One thought on “The Library Of Mabel Mogaburu”

  1. The Library Of Mabel Mogaburu - Signature absurdist short story from the pen of Argentina’s Fernando Sorrentino (born 1942). However, there is a dark twist at the end that will put a reader in mind of the horror tales of H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King. A most remarkable and odd combination. Our story begins with seventeen-year-old Fernando telling us about his mania for classifying books, how he has his very own rubber stamp that he uses for each book, consisting of his name, volume number and [...]

  2. Perfectly executed within 9 chapters and though short and sweet, you never get to the point where you wonder what is going on, there is simply not enough time to build up any tension.Use as a short break between busstops.

  3. Personal Response: The Library Of Mabel Mogaburu is a book that really only compels you to read it via your humanic morbid curiosity. The book compels you to read it right after you read the title, and lets onto nothing before ,during ,or after your read it. In hindsight I guess the book wasn't all that interesting.Plot: The setting is June of 1960 ,and a woman in a library is looking for a book. Her name is Mabel ,and as she realizes the library does not contain the book she is looking for, she [...]

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