My Sister's Child

My Sister s Child My Sister s Child is the story of two sisters and one huge question Jo is the elder sister responsible and hardworking Isla is carefree and has always avoided being tied down The sisters have always

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  • Title: My Sister's Child
  • Author: Caroline Finnerty
  • ISBN: 9781781999448
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Sister s Child is the story of two sisters, and one huge question Jo is the elder sister, responsible and hardworking Isla is carefree and has always avoided being tied down The sisters have always had a strained relationship, but when Isla asks Jo for something that rocks the very foundations of the family that Jo has worked so hard to have, she is horrified And, aMy Sister s Child is the story of two sisters, and one huge question Jo is the elder sister, responsible and hardworking Isla is carefree and has always avoided being tied down The sisters have always had a strained relationship, but when Isla asks Jo for something that rocks the very foundations of the family that Jo has worked so hard to have, she is horrified And, as Isla persists in her pleas, Jo fears she will lose the one thing she holds most dearly Thought provoking and compelling, this is a layered and moving story of sisterhood, love and lies and the finely woven link between nature and nurture that will challenge the way you think about motherhood.

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    1. .Sisters, Jo and Isla, are like chalk and cheese. Jo is the elder of the two. She is the responsible one. Always top of the class, ahead in her career, clever with finances and settled in her family life. Isla is flighty, carefree and unambitious. However, Jo owes her younger sister some credit for her perfect life. If it wasn't for Isla her life would be incomplete. Fourteen years ago, Isla gave her the most precious gift in the world. The chance to have a baby. With the help of her donated egg [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and in my opinion is this authors best to date. The characters were really well thought out, complex and sympathetic and the premise kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire book. On top of all that, it was beautifully written with some passages in particular making me almost reach for a pencil in order to underline them. That does not happen me a lot in contemporary fiction. Would highly recomend this book and hope to see many more from t [...]

    3. My Sister's Child is the fourth novel from Caroline Finnerty.I loved her last release Into the Night Sky which I reviewed for the blog last year and am secretly still hoping that Jack will get his own novel in the future. But with this new release Caroline has taken us in a completely different direction and written a very topical novel which to me would be an excellent selection for a book club. Caroline poses a huge, thought provoking question one which I couldn't form a clear answer to when I [...]

    4. My Sister's Child is a seriously impressive story, which will throw up all sorts of questions for the reader. In fact I suspect this could be a very good book group book, for that reason alone. At the heart of the book there is the question of Nature vs Nuture, or who is really the parent. It deals with infertility and the various ways you can solve that, including donor eggs.This is a story about a family, and mainly sisters Jo and Isla. Depending on who the focus was on, depends how they see t [...]

    5. My Sister’s Child is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read in a while. My Sister’s Child has at its centre a moral dilemma and it’s difficult to talk about the book without revealing what that dilemma is! It is a very complicated situation ethically and one that will make you think about how you might feel if you were in the same position.A strong theme of the book is that of nature versus nurture and you will consider this a lot as you read. As Isla’s boss Greg says “It [...]

    6. Two sisters and an ultimate sacrifice. Years later, after Isla is given heartbreaking news, she hopes Jo will return the kindness. Has she misjudged her sister? "Maybe the years had layered distance, and lacquered some of those thorny memories." ~ a story of jealousy, unearthed heartache and hope for what is good and right.

    7. I've never read any books by this author before, I discovered the book on the shelve at the library and just loved the cover, it was a really an enjoyable read, loved the characters, storyline was really good, just downloaded another book by this author.

    8. So poignant and brilliantI felt like I was reading about my own childhood at times. I had a sister that died of cotdeath and very similar to my mam afterwards. How things have changed in Ireland since the 80s. I loved th

    9. Many thoughts are evoked in this novel about the right to be a parent. An intense and complicated sisterly-relationship between Jo and Isla. I liked it ! A good read !

    10. A very good book. Interesting reading about the ups and downs in the life of sisters. This book was found on Kindle.

    11. InterestingThe story itself was very interesting all sorts of emotions going on although it did take me longer than usual to read a book i found myself in their world each time i picked it up to read

    12. Coming up on Dr. Phil, "Dr. Phil, help me sort out my two mothers!"This is the story of two sisters, each of whom desperately wants to have a baby. Jo, a successful attorney and happily married, is unable to conceive because her eggs cannot travel from her ovaries. Isla is 39, living from paycheck to paycheck, and wants a man in her life before getting pregnant.This book, although stultifying, hit several of my hot buttons, thus forcing me to read to the last page. How many similar stories about [...]

    13. The story of 2 sisters. Jo is desperately trying to get pregnant and has reached the end of her options to have a child of her own. Her eggs simply will not sustain a pregnancy even with IVF. Seeing Jo's struggle and devastation, her sister Isla offers to donate her eggs to allow her sister to become a mother. After struggling with the thought of her husband's sperm and sister's egg making an embryo, she finally decides that ultimately she will be the baby's mother and it will allow her husband [...]

    14. I was really looking forward to reading this book but I felt it didn't live up to the plot. Yes I suppose Isla donating her eggs to Jo, whilst it seems like a very natural thing to do in your 20's, had more serious repercussions as Isla got older. It did leave quite a few questions for Realtin also as to who her parents actually were. It was also quite thought provoking for Jo, being the older sister, she had a lot more memories of their childhood than Isla.Whilst I enjoyed the book I don't know [...]

    15. This book drove me nuts because even though I understand the jealously of Jo, I found it very obnoxious that her sister Isla gave her the biggest gift: the gift of an egg donation and yet she wouldn't consider giving the 2nd embryo back to her when Isla enters early menopause.So happy with the ending being tied up between the sisters but found I was frustrated while reading even though it was a super easy read.

    16. No good deed goes unpunished…Two sisters as different as they come with one longing at different stages of their lives. Both wants a child. This book played seesaw with my feelings as I could identify with both sisters while knowing that the child does not know one of the most important facts about her own life.

    17. Wow, crazy family stuff!Great plot, well written. Crazy family background, glad mine's more normal. I'm an only child, so I have no clue about sibling rivalry; this clued me in a bit.

    18. Many times I felt like giving up on this book but I stuck with it. Certainly not the best from this author. Found this book quite boring I'm sorry to say.

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