Казка про котика та півника

Alfred A Knopf

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  • Title: Казка про котика та півника
  • Author: Ivan Malkovych Кость Лавро
  • ISBN: 9789667047726
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • , Alfred A Knopf , 1995 , .

    One thought on “Казка про котика та півника”

    1. Well this book brought mixed opinions from my daughter and I. I thought this was a cute little folktale. I don't know that there is any point to it other then listening to what you are told to do and doing it. The artwork in the book was fun.I really liked the illustrations. My 5 year old did not feel the same about this book. When I gave her a group of books to pick from, this one came up last every time and when I asked her if she liked it she said not very much. Though she really doesn't seem [...]

    2. I liked the loyalty the two friends show to each other. While reading the book, I was not sure how the story was going to go. I liked that the story had a happy ending. The rooster learned his lesson to listen to his friend.

    3. This book is Ukrainian folktale about a cat and his friends. I thought the story was a bit confusing but the illustrations were huge and lovely. I wouldn't read this book to young children because I don't think they would comprehend it.

    4. This is really quite a fun book. Cat really looks out for rooster, knowing that he is vulnerable. I think that rooster didn't really understand why though, but he learnt the hard way and listened to cat after that.

    5. This is a folktale about a cat and a rooster. The cat and the rooster are best friends. The played and sang together and so much more.

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