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  1. I began this after a conversation with friends about the Catholic Church in Africa. I expected the entire thing to be biography, but the last 2/3 or so was Cardinal Sarah answering questions about the global Church today, evangelization, and connecting with God. As a result it was informative and inspirational in equal measures. Cardinal Sarah frequently quoted Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis which made for an interesting juxtaposition of papal styles, all with the same me [...]

  2. One of the most profound reflections on the state of the Church I have read in decades. More than that, Cardinal Sarah exhibits the spiritual vision of man of deep prayer and scholarship. The sections on contemplation are alone worth the book. In interview format, the book covers his childhood in the African nation of Guinea, his conflicts as archbishop with the dictator, and his eventual appointment to Rome. Cardinal Sarah shows himself to be one of the most literate, incisive, balanced, and Go [...]

  3. Absolutely spectacular read. Beginning with an account of his own upbringing in Africa, Cardinal Sarah touches on all aspects of the Church's life. He speaks with wisdom, consideration of the poor, and the strength and heroism of a man of God. His life is not about a particular ideology, but only the proclamation of the Gospel. Africa is not mission territory. Africa is the missionaries. Let us hope they can have effect soon.

  4. (Crítica de la 2ª edición en castellano, editorial Palabra, 2015)El cardenal Gantin decía que "Dios no me pide éxitos, sino amor. El verdadero amor no pasa primero por la palabra, sino por el corazón. Lo demás es secundario y efímero. Sólo Dios es esencial y eterno. Y el amor nos permite parecernos un poco a Él". Esta cita, presente en el libro, condensa de manera admirable su idea central, el pulso que se mantiene constante a lo largo de la entrevista al abordar las diferentes temáti [...]

  5. A very good read, especially if you are a passionate Catholic and know a fair bit about the ins and outs of Catholic doctrine and theology. The story of Robert Cardinal Sarah's life is amazing, but the emphasis on doctrine can make this book somewhat of a slow read at times.

  6. Every Catholic needs to read this book. If you want to understand matters of faith, Church teaching, the beauty of Church Encyclicals, Catholicism in the news, how to live your life - this book has it all.The interview style takes a chapter or two to get used to. Cardinal Robert Sarah is a very holy man, with a story you want to hear and a faith you want to share in.

  7. A series of questions and answers. The Cardinal is an impressive guy. He does not hold the "West" in high regard. Faith in Africa is much different- more real. The title is appropriate.

  8. Claridad absoluta de planteamientos, aunque vayan contra las opiniones generales de la sociedad, incluso de muchos de los creyentes católicos. Interesantísimo.

  9. I was pleasantly surprised by what I read in this book. I had only heard about Cardinal Robert Sarah. Not only did I come to know about his life, but it was put together in such a way that I believe it is helpful for spiritual growth. There's a great deal of info about the various popes and their work to protect the teachings of the Church and the care they have for God's people. Also, many of the saints are quoted which clarifies Church teaching. This was a selection for our spiritual book club [...]

  10. I know theology isn't everybody's thing and there's plenty of hot-button topics in here. But there's one very simple reason you should read this wide-ranging interview with Robert Cardinal Sarah, who grew up in a colonial Guinean village and today is close to the top of one of the world's oldest and largest organizations.This man could very much one day be the first modern Pope from Africa.Now that's what I call meritocracy.

  11. Make this man Pope! Ha ha.The book was very good, especially on the topic of personal prayer, where it was inspiring to me. Yet it was also full of good content about the theological and philosophical outlook of the modern world, and of the Church itself.I finished it feeling that I should read it again soon in order to absorb all the good content better, so I think that's worthy of a rare four-star rating.

  12. Excellent glimpse into a very holy prelate of the Catholic Church. Amazing life story from a tribal youth to priest to bishop and now Cardinal, which I personally hope will ascend even higher. Timely as he presents the challenges the church is confronting today and frequently makes the point that we (the church) have been here before. The theological virtues are the key ingredients for both the clergy and the laity to overcome the materialism of our culture aka modernism.

  13. Very thought-provoking, inspirational, and moving book. So many passages to underline and meditate on. Only criticism is that the interview format seemed to be a bit disjointed and repetitiveI felt like it could have been organized more succinctly. But still, would highly recommend for the exceptional content.

  14. A Breath of Fresh Air.I decided to read this book because of Cardinal Sarah’s immaculate reputation, especially when it comes to liturgical reform. In addition to that, I was desperately looking for signs of hope from our hierarchy in the Church.This book was a breath of fresh air. It renewed my hope in the hierarchy, that there are some who DO get it, who do understand the challenges and crisis of the church today.In addition to Cardinal Sarah’s refreshing analysis of the spiritual state of [...]

  15. In the present day of 2017, it's extremely powerful to read an interview from Cardinal Sarah."God or nothing" is the last thing that people want to hear."God or nothing" is exactly the kick in the *** that I need in developing as a believer and follower.This book reminds me of the "Jesus is either a lunatic or Lord" type of thought process. We don't like to hear and learn about the extremes, the cold hard truth, the type of stuff that makes us cringe and wonder if believing in God really does re [...]

  16. Maravilloso libro para conocer en profundidad los orígenes y el pensamiento del Cardenal Sarah, con una vida muy rica.Pero es que además el repaso de Magisterio que aporta el libro es muy considerable.Lo mejor, el amor a la Iglesia y al Papa que demuestra el cardenal, y en concreto la defensa del magisterio del Papa Francisco, en línea con sus antecesores, pero con un estilo diferente y muy necesario en la Iglesia ahora mismo.

  17. Cardinal Sarah is a very profound thinker. He speaks the truth forthrightly, yet with compassion for those who are straying. One of the best things about the book is how he uses the inherited wisdom of the Church to explain the worst problems afflicting the West and the Catholic Church. Especially beneficial was how he brought out the best teachings of our last three popes: St. John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis.

  18. Reading about Cardinal Sarah's early life was fascinating. Lots of interesting and funny stories from growing up in a rural village in Guinea to the time he became the youngest Bishop at age 34. However the second half of the book has got a little intellectual for me, with lots of discussion of doctrines etc.

  19. Cardinal Sarah is an extraordinary man. He had an amazing life journey from a small village in Guinea to the Vatican, with a communist dictator trying to kill him along the way. He is very insightful and direct when addressing the joys of the Gospel and the problems in the world and in the Church. He addresses modern problems without forsaking the Apostolic tradition.

  20. Great telling of a poor African from the bush in Guinea who became a Cardinal. This book is full of truths that many would rather not hear. The west evangelized Africa. Now we need Africa to return the favor.

  21. Cardinal Sarah's humility and love radiate from the page. Truly a living saint, offering a calm yet piercing voice the Church—and world—needs in these turbulent times. Can't wait to check out his next book!

  22. Espectacular!!!Un santo de nuestro tiempo, una vida narrada con la sencillez con la que ha vivido. Un libro que deja el corazón lleno de amor de Dios y esperanza en El.

  23. How I admire Cardinal Sarah for saying the things that need to be said. This book informed and challenged me as a believer.

  24. Wonderful. Cardinal Sarah brings the perspective of someone who was raised in the crucible of suffering faith and emerged with unshakable confidence in God and the Church. His stories from childhood are touching and his reflections are alternately deep and shatteringly direct in confronting the errors of our day. Very timely and truly a clear voice in the midst of ambiguity in our culture.

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