Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting Diamonds doublets and double crosses stately dances religious intrigue one deflowered maiden and a Virgin Queen LADY IN WAITING has it all Commanded by her grandfather to snare a wealthy husband Ann

  • Title: Lady in Waiting
  • Author: Denise Domning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Diamonds, doublets and double crosses stately dances religious intrigue one deflowered maiden and a Virgin Queen LADY IN WAITING has it all Commanded by her grandfather to snare a wealthy husband, Anne Blanchemain enters the lavish court of Queen Elizabeth But the beautiful, headstrong Anne is a lamb among wolves, easy prey to treachery and an aging queen s jealousy.Diamonds, doublets and double crosses stately dances religious intrigue one deflowered maiden and a Virgin Queen LADY IN WAITING has it all Commanded by her grandfather to snare a wealthy husband, Anne Blanchemain enters the lavish court of Queen Elizabeth But the beautiful, headstrong Anne is a lamb among wolves, easy prey to treachery and an aging queen s jealousy She never suspects that handsome courtier Chirstopher Hollier has been sent to ruin her Christopher Hollier is the only man in Elizabeth s court uninterested in making a rich marriage for himself All that matters to Christopher is reclaiming the title Lord Graistan for his brother If doing that requires him to destroy Anne, so be iteven if her destruction costs him his life But a tide of betrayal sweeps Anne and Christopher into a dangerous dance of plots to defy crown and country that could ultimately cost them their lives, and their love.

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    1. Enslaved by guilt because a childhood prank left his older brother Nick crippled and disfigured, Kit Hollier needs to find a way to restore the title and fortune that should rightly belong to Nick. A business venture gone bad has left Kit in ruinous debt, so when Lady Montmercy approaches him with a bargain, he has no choice but to listen.In exchange for payment of his debts (and the lady’s daughter’s marriage to Nick, which should help in the campaign to restore the title), Lady M wants him [...]

    2. I've always been interested in Tudor England, probably because my Dad is also fascinated by that period in history. When I was younger I tried (and failed!) to read some of the history books he had on the subject, and instead moved on to historical fiction. This period/setting is still one of my favorites to read, and this book didn't disappoint.The plot was fairly predictable (lady-in-waiting and courtier fall in love, but OHNO there are several obstacles on their path to wedded bliss!), so I w [...]

    3. 5***** Elizabethan Romance. I have never read a book set in Elizabeth's reign before. Its so interesting all the etiquette and the feelings came through beautifully in this story. For men of that era to be ruled by such a STRONG woman must have been so difficult. Nowadays we know from history that queens are great rulers but then it went so much against the grain. This story has many very emotive subjects covered. If only they taught history in schools like this. Pardon me for getting away from [...]

    4. This isn't my typical genre, so perhaps has something to do with why this book just didn't work for me? I found the plot to be really slow moving and quite frankly boring. I did manage to finish it, but it was a struggle. I just never connected to the plot or characters. Not a series I will continue. At least it was offered as a kindleunlimited.

    5. I really loved Denise Domnings medieval stories and when I found her Elizabethan stories I just knew that I had to try them too.Like most of the romances set during Queen Elizabeth I reign and especially those taking place at court the story is full of intrigues, plots and machinations. Between Catholics and Protestants, Elizabeth and her cousin Mary Stuart’s shadow not to mention personal revenge the period seems ideal for an interesting and engaging story.Lady in Waiting is the story of Anne [...]

    6. Disclaimer: I think I am in a book rut Why is it that no matter how hard I try lately I cannot find a five star read. I am also currently reading a Kristen Ashley book whom I adore but I am having a hard time getting into a book since reading My Skylar.Maybe just maybe I am in a funk and will soon get out but, I can say that Lady in Waiting was not the book to draw me out. I love historical romance but this book fell flat for me. I thought that it was lacked depth and things that would have adde [...]

    7. Not nearly as good as her medieval stuff, but I like how she weaves her plot twists & intrigue, & she always seems very historically accurate.

    8. Loved the Court IntrigueI am a fan of novels set in the Elizabethan time period. This novel has several characters that maintained my interest. They had personalities that were difficult but well explained by the histories given. Anne and Kit as a couple were wonderful. I loved the descriptions of the clothes, dancing and Queen Elizabeth. If you enjoy romance and intrigue set in this time period you will enjoy this book.

    9. Sublime!This author has to be one of THE BEST authors of this genre in existence! This story of Mistress Anne Blanchemaine and Master Christopher 'Kit' Hollier in Queen Elizabeth's court pulled me in and had me quite literally in its grips right to the last word! I highly recommend this brilliant author to all!

    10. Good readI enjoyed this book. I had expected it to be a bodice rights per, but I was delighted to discover it was so much more. The characters are well-developed. The pace is good. The descriptions are beautiful and thorough. I can't wait to start reading the sequel!

    11. Lady in Waiting by Denise Domning Its a story of Elizabeth Tudor's Lady in waiting, Interesting plot giving a closer insight into the life of women in the royal court of Tudor. Engaging and refreshing read.

    12. Pretty good. I was hopeful that it would be on par with Phillipa Gregory's writing. While a really good read, it wasn't quite up to Ms. Gregory's quality.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I was hooked from page one although it was a little slow to get going but found it was well researched and well written. Great author. Hope to read more.

    14. Like all books from Denise Domning, I have thoroughly enjoyed Lady in Waiting. Intrigue, jealousy and revenge, you find it all in the Court of Elisabeth, the Virgin Queen. At the center of all this, there is Mistress Anne Blanchemain. The last and only heir to her grandfather (a not very pleasant character) she is presented to the court and accepted as a maid of honour. But Anne is no maiden anymore. She carries her secret and pray to find a husband who will not unveil her. Christopher Hollier i [...]

    15. 0 In which Master Christopher Hollier, Kit, has a bad dream about his brother Nick1 In which Kit makes a night visit to Nick's room and they both refuse to marry anyone2 In which Mistress Anne Blanchemain is force to become her grandfather's, Amyas, heir3 In which Kit makes a deal with Lady Elisabetta Montmercy to have his debts paid in exchange of seducing Anne4 In which Kit dresses up to meet Anne at Queen Elizabeth's court5 In which Anne becomes a maid to Elizabeth, Amyas angers, the queen an [...]

    16. It started out really interesting but I was disappointed shortly after.I was bored through most of the middle and was expecting there to be more regarding Frances and Nick considering they were the more interesting of characters in my opinion. I also felt the romance was not built up enough. There was little rhyme and reason for there attraction to one another, no intimate conversations until the end when they already declared their love. I felt the declarations should have been what brought the [...]

    17. When I first started this book, I was very disappointed to realize that it was just basically a romance novel. (Ugh. I like more history than romance in my stories.) But as I read the book, I realized that there was a bit more history in it than I originally realized. I was actually reading Queen Elizabeth's dialogue in Cate Blanchett's voice. While the basic plot was somewhat silly, it was well told with enough historical accuracy and descriptions to satisfy my thirst for history.Good-hearted n [...]

    18. I'm a fan of Domning and know the quality of her writing. She's thorough, accurate and obviously does a tremendous amount of research for her books. That wasn't the problem I had with this book. It was just too boring for me. It dragged on and on and finally at the end, came to a little bit of life.Her skill as an author brings the characters to life and this was no exception. The royal court is full of deceit, rivalry, intrigue, romance and she brings it all to the story. It just felt long and [...]

    19. Great readI enjoyed this novel a great deal. The story was refreshing with highly tense moments. I read the kindle edition and found to my displeasure that it was lacking in commas and quotations. This made it difficult to read at times. An instance was a sentences that read something like "when shed shed her boots" which should have been "when she'd shed her boots" That is not a correct direct quote, however, it is a very strong example. I sincerely hope the issue will be corrected. Once the re [...]

    20. This review only applies to the Kindle version.Ms, Domming, I'll read anything you write. I think you know I am a fan. I loved this story. Well told, as always. Gripping plot. Wonderful characters.But who the flip edited this for the kindle? There are so many missing commas and apostrophes and that bugs me no end. I know you are more professional than this.

    21. Had me totally engagedThis was a totally engaging romance with characters that I truly enjoyed. Kit and Anne were a wonderful couple and I enjoyed their romance tremendously. The story was true to the time period and made me feel like I was experiencing exactly what court was like back then. I would highly recommend this book.

    22. GreatI really enjoyed this book it had so much detail I could imagine what the characters looked like and the clothing they wore,also it was the right amount of everything romance,mystery,scheming,and at times a little bit of humor too I recommend it one of the best. Can not wait to read the second one.Great Job!!!!

    23. This book takes you to the heart of Queen Elizabeth's court. Domning artfully portrays the complexities of court life with a monarch who was larger than life. I couldn't help looking up photos of Elizabethan clothing and watching videos of court dances. I never knew that the royals and company traveled from place to place with their own beds. This was a perfect interlude at the Elizabethan court.

    24. I don't care that the plot was cliched - I love the characters and the way she brings the story to life. Don't go into this expecting some unique storyline, but be prepared to become immersed in Elizabethan England.

    25. I loved this book. The story kept my interest to the very end and I appreciated the restraint the author used when portraying the love between the main characters, unlike most historical romance authors. I want to read all books written by Denise Domning now.

    26. Beautiful and touchingI couldn't put it down . i absolutely adore period pieces and this one takes the cake by far. I can't wait till i can get some more money and get the next in line!!!

    27. Great story with lots of interesting characters This book was a really interesting read as it gave such rich detail about the life of a lady in waiting. I really felt for the characters and rooted for their happiness.

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