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  1. 0 stars. DNF @48%. Review posted April 21, 2015Well, this is awkward on several levels. Firstly, Limor and I are mutual followers and fellow M/M lovers and just that little fact makes it even more awkward to review her book. Secondly, I'm not being mean when I say that everything about Chariots on the Highway was kind of awkward. I'm just being honest when I state that this book was a failure all along the line and nobody needs to get on my case for voicing my honest and candid opinion. No worri [...]

  2. I'm torn when it comes to this book.I loved Dan and Tom as a couple. I have a soft spot for friends to lovers stories. And I loved the friendship between them as well as the romantic relationship. It was lovely and I would have loved more of the two of them together.I also really loved the setting, Israel. And I loved learning more about the culture.I'm also a huge fan of military stories, so that was something I really enjoyed about this book, too. And the sex scenes were really steamy and emot [...]

  3. An uplifting and optimistic read Marianne Faithful, The Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash are just three of the diverse musicians whose songs provide a soundtrack to this original and imaginative novel. Dan is a successful businessman man in his thirties. Recently divorced, he feels something is missing from his life. Sharron, his P.A, suggests he take in a lone soldier (foreign soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Force who need a home; a refuge from the stresses of army life). Reserved and cyn [...]

  4. Wow, this book blew me away. I was expecting your typical gay romance but Chariots on the Highway was SO much more!Don't get me wrong the romantic side of this book was inspiring and HOT, but it was also one of the most profound and emotional wrought books I have read in a while, gay or straight. The writing and emotions were so raw that it really impacts the reader and makes them feel quite a broad spectrum of emotion. This book was well written, with interesting three dimensional characters, a [...]

  5. To be honest, I don't read much gay fiction and I didn't really know what to expect from this book. One of my friends recommended it to me and raved about it so I thought that I would give it a try. I found that the book has deep meaning and I connected with the characters. Dan just got out of a bad marriage and is going through a painful divorce. Having a romance is one of the last things on his mind and he is still trying to get through the days as a single man. He volunteers to take his mind [...]

  6. Well well well "Chariots on the Highway" what can I say??? PERFECTION!!!I was one of the luckiest beta readers that got the chance to get to know Dan & Tom's story from a few months ago and I have to say - THEIR AMAZIMG STORY STILL LIVES IN MY HEART!!!!Its not that often that a story can take you places that you've never been before, but that story sure hasUps and downs of feelings and events that left me hooked from the title 'till the final word - just like any highway, you just can't put [...]

  7. First i have to say I'm drooling over Dan's filled mushrooms and i want the recipe ASAP!!!What an amazing book I enjoyed everything about it : The slow burn, the contrast between Dan and Tom, the Israeli setting and even the battle field momentsChariots on the Highway is a unique read. it start slowly as a sort of family drama with psychological elements, evolving to a gay for you romance, and then you get the military part that boiled your blood. and if that's not enough a deep insight on Jewis [...]

  8. For a book converted from Hebrew and then edited in English I think it's a great read. Good strong writing, plot and MC's. Translating a book and then putting it together in another language is no easy feat. Great job all round.It's also interesting to see a M/M story set in Israel and how the different culture works.

  9. I read the first chapter, and I was hooked. I stayed up all night reading. I just couldn’t put it down! This is one of those rare books that you wouldn’t change a single thing, even if you could. Dan and Tome are wonderfully drawn characters. I will say some scenes hit me pretty emotionally just cause I related to them on a personal level so at times I had a tough time getting through them without tearing up. I highly recommend this book its honestly an incredible read.

  10. If I were to award my best debut book this year, Chariots on the Highway is definitely part of my top three on my list of nominees. Initially, I dismissed this as a gay-for-you romance upon reading its blurb but lo and behold, I was totally blown away by its sheer genius – realistic lines, vibrant and relatable characters and the whole setting was utter perfection! I could not believe at first that I did not pick this up because of my preconceived ideas about it. Boy was I wrong!From the very [...]

  11. I will start with a short overview of my thoughts on this oneI loved it. Great characters, good plot, good dynamics with the couple and the secondary characters, a believable background stories that surround the dramatic plot, and the fact the story takes place in Israel with Israeli MCs. Perfection!.Now, more detailed. This one really hit a lot of the buttons for me. This two very different, beautiful, contrasted MCs, who come to the relationship with no intentions of finding love (one is gay w [...]

  12. I liked this book a lot.Israel is such an interesting country and the military part was great.The characters were amazing (I loved Flora!).I needed to google A LOT of things (what I very much like) and I learnt even more.E.g. now I am very familiar with the Israeli highway system. I also learnt that 1 ILS is 0,23 € and that I have no idea how to pronounce any of the city names! The military aspect of the book was something exciting. Like in the USA, the military is an important part of Israel [...]

  13. that was a captivating heart melting story between two men. each unique and beautiful in his own special way. Together they from a bond that transform gradually to love.Dan is a reach gorgeous businessman who just got divorced and looking for something to distract him from his own demons, he finds that volunteering can help him and adopts Tom, a foreign lone soldier.The friendship between them grow slowly, and Dan realizes that he needs Tom as much as Tom needs him, he realizes that what he feel [...]

  14. So when I first started it I was a little apprehensive because even as a dedicated and obsessive reader I never had the attraction towards homosexual affairsBut I was told it was mild and will not shock me. Only it did! it has shocked me in the most beautiful way! I couldn't put the book down, I was in love with the charachters, I felt their fear and pain and hope in such a strong way. I am not ashamed to say I was even hot and bothered by their sexual encounters!!! The book is well written and [...]

  15. greate story!!after so many books I read, this one shook my world and thats not going without saying!love this one!!

  16. סיפורו של דן גרין, שבגיל 34 לאחר גירושים מהירים מוצא את עצמו מדוכא וחסר מטרה בחיים. דן העשיר, מנהל את החברה שהקים לסחר בציוד רפואי, אבל חסרה לו מטרה בחיים.אשתו השניה של אביו שנפטר, מציעה לו להתנדב. אבל מאחר ודן לא מעוניין בהתנדבות בקבוצות, וכסף זו לא התנדבות, הוא בוחר לאמץ חייל בו [...]

  17. What an emotional ride! I have never read a M M story before and had no idea what to expect, but I didn't expect to fall in love with both guys! This is a story that reaches in and grabs your heart. Both characters are so fully fleshed out I found I began thinking of them as my friends. Tom and Dan are strong men for different reasons. They enhance each other and make a perfect unit. I loved the friendship that began and then grew. I loved watching Dan discover himself, and I was enraptured with [...]

  18. What a truly amazing and beautiful story. It grabbed me from the first page and would not let go. I laughed, I cried and Iwell, you know.I was totally hooked and felt like a passenger in the journey Dan is going through to find the happiness he deserved. Yes, it was emotionally draining, but it's more than worth it.This was different from what I was expecting. Actually, it's my first M/M and to be honest I wasn’t sure it's for me. It's definitely different from my regular boy meets girl, boy * [...]

  19. What a fantastic book. Wasn't too sure when I started to read this book, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Beautifully written and I fell in love with Tom & Dan. Could not put this one down. Will definitely be one I will re-read. Do yourself a favour and start reading!! ❤️

  20. I read Dan and Tom's touching story with breath taking passion,they told a human, emotional, stirring and magnetizing story.I can't remember ever reading a book which got my attention at the very first page.The talented author built detailed characters so they had a very tangible life in my imagination, and I immediately fell in love with them.I really liked the idea of putting well known songs names in the story,which enabled me to connect to the scene and hum along with the 'music'.I felt as i [...]

  21. I read a lot of books and I have the habit of getting caught up in them to the point of sleep deprivation. This book was even worse for my sleep pattern! I literally finished it in 24 hours. I couldn't put it down. Step into the lives of an Israeli Lone Soldier and his friend. The dedication that was put into these characters will make you swear you knew them personally. The detail into the setting and sequence creates a world around you as you dive deeper into the lives of normal people going t [...]


  23. ספר מדהים, פוקח עיניים, כזה שנתן לי הצצה לעולם חדש לגמרי ובהחלט ממכר.אחרי ששפכתי את ליבי מול לימור בהודעה פרטית, אני אצמצם פה במילים ואומר שזה בהחלט אחד הספרים הנפלאים שקראתי מצד סופרות ישראליות חדשות ואני ממליצה עליו בחום.הספר הזה יזמן לכם/ן חוויה שונה, מרעננת, כזאת שתגרום לכ [...]

  24. Solid 5 Stars!!I love novels that are complete in a sense that they will make me cry, laugh, feel sad, feel happy, break my heart and then make me feel hopeful again. That's what this one did for me!What shocked me the most though, was the way the MCs' attraction and relationship developed. In a way that felt nothing but natural.Up until today, for some reason, I'd never intended to read a book a second time, perhaps because I always thought it wouldn't be special what with the lack of the eleme [...]

  25. When I started reading this book I was nervous about the gay romance, having never read M/M before. I was pleasantly surprised! Before I knew it I was captivated by Dan and Tom's relationship. Tom complimented Dan's personality perfectly. The optimist to the pessimist. The sex scenes were more about the emotion for me than the sex which I appreciated.The author's descriptions are what really hooked me. This one is my favourite and gives you an indication of what I am talking about. "Mike always [...]

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