Caught in the Glow

Caught in the Glow When she was a child Avery Harmen watched her father die at the hands of a Glower a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory Now she secretly protects the rising stars of Los Angeles fro

  • Title: Caught in the Glow
  • Author: Eva Chase
  • ISBN: 9780994875310
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • When she was a child, Avery Harmen watched her father die at the hands of a Glower a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory Now she secretly protects the rising stars of Los Angeles from the demons that prey on them, determined to make sure her clients never suffer the same fate.Then Avery finds herself assigned to Colin Ryder, a young indie rocker who justWhen she was a child, Avery Harmen watched her father die at the hands of a Glower a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory Now she secretly protects the rising stars of Los Angeles from the demons that prey on them, determined to make sure her clients never suffer the same fate.Then Avery finds herself assigned to Colin Ryder, a young indie rocker who just landed a major label deal Colin is cocky, rebellious, a brilliant musician, and already in the Glowers sights He s also far too hot for Avery to ignore the chemistry between them especially when she gets to know the tender side behind his celebrity facade Though Avery knows she s falling too fast, she s willing to risk heartbreak if fanning the flames of attraction distracts Colin from his Glower tempting antics But Colin is keeping a secret of his own, one so big it will put both her heart and his soul on the line.The first book in The Glower Chronicles, a steamy New Adult paranormal series.Each book in The Glower Chronicles contains a stand alone romance, but it is recommended that you read them in order to best appreciate the ongoing subplots.

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    1. What could be better than a contemporary romance with a troubled rockstar? Add a touch of the paranormal, some great dialogue, one feisty female who bows to no one and of course, the troubled, yet talented rockstar who is keeping as many secrets as our leading lady. Pretty much, you have a delightful smorgasbord of great elements, great writing and great reading called Caught in the Glow by Eva Chase.Not everyone can see the Glowers, nasty demons who feed on dreams of fame and glory. What better [...]

    2. Caught in the Glow was one of those books I'm very glad to have accepted for review. The story was really great, I enjoyed it so much. It was intriguing, sexy with engaging characters and the writing was so damn good! I'm definitely a fan of this story and world!This story is about Avery Harmen, who when she was a child witnessed her father dying at the hands of a Glower, which, as the synopsis says are "a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory". Years later Avery works as a Tethe [...]

    3. 3.5/5 stars (PureTextuality)A new kind of demon, well at least new to me, and a story that takes place among rock celebrities? Count me in! At first, I wasn’t really sure about the premise once I got into the book, but I stuck with it, and it really got better as I read.Avery is the daughter of a rock legend, one that died way too soon. Avery and her mom witnessed the death, as they walked in on the Glower that was draining his energy. Glowers are demons that feed off of artistic energy of any [...]

    4. I stayed up till 2 am to finish this. I liked it. I really liked it. Caught in the Glow is about an organization that protects artist from a breed of demon that feeds on dreams of fame and glory. Avery was assigned to Colin Ryder, a young indie rocker who just landed a major label deal. I ended up thinking about two things while reading this:1. I have always loved this genre. I like how authors mix contemporary with the supernatural. It was exciting and well written.2. This reminds me a lot of a [...]

    5. Hey readers! I can't wait to share Caught in the Glow with you. :) You can click the "Download eBook" link above to check out the first two chapters!

    6. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the author. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Full Review on Brianna's Bookish Confessions.I thoroughly enjoyed this book! When the author contacted me about her book and told me it was new adult romance with a paranormal element, I was all in. I’m not that familiar with new adult paranormal; only YA. YA paranormal is one of my all time favorite genres and I have Twilight to thank for that. This wa [...]

    7. I liked the premise, but I just didn't feel connected to the characters. I wish there has been more back & forth between the 2 MCs leading up to the more romantic parts.

    8. I kindly received a copy of this book from Ink Spark Press via NG in return for an honest review.Rating- 3.5 stars. "I saw my first Glower when i was seven years oldat was when i learned that artistic passion could consume a person, literally."Avery Harmen is part of the Tether Society, A secret society who protects artists with brilliant talents from the demons/Glower who would mark them, sucking the life and joy away from them until the artist kills themselves. No one knows this happens.No one [...]

    9. I thought this was a great first book. It was unlike anything I've read before. The story was entertaining and kept me on the edge waiting to see what would happen next.Avery has the ability to see the demons that feed off of the joy that comes from fame and she works hard to protect her clients from harm. When she is assigned to Colin Ryder emotions get caught up in the mix.At first I wasn't a big fan of Colin, he has that cocky bad-boy rocker thing going on but when he began to show his true p [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Though the plot of the book had me intrigued, the romance had me wary. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Caught in the Glow was interesting and the paranormal aspect was explained well without being overwhelming. The characters were great and were fleshed out nicely. The romance was believable and realistic. A fast paced, enjoyable paranormal romance.

    11. **I would like thank Netgalley, Patchwork Press and the author Eva Chase for a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion**Caught in the Glow is a Contemporary and Paranormal book about a rock star and demons. What a great combination. Avery, is daughter of a rocker dad who overdosed when she was seven. She's now nineteen and in the Tether Society, she helps does who are artistically talented from having Glowers suck the energy out of them, that's what happened to her dad. [...]

    12. *Review copy provided from the author in exchange of honest review* *Spoiler free* Caught in the Glow was one nice surprise! It's like a New Adult book, but mixed with just the right amount of paranormal. Avery Harmens' father died when she was just a child, he died at the hands of Glower- demons that feed on fame and glory. Now she wants to make sure that what happened to her father won't happen to others. She gets assigned to Colin Ryder, who is already in the Glower's sights. She has to make [...]

    13. A Glower is a demon that feeds of humans - specifically their dreams, triumphs and glory achieved - usually in the area of arts and music. Avery Harmen watcher her famous musician father die at the hands of one when she was a child, so is now working for an organisation that uses people like Avery who have seen them to protect rising stars from the Glowers.Colin Ryder is a young rocker who is on the up having landed his first big contract. Avery is assigned to protect him but has to deal with hi [...]

    14. If you like books with different creatures try this one. Glower's are the new breed of demons in the human world. They mark their target and give them fame, fortune, or what ever they desire. They they will suck the life from you after.Aubrey had seen this creature suck her fathers life at the last moment when she spotted him. Now she protects up and coming music artist or what ever talented person needs protected. But at the moment her newest charge doesn't want or need her. But that's not Coli [...]

    15. I loved this book. This is definitely a must read for paranormal romance readers. The concept is truly genius and refreshing that i was constantly on the edge of my seat. I do have a slight issue with the hero being involved with OW but that was before anything started happening between him and the heroine so in this circumstance i can look pass this as This book was amazing. I am really excited for the next books in the series to come out as i would like to see more of the secondary characters [...]

    16. I absolutely loved this first book in The Glower Chronicles. It can be read as a standalone. When Avery witnesses the act of a glower as a young child, she becomes able to see a glower for what they are. When she's older, she becomes a protector from the glowers. Avery is assigned to up and coming rocker Colin Ryder.Avery is attracted to Colin and sees past his self destructive ways.Will she be able to protect Colin from the glowers?This paranormal romance is new and different. I loved it. The w [...]

    17. I read thus book for a honest review The cover is one that grabs you , the story doesn't leg you down .The once us a very steady read that flows well .I love avery her character is great a girl after my own heart .Colin mmmmm yum yum yum I would .This book was a fun read and a easy 4 starts

    18. I received the ebook in exchange for an honest review. The book is full of magic, but it is clearly a young adult book. It's not suited for teens below the age of 18. Me, as a tween, loved reading it and I couldn't put it down. I just read it in one day. Does that say enough?

    19. 3.5 stars Clever idea with the Glowers – demons that feed on creativity and artistic passion – and the Tethers people who can see them after witnessing a death by Glower. This made an interesting paranormal background for what is quite clearly a romance. While the story itself is fairly short story it was long enough to get a good sense of both the world and our 2 main characters Avery & Collin. Collin was fine but I definitely liked Avery better for a couple of reasons. 1. The story is [...]

    20. This is a paranormal romance with an interesting premise: there are preternatural creatures that feed off of talented artists, and there's a secret society of people who try to stop them. The execution of the premise is almost there? I feel like this could be really good, with one more run through the draft-and-rewrite cycle. It just feels a little bit stilted, a bit more formulaic than she probably meant it to come off. It's still an entertaining read, and for $0 on the Kindle store, I regret [...]

    21. This is a great mix of two types of popular romance themes - paranormal and rock star. You have a woman named Avery that is determined to save others from demons like the one that killed her father to still his fame and glory. She protects talented people in LA like Colin who is an up and coming rock star. Colin also attracts Avery's attention in a personal way. I liked the interesting new storyline and enjoyed the story. I recommend you read it if you enjoy paranormal romances like I do. There [...]

    22. I was having trouble with my romance novels so I thought to put them aside. Scrolling through my kindle bookshelves I forgot what most of the books there were about. Caught in the Glow had a nice cover and interesting title. It also was gifted to me through Instafreebie. So I wasn't expecting romance. I wasn't expecting the twist within the story either. I was really shock how a simple story could be so complex. The flow of the story was just right for my taste. It's a must read for sure. Now I [...]

    23. 2.5 I didn’t rate it low because it’s a bad story, but more along the lines I couldn’t personally connect with it. This story is about the otherworldly creatures that live off the talents of people, feeding off their success. And how one young women must save a man from being caught in the glow for his music career.

    24. I've enjoyed my fair share of supernatural reads, even with that this concept/idea was a first for me. There is a bit of romance between, it isn't over kill but at times, you was lead to wonder if it would even happen. I enjoyed the creative story idea behind this one. Not a very long read, but a good one.

    25. The first book in the Demons of Fame Romances. This is a contemporary paranormal romance that is hot and steamy. This was a great book that was well written with complex characters. A great read that will keep you page turning. No shortage of drama, suspense or sexy scenes.

    26. This is just fantastic! I love the ride with Avery and Colin. You learn so much and just fall in love so fast. The plot twist got me bad. I did not see that coming and I absolutely adore writing like this. Perfect read for someone who is not really "in" to the paranormal genre.

    27. There's a real touch of sweet romance in this story with accompanying steamy scenes and interesting paranormal twist. From beginning to end, it was surprisingly enjoyable.

    28. This type of story is new to me. I really like it especially with the chemistry between Avery and Colin but, I'm more curious about the Glowers so I really expect to ready more of the books.

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