Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar s Storm An epic stand alone adventure in Erin Hunter s nationally bestselling Warriors series In this never before told story return to ThunderClan after the events of the fourth Warriors series Omen of t

  • Title: Bramblestar's Storm
  • Author: Erin Hunter Dan Jolley James L. Barry
  • ISBN: 9780062291455
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • An epic stand alone adventure in Erin Hunter s 1 nationally bestselling Warriors series In this never before told story, return to ThunderClan after the events of the fourth Warriors series, Omen of the Stars.The Dark Forest has been defeated, and Bramblestar is now leader of ThunderClan But the warrior cats must learn to weather a new kind of storm or all four Clans wiAn epic stand alone adventure in Erin Hunter s 1 nationally bestselling Warriors series In this never before told story, return to ThunderClan after the events of the fourth Warriors series, Omen of the Stars.The Dark Forest has been defeated, and Bramblestar is now leader of ThunderClan But the warrior cats must learn to weather a new kind of storm or all four Clans will be swept away.Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and thrilling fantasy world of the mega bestselling Warriors series This stand alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.Bramblestar s Storm also includes an exclusive ten page Warriors manga adventure and a sneak peek at Warriors A Vision of Shadows 1 The Apprentice s Quest

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    1. Geez, where do I start?Firstly,Octavia's review says everything that I wanted to. Go check that out, because it's a good review./review/show?I agree with other reviewers who mentioned the errors. Listen up, people! Mistystar and Stonefur are BLUESTAR'S kits. Graystripe was their friend, and they mentored Graystripe's kits, Feathertail and Stormfur.Also, Cherryfall is MOLEwhisker's sister, not Mousewhisker's.If an author can't even keep their own characters straight, there's a problem. I know tha [...]

    2. The day I heard about this book I was literally jumping up and down I am a huuuuuge fan of warriors read all the books and each series 4 times. So excited to see what erin hunter has in plan

    3. Lots to say about this one; spoilers below. I needed a follow-up to The Last Hope and was grateful for this book, but felt like it lacked plot, and the little plot it did have seemed insignificant.I caught quite a few errors. Like, bad ones. In the beginning they say something about Cherryfall being Mousewhisker's sister, which he is not. Cherryfall is Molewhisker's sisters. In the end Graystripe gives this big, touching speech when he moves to the elders den and then ruins it by saying that Mis [...]

    4. Growing up, Warriors was one of my absolute favorite series. I was really looking forward to reading what happened after the Great Battle. The plot of Bramblestar's storm was alright; having a natural disaster be the main plot driver instead of mindless cat battles. However, there were errors throughout the book that bothered me to no end, and as a professionally written book I found absolutely unacceptable. The major one being Graystripes final speech, where he claims he can hardly believe that [...]

    5. When The Last Hope concluded I was beyond upset. I am in college, and have been reading this since I was in 3rd grade, so for Firestar and his friends to just END was too much to take in when I read those last words. I knew that it was continuing and would even if there were no more books about Thunderclan, but it was still hard.Bramblestar's Storm is a worthy successor to give a sense of "completion" to die hard fans. While TLH had a very good conclusion, I still missed the characters and wante [...]

    6. With Bramblestar’s Storm, it was a good and quick read, but it was, at the same time, very difficult. After the events of The Last Hope, (which I will say nothing), and all the pain that was left with the ending of it, Bramblestar’s Storm is a relief because we get to see how the Thunderclan has moved on and changed. Bramblestar is constantly challenging himself, struggling to be more like Firestar than himself, and this leads to conflict with not only the other Clans, but his own Clan as we [...]

    7. Omg I am totally freaking out! I have read every book In the warrior series 5 times and must read this!!!!!!

    8. 1/4/14: For some reason, I thought this was just a novella, but I'm very pleased to learn from that this is a full-length super edition; I was a bit upset when Dawn of the Clans came out, just because we never got to see Thunderclan move forward without Firestar, but I guess now's our chance. :)Review:Pretty good, but I didn't thinkquite enough happened in this book. Most of the book is just about waiting for flood water to go down, while the Clans remain pretty isolated from each other due to [...]

    9. "Bramblestar's Storm" is a warriors book by Erin Hunter that takes place after the dark forest attacks. The clans are coping with there new situation, and all of the deaths that happened because of the attack. One of those deaths was Firestar. His deputy, Brambleclaw, a dark brownish cat, is now leader of Thunderclan. As Bramblestar gets used to his duties as leader, many events occur that make him question his power. For example, Raggedstar needed help with badgers. Brmablestar didn't know whet [...]

    10. Warrior Cats was a great journey of my mid-teen years; one of the few series that made a deep and lasting impression on me. I read the Original and the New Prophecy arcs, and said I would not read anything after Sunset, but I've changed that decision when I found out about the upcoming Bramblestar's Storm. Brambleclaw was my favourite character from the series, so this seemed a great opportunity to revisit the Clans.The action takes place about half a year after the Great Battle with the Dark Fo [...]

    11. This is one of the most disappointing books I've ever read. After The Last Hope, I followed it up by reading The Sun Trail, and then Thunder Rising, and my all-time favorite Warriors book, Tallstar's Revenge, which was very well written and a very compelling read. After it, I had high hopes for Bramblestar's Storm, which I was excited over because I wanted to see the changes in the Clan after the Great Battle, only to be severely let down.The nonexistent plot revolves around Bramblestar, who has [...]

    12. I was really excited to read Bramblestar's Storm because I wanted to figure out what happened after the dramatic ending of the book's predecessor The Last Hope. My expectations were somewhat satisfied as I found the book to be rather exceptional. The plot was neat, although long, and was packed with a remarkable story on how our main character Bramblestar struggles to strive as the new leader of the battle-torn Thunder Clan. Along the way, Bramblestar undergoes a serious amount of character deve [...]

    13. One of the over thirty novels in the Warrior Cats series, Bramblestar's Storm still manages to stand-alone and requires no previous reading. Although a reader new to the series might be a bit confused at first, everything will be explained enough for a new reader.The book is not without it's faults, Erin Hunter (really several authors working as one) is notorious for forgetting their own characters and plots. Although no cats were raised from the dead this time, there were a few mistakes which m [...]

    14. Oh, how I cried like a baby! When Firestar appeared in the beginning. When Dustpelt and Brackenfur talked of Sorreltail and Ferncloud. Blackstar's death. When we lost Dustpelt and he reunited with his love. Greystripe and Sandstorm going to the elder's den. I feel like I've grown with these cats and they are all leaving so the new generations can take over. I'm crying now. lol! Then, the Manga at the end. How I cried with joy. Ugh! What a great book! I was so sure that Bramblestar would end up w [...]

    15. This book makes me wish there was a 4.5 rating in . Some people might ask,"Why not just rate it five stars?" Well, this book is a great read for all readers not just Warriors fan like me. The novel has great character development despite the MANY, MANY characters you have to know. The reason for this is because the whole story is told through one perspective, which is the main character. Our main Character, Bramblestar is a newly appointed leader, so he has many connections with his clan and the [...]

    16. This book was ridiculous. It has barely any plot and needs severe editing to cut out the long, boring scenes. So many of the cats are out-of-character--why doesn't Bramblestar know how to lead a Clan? Since when is Thornclaw aggressive and lacking in sympathy? Not to mention the Graystripe kits problem that other reviewers have mentioned. Also, the dialogue doesn't match the tone of earlier books--words like "awesome" and "creepy" did not appear in the original seriesOnly gave it two stars becau [...]

    17. I'm crying. Why do I have so many emotions over Warriors? These cats. That's pretty much it. Now on to real reviewing like stuff. First of all, I did like this book. I didn't really like the kittypets but then, I really never have (not counting Firestar) (and also, Princess is an exception) (and some of the SkyClan cats like Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw and Echosong). They were good characters (view spoiler)[ and I really liked how Frankie started to mirror Firestar in a way. Just how he joined the [...]

    18. Bramblestar’s Storm was made by Erin Hunter. Bramblestar thinks he should be as great as Firestar in order for him to be respected by his clanmates. Bramblestar is Thunderclan’s new leader after the Great Battle against the dark forest, cats who have given into evil, where Firestar lost his last life against his old enemy Tigerstar. Squirrelflight, Bramblestar’s mate, is annoyed with Bramblestar because he saves three kittypets. She is more annoyed later in the book when Bramblestar starts [...]

    19. This and other reviews can be found on my blog: spacebetweenthespines/I’ll be the first to say that this review will probably be pretty biased. Warriors has been a love of mine since I first picked up Into the Wild, and unless there is something glaringly wrong with the stories – or if something happened that really rubbed me the wrong way – Warriors is always a five star read for me. But I’ll try to be as fair as possible. One of the biggest complains with readers of Warriors is the rep [...]

    20. *Actual rating: 3.5 stars**Sigh*I really wanted to enjoy this book, more than I did. I was expecting so much, like a conclusion to the current Clans. But no. I'm not saying I hated the book,I still enjoyed it (I mean I gave it 3.5 stars), but it was just disappointing. They did a lot of things right, but compared to how Dawn of the Clans has been, it's really a let down.Now, for the story there really wasn't one. The description made it seem like there was going to be build-up to the storm, it e [...]

    21. So, I've noted that there's kind of a pattern with the Warriors super editions. For every one that's amazing, there's one that'st. Firestar's Quest was okay, Bluestar's Prophecy was incredible (the best book in the series imo), SkyClan's Destiny was really "eh", Crookedstar's Promise was great, Yellowfang's Secret was a mess, and Tallstar's Revenge was pretty good (though the fandom enjoyed it more than I did). Before Bramblestar's Storm was released, I sincerely hoped it would break this patter [...]

    22. Oh. My. StarClan. I almost never cry in books, (I think I've cried it.2. Were the Red Fern Grows, and Dewey the Library Cat.) I never shed a tear in The Last Hope. I didn't cry in this one. But I came close. There were questions answered and questions left unanswered. Will Dovewing and Lionblaze be okay? How will Rowanstar's leadership affect ShadowClan? Will Millie become a elder soon? Let's follow me as I go through the book's most affecting parts for me: Allegiances You killed Icecloud and Ha [...]

    23. Like the rest of the Warriors series, this was a great story. But I'm only giving it four stars.Because, like the rest of the series, there are a number of discrepancies throughout as far as the characters go. Except, unlike the rest of the series, these are MAJOR. For example, in previous books, after an apprentice earns their warrior name, a section of text will refer to them as their apprentice name. In the rest of the series, these mistakes are minor.However, in this book, I found a number o [...]

    24. I wanted to read Bramblestar’s Storm because in the past, I have read the Warriors series and have read interesting events while doing so.The thing that had most impressed me is the author’s craft. One of his craft’s was his diction, or choice of words. This is because in every part of the text, the author used language that a cat would most likely use. For example, instead of saying feet or steps, she said paw or pawsteps. Another example is when she used figurative language, on page 109, [...]

    25. It has been several years since I have picked up a Warriors book. It has been several years since I purchased a Warriors book. It has been several years in which I missed the lives of Jayfeather and Firestar and Cinderheart and the other cats of the forest. This book was bittersweet and much needed to get me back into the world I entered back in 6th grade. I saw the original five apprentices shrink to two from the first books. I saw my favorite cats struggle through all too real situations. I sa [...]

    26. "Bramblestar led the way down the slope to a point on the cliff where they could get a good view of the whole camp. His heart lurched when he looked over the edge. All that was left of the ThunderClan camp was a pool of gray water that stretched halfway up the cliff. There was no sign of the clearing, or the dens, or even the Highledge. 'Our home is gone!' 'Great StarClan!' Cloudtail whispered beside him.' What are we going to do now?'" When I first saw this book I thought that this book would b [...]

    27. This book was. Ok.I wouldn't say I hated it, because it had it's good moments. For example, I never really liked Bramblestar, but this book changed my view on him. I liked the fact that there wasn't all this power drama like in TLH and I liked the tension between Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. I also really liked the whole Jessy idea and I was disappointed when it ended just like that. However on saying that, the Middle part of this book drags on for a very, very long time. The plot becomes non [...]

    28. When I finished the Last Hope, I was so heartbroken and upset. There were many cats from the original series of even the recent series I grown to that were killed. I was most upset at the fact these characters would never be seen in another book possibly.I was beyond excited to read this book. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. All the characters I knew and love, being a hardcore Warriors fan were back and I couldn't be more happier. Recently in the books they bring out, I've noticed there [...]

    29. I stopped reading the main series after the newest arc started, mainly because I just really missed Present Day Thunderclan. I was also really curious to read what happened after the Great Battle, because those plots took up every book since Rusty became Firepaw, and I wanted to know what kind of new plot the Erins could come up with that's just as intense. The flood was quite unexpected but it was a nice change, and it was really interesting how it affected all the clans. It didn't take me long [...]

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