth and depth of destruction brought about by the George W. Bush administration. That Bush 43 was the worst president in American History is difficult to dispute and Greenwald provides a cogent analysis of the "whys" and "how is it possible" aspects despite the fact that the economic debacle of 2008 brought about by de-regulation polices promoted by the Bush Administration had not yet ta [...]

    15. A deeply rigorous and informative book about the simplistic mindset of our last President and its horrendous implications. Long on scholarship, but short on prose style; Greenwald is a lawyer and a blogger, not a nonfiction artist like Emerson or Didion, and it shows in the passable but indifferent writing. Still, Greenwald the writer's penchant for redundancies and brittleness doesn't impede Greenwald the researcher/journalist the way it would in a book with a less informational aim. I ultimate [...]

    16. There's some good content in this book, but I don't think it had an editor: it's 4x longer than it needs to be, and filled with excessively earnest prose and superlative adverbs. Words like "clearly," "undoubtedly," and "manifestly" abound, and usually modify assertions that are not clear, undoubted or manifest to supporters of the war, the Bush admin, etc and for which you should really have footnotes (there are no endnotes either) to back you up.He's a much better blogger than he is an author [...]

    17. Glenn Greenwald writes a very readable, fired-up blog for Salon. That said, this book was a chore. His specific chapters on the events leading up to the Iraq War are worth reading but I could have used about 100 fewer pages on the theme of Bush's "Manichean morality." The editor was really asleep at the wheel on those introductory chapters.

    18. A lot of the book felt like being hit over the head with the same overly simplistic message. There wasn't a lot of depth or insight to the research or writing, which isn't to say that Greenwald doesn't have a point. He does, and it's a valid one, but it could have been said in fewer pages or with greater analysis and/or better overall writing.

    19. Major fan of Greenwald's Web site and written work. Unlike most political writers, he has an appreciation for history and an understanding that in today's culture, it is good to remind those in power of what they have said in the past and of holding people to who they truly are. When I had my vague college notions of being a political journalist, this is who I would like to be.

    20. This was an insightful read when it came out in 2007. Bush was not inherently evil but Cheney was. The combination of Bush as President and Cheney as VP became a perfect storm with the fall out being felt to this day.

    21. Only read one chapter - I love Greenwald's work, but this book would be of more interest to someone who doesn't already agree with most/all of his premises. As always, he is great about pointing out various people's hypocrisy.

    22. i dig glenn greenwald. a lot. this book gets repetitive at times, but only because greenwald is so detailed about his criticisms that he backs each one up with a LOT of examples.

    23. Actually not that good. I felt like anyone who took a philosophy and political science class could've written this book.

    24. If were to be able to stand it, and were useful, would be good to know these details. The Dubai ports deal? Duh what's that? Eek

    25. This is an extremely insightful analysis of George W. Bush's failed administration. In short, the author demonstrates that the President's evangelical Christian faith led him to believe in a Manichean view of the world. There is Good, and there is Evil. Bush felt himself "called" by his god to be president of the United States, and, once faced with the terrorist attack of 9/11, he felt compelled to lead the country in "defeating" the forces of Evil, wherever they existed. And since he was servin [...]

    26. It's hard to argue with Greenwald's basic thesis: that George W. Bush's Manichean approach to policy-making, rooted in his evangelical Christian beliefs, has handicapped his presidency. [NOTE: Manicheanism, a religious sect from 3rd century Persia, promulgated the idea that the world is divided between the powers of good and evil. Though often deemed a heresy, it has had a large influence on Christianity, especially through the writings of Augustine of Hippo.]Greenwald argues that this world vie [...]

    27. I forced myself to read this book all the way through, hoping that I'd stumble across something that I could consider worth internalizing. Nopedidn't happen. Oh, I suppose those that share this authors world view will revel in his vitriolic diatribe against President Bush, Neoconservatives and Christians, but for me, it was just more of the same 'ol Bush bashing that we've listened to for the last seven years. Not worth the paper used to bring it to print; should have saved a tree.

    28. Written like a thesis or term page, it was a little redundant, but gets to the point at page 40. Depressing, yet relatable to anyone with a capitalist mentality. Really looking forward to Laura Bush's memoir now. Must read, will enjoy reading again 3 years from now.

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