Evil I am evil I am real I am everywhere and I am virtually impossible to detect Learn who I am what I am and most of all what it is that I do that is so evil Reading this may be your only chance to avoid

  • Title: Evil
  • Author: H.G. Tudor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I am evil I am real I am everywhere and I am virtually impossible to detect Learn who I am, what I am and most of all what it is that I do that is so evil Reading this may be your only chance to avoid being a victim.

    One thought on “Evil”

    1. I found this book through the author's youtube. I've really found his videos helpful in coming to terms with the true significance and depth of living with a narcissist's manipulation and lies. H.G. Tudor plays the villain's part and lends Empaths a voice of reason in the Narcissist's fabricated playground that they make out of your mind. It is not your responsibility to fix them. H.G. Tudor breaks down large and even very subtle manipulation tactics employed by the narcissist. Even the ones tha [...]

    2. Best book i have read on subject.Gave a 5 star. He pegged this person. I have lived through most of the things he said. If you meet this person run. Your life will be changed forever if you don't. I have lost all money, self-esteem, and love of life. 14 years of my life down the drain. I feel like a nobody. I have tried to leave so many times and he always find way to call me back. Fact is I love him and I don't understand why. H g Tudor has helped me see myself and help me. Hope I can now have [...]

    3. Have you ever heard the motto "The devil's greatest achievement has been to convince people he does not exist"? This is the very talent of narcissists - they count on you not to know they exist, so they are able to abuse endless victms.EVIL is the definition of whatever interaction you had with a narcissist. No good can come of it. H.G. Tudor is a very skilled communicator and, as advertised, he DOES know the best way to explain the mind/behaviour of a narcissist. Stay safe, educate yourself and [...]

    4. Scary but important to readI grew up thinking evil was rare and good people just needed to stay away from bad, scary places with violent people. But after meeting people that will do everything possible to get what they want, I realized they look and act like really god people until they got what they needed from you and then start destroying you. I have seen them for their true self after I was being taken downcluding at work, not for profit organizations and churches. This book helps you get i [...]

    5. Chilling.This freezes my blood, as a young adult still trapped with my mother whom I'm just discovering is a narcissist. So much of this is what she does and has done to me. Great (if sobering) read.

    6. Scorching A frank unapologetic account of what a narcissist thinks, wants and how to identify them before the wreak havoc. It's tempting to call this book generous but I'm not sure Mr Tudor would agree.

    7. Kind of an odd writing style, a lot of it is in list format, and the explanation for the reason the book was written is just weird. However, It is a very scary, direct, in-your-face, look inside a narcissist's mind. If you've ever dealt with a narcissist, you will most likely recognize some of the narcissistic behaviors and comments listed in the book. It provides a good start in helping to recognize a true narcissist.

    8. Out of the narcissist's mouthIt was a great read. He talks about 50 things him and his kind say in order to lure victims in. You need to print this and save for future reference. What better advice than to get it from the narcissist himself. Author loses a star for the weird format (the entire book is in list form) and typos.

    9. Read this book first, before you read 2 of his other books, "sitting target" and "smeared."That's "Diseased Hearts 101" for you.Read "Safe People" by authors Cloud and Townsend after that, to recover from the toxicity of these 3 books.

    10. Nailed itThought he was writing this book about my ex. Very well written, every word was true of the narcisist in my life

    11. EnlighteningMinus a few small typos here and there, this book is pretty spot-on. The daily mantra toward the end is well worth the read.

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