Lie Catchers

Lie Catchers With her special abilities top LAPD Robbery Homicide detective Calamity Jane Randall thought she knew all about interrogation until she met detective Ray Pagan Wielding a suspect s vocal intonations

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  • Title: Lie Catchers
  • Author: Paul Bishop
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With her special abilities, top LAPD Robbery Homicide detective Calamity Jane Randall thought she knew all about interrogation until she met detective Ray Pagan Wielding a suspect s vocal intonations, emotions, and physical gestures like a scalpel, Pagan s empathetic lie catching abilities are legendary Both detectives are scarred by past tragedies, but when paired togWith her special abilities, top LAPD Robbery Homicide detective Calamity Jane Randall thought she knew all about interrogation until she met detective Ray Pagan Wielding a suspect s vocal intonations, emotions, and physical gestures like a scalpel, Pagan s empathetic lie catching abilities are legendary Both detectives are scarred by past tragedies, but when paired together, they threaten to tear the city apart searching for a duo of missing children a search where the right answer to the wrong question can mean sudden death Ripped from the experiences of thirty five year veteran LAPD detective and nationally recognized interrogator, Paul Bishop, Lie Catchers takes the reader inside the dark and dangerous mind games of the men and women for whom truth is an obsession.

    One thought on “Lie Catchers”

    1. This book is the real deal--a thrilling detective novel written by a retired detective from the LAPD. I love crime shows like Castle and Bones, and this novel puts them to shame. It features a crime of complexity and intrigue, with realism that adds to the drama. Unlike many crime stories, this book feels like it actually happened.Things I loved:-The focus on interrogation. In the pages of the novel, many police officers do many things to solve the crime, yet ultimately it's the interrogations a [...]

    2. This was a terrific book. My only problem with it was the length of time it sat in my TBR pile until I finally got to it.The book by 35 year LAPD Vet Paul Bishop, was a Mystery, wrapped in a Police Procedural surrounded by beautiful Paranormal elements. The Interviews and Interrogations in the book weren't surreal or magic but the result of many years learning, training and doing. The end pieces of Paul's first and last arrests were also fascinating and a glimpse into the mind of the Cop and the [...]

    3. LIE CATCHERSBy Paul BishopIn quick succession, two children are kidnapped from families that seem worlds apart. One is from a family of publicly pious, judgmental undertakers with a dark, nasty secret. The other is from a hip-hop mogul named Smack Daddy who is skating on the edge of financial ruin, desperate to maintain a façade of invulnerability for the brutal sharks who loaned him money and want to devour everything he owns and loves.That’s the tangled puzzle facing two Los Angeles police [...]

    4. This was a different twist on a cop story. It reminds me a little of Psych and Grimm. Jane is a detective who is put into a partnership with another top detective. She has a secret; she can see colors around people when they talk and knows when they are lying. He has a secret; he is an empath and can feel others feelings. They solve 2 hit and run murders and 2 kidnappings. The violence was normal for murder/cop stories, no sex and no language.

    5. Unusual abilities the main characters possess make them good at their jobs, but miserable in life. These aren’t super-human powers, they’re oddities of the human condition that make for fascinating characteristics to give a couple of cops.Detective Jane Randall has synesthesia, “a sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color.” In her case, she sees color streamers att [...]

    6. This was NOT a pleasant or cosy read.Unlike the novels dealing with heroic detectives and caustic villains, police procedurals serve only one purpose: to expose a reader to the grim & gruesome details of real life crime, and yet keeping it apart from purportedly ‘true crime’ books. This book did exactly so, with a twist.One of the greatest professional interrogators of modern world, Paul Bishop, while writing this novel, split himself into two distinct personas: (a) a male empath, (b) a [...]

    7. Excellent and Hard to Put Down Paul Bishop, author and retired LAPD Detective and Interrogator has written another winner, and this one very original. The protagonists are police interrogators and one appears to be empathic as well. As a team they compliment one another and when two children, of the same age, disappear in similar circumstance the team is called in to interview suspects and hopefully solve the cases.This summary does not do this fine book justice. Bishop provides inside knowledge [...]

    8. Lie Catchers is a police procedural with a twist. The two heroes of the story, ‘Calamity’ Jane Randall and Ray Pagan, have unique gifts which aid their investigation. Randall is a synesthete – which means she can see when people are lying – and Pagan is an empath and can tap into how people feel. Together this odd couple must solve the mysterious abduction of two children in L.A.At first glance, the two abductions seem unconnected. One child was the daughter of a big-shot music producer. [...]

    9. I enjoyed this police procedural with a few slight paranormal elements. The author was with the LAPD for 35 years, and that added some authenticity to the book. This is the first in a series, and it involved some set-up—the crimes (two kidnappings) didn’t start until 25% of the way into the book. The book never lost my interest, but it didn’t completely draw me in and make me want to stay up past my bedtime either. I wouldn’t mind giving the next book in the series a try, because Calamit [...]

    10. This was my first Paul Bishop book, and I was really impressed. I felt like I was riding right alongside Pagan and Randall as they unraveled the mystery surrounding their first case. Hopefully this is the beginning of a series because I'd love to spend some more time with these characters. Overall I am really impressed with the author's storytelling abilities. He does a beautiful job of interweaving the perfect amount of his in-depth knowledge of law enforcement / interrogations with the story, [...]

    11. Randall's explanation of police tactics, while sometimes intrusive, were very informative and I'm sure will help when it comes to writing my own interrogations. The case itself--the motives and the perp--was well thought out and not something I've seen before. I really liked the suspects and the victims' families. They were interesting characters, even the nasty ones, and were more than just set dressing for the two main players. Otherwise, characterization just wasn't there and pacing was uneve [...]

    12. This was a great read! Not your average cops and robbers story. It definitely had the action, but I was really intrigued with how the author showed the human/empathetic side of police work. The voice is very authentic (it was written by an experienced cop) and I totally loved the ride this book took me on. Very cool.

    13. I'm really looking forward to the next installment of this series! The romantic in me is hoping for a little chemistry between Pagan and Randall but that may not be appropriate for a detective partnership like this one. Sigh wishful thinking I guess :)

    14. As a professional typesetter and editor, I cringed frequently throughout this book. However, the story was great. If you like police dramas, with a little twist, this is a good one. Some swearing & violence, but not over the top.

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