Crowned Harley Laine is Louisville s hottest rising reporter and she knows that setting herself up at the top requires dressing for success From all appearances she has it all a perfect job great car beau

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  • Title: Crowned
  • Author: Christina Coryell
  • ISBN: 9780692498309
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harley Laine is Louisville s hottest rising reporter, and she knows that setting herself up at the top requires dressing for success From all appearances, she has it all a perfect job, great car, beautiful house, and designer clothes A high powered, successful man in her life might help her take things to the next level.Ryan Temple is definitely not that man EverythingHarley Laine is Louisville s hottest rising reporter, and she knows that setting herself up at the top requires dressing for success From all appearances, she has it all a perfect job, great car, beautiful house, and designer clothes A high powered, successful man in her life might help her take things to the next level.Ryan Temple is definitely not that man Everything about him is absolutely wrong, from the way he dresses and his methods of employment to his living situation and his spiritual body art He s not even the kind of guy who would normally turn Harley s head but she can t seem to get him off her mind.When a gruff old biker and a teenage girl threaten to derail her planned rise to the top, will a quest for fame still be what her heart desires

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    1. Coryell is one of my new go-to contemporary authors. Although she writes light, amusing dialogue and situations, deeper threads run through the Girls of Wonder Lane series that leave me reflecting on my own life.I was intrigued by Harley Laine, reporter, in the last novel (Simply Mad), and Crowned shares her story in such a poignant way. She's a little like a modern-day Scarlett O'hara, chasing after the wrong things, focusing on outward appearanceuntil God shows her what's really important. I l [...]

    2. Christina is such a gifted storyteller.Every facet of her Camdyn an Wonder Lane books ooze with flawless prose and depth of character. The laughter and tears just keep coming. Each storyline is simply reflective and captivating.

    3. Christina Coryell is rapidly becoming one of my favorite new authors. This lady knows how to write humor! I was first introduced to her characters with book one in this series, Simply Mad. After laughing my way through her first book, I was pretty sure she couldn’t write another book just as funny. I was wrong. Crowned kept me up laughing way past my bedtime. I think one of the hardest things to write is humor. I know this because I can’t write a funny scene to save my life. I have tired, hu [...]

    4. This was such an amazing story! I have been following the works of Christina Coryell since the start of this Camdyn Series. It's great to see old friends pop up in each subsequent book. I had been dying to hear more about Harley since her first appearance, it felt like there was so much more to her story. I don't want to leave spoilers, but I will say this's a must read. On the surface, it may seem that this is just a feel good story - when you dive more deeply into it, you realize that this is [...]

    5. Harley Laine is a small town girl trying to make it big in the world as a journalist. She dresses for the job she wants and puts on a front of having a perfect life and having it together. Even the people closest to her, don't know her secret. Ryan is a man that doesn't fit into Harley's perfect world but ends up turning her world completely upside down. Harley learns a lot about her self and the person that she wants to be. Together, Harley and Ryan are perfect together. They will take their wo [...]

    6. Well, Christina Coryell has written yet another good book! When I read her very first book, book one in the Camdyn series, I was astounded by her talent and knew this was an author I wanted to watch. Since then, I have read every book she's written, this one making 6, and have enjoyed them all.I have to admit, the Camdyn series is my favorite of all! Simply just perfect. This one is book two in the Girls of Wonder Lane series and features Harley Laine, whose real name will remain a surprise. Har [...]

    7. Wow!!!I just finished Crowned by Christina Coryell​ and I must say that she is a zany, wonderful story teller that brings her characters to life.Harley is the quirky reporter from Channel 6 in Louisville that wants to be noticed and enter Ryan, the hunky stranger that notices her but has a different philosophy." He's not changing the world.he's just not allowing the world to change him."You will love the adventure of these two and their romance.All the characters in the story adds a richness t [...]

    8. I know when I start a story by this author that I am in for a treat and this one was no exception. The main character is Harley, a wonderfully quirky television reporter who is trying to discover her importance and how she can make a difference, and I was pulled into her story from the first pages and thoroughly enjoyed following her journey. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review, and this is another one from this author that I can definitely recommend to anyone who enjo [...]

    9. This is a totally fantastic story. Well developed characters and plot. Using the vehicle of a young woman who wanted to be important, we learn what really matters about ourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The ups and downs were so well written, I felt as though I, personally, was experiencing what Harley was experiencing. From this story, I realize I need to examine my motives and whether or not I have allowed the world to change me. Thank you, Christina, for another superbly executed bo [...]

    10. Love how the characters evolve, and intertwine with characters we had come to love.The author has a great way of drawing you into the lives of these brilliant characters. I really felt like I was observing them. And connecting with how they think and feel. I also appreciated that I had more about characters I had already fallen in love with coming in the next book I read because they are all connected. Can't say enough about how great her books are.

    11. I enjoyed the journey Christina takes us on as Harley must re-evaluate her priorities in her life and answer the question “Who am I?” and does she like what she sees. I was so glad I opened this book up this week (1/24/16) as I had been thumbing through books and not finding much to hold me in the story. I could not put this one down. “Two Thumbs WAY Up!”

    12. What an awesome book! I love the characters! Christina was already my favorite author but this book is so outstanding! I love the journey Harley took in this book. I love the way Christina writes - it makes me feel like I am taking the journey with Harley. I can't wait to read more books by Christina! I was given a copy of the book to read and to write an honest review.

    13. Well I started these in the wrong order and did not like the beginning. once I went back and read the first one first I was dying to read the next. since I had already read the beginning that I didn't like I didn't re-read it. it went really smooth a after that. I love these books!

    14. Another fantastic story in the Girls of Wonder Lane series. I love how the author makes clever tie-ins with the other books! The characters are so well developed and I love how they all have a back story.

    15. WonderfulI loved this book. She is a wonderful author. I can't wait to dig into more books that she had written!

    16. Harley and Ryan's story is truly amazing. Watching their relationship change is beautiful. You can feel God working through out this book. You won't be able to stop reading this book.

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