Out of Time

Out of Time Annie Lockwood exists everyone admits it Everyone has seen her But only Strat insists that Miss Lockwood traveled one hundred years back in time to be with them in Now Strat is paying an enormous

  • Title: Out of Time
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780385729512
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Annie Lockwood exists everyone admits it Everyone has seen her But only Strat insists that Miss Lockwood traveled one hundred years back in time to be with them in 1895 Now Strat is paying an enormous price His father has declared him insane and had him locked away in an asylum When Time calls Annie back to save Strat, she does not hesitate, even though her family isAnnie Lockwood exists everyone admits it Everyone has seen her But only Strat insists that Miss Lockwood traveled one hundred years back in time to be with them in 1895 Now Strat is paying an enormous price His father has declared him insane and had him locked away in an asylum When Time calls Annie back to save Strat, she does not hesitate, even though her family is falling apart and desperately needs her Can Annie save the boy she loves, or will her choice keep her a trespasser out of time From the Paperback edition.

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    1. Oh dear. This represents a serious drop in quality from its predecessor. Cooney allows the melodrama to totally take over: there are Victorian mental hospitals! And teenage girls struck down by tuberculosis! And dastardly dudes plotting dastardly deeds! With the rapid intercutting between various characters, all of whom are separated from each other for one reason or another, it even reads like a soap opera: short scene-short scene-dramatic sting! Commercial/chapter break.I’m also annoyed that [...]

    2. Ah yes, this is the book I remembered best, with the insane asylum and the sanatorium. Like the first in the series, a nice, fast, engrossing little YA historical/romance. Just the mindless, sweet fun I needed after this brutal week of reading about contracts law. Last book, Strat and Annie’s romance was awfully brief, like Disney-brief, but I’m willing to accept it more than I would usually be, because I like their interaction.I’m a little less sure on why Devonny, Strat’s sister, says [...]

    3. Review originally posted on Tsundokuholic.Pre-Reread ThoughtsI think it’s safe to say that the rest of this post will contain spoilers, so if you’re deeply invested in this 20 year old series and just started reading it you may want to stop here.What I remember about this sequel is that Annie goes back to the 1890’s and finds that Strat has been sent to the loony bin by his father for claiming that Annie was from the future. This is weird because at the end of Both Side of Time all of the [...]

    4. This is the book that broke me. It finally happened. I think I’m sick of YA fiction. I’ve always wondered at what point my brain would just get completely sick of the trash I feed it and refuse to do my bidding. This is it. My brain no longer obeys me and, since I’ve finished this book, it’s not allowed me to pick up any other YA books. I’ve tried! My brain just won’t read YA anymore. I might be done with it, you guys, I’m not sure what my brain is doing.(Or, you know, I just need [...]

    5. In my review of Both Sides of time, it was a report I wrote for my book review project eons ago. The Time Quartet really got me started on 'Cooney books', which my best friend and I spent hours poring over in excitement.The second and third book goes on to tell of their love story that happens on and off, with Annie having to go back to the 1900s often. In the last book, Annie falls back too far in time and ends up in Ancient Egypt and at the same time, time beckons STrat to fall back when Annie [...]

    6. This was a good continuation of the Time series by Caroline B. Cooney. It was suspenseful, but the conflicts were resolved at just the right time. The villains were successful but tripped up by the heroes and heroines at just the right time. I enjoyed the new characters, like Katie and Charlie, and I also thought Cooney continued to do well with the conventions of the time, such as the way asylums were run, the way Californians were thought of by New Yorkers, and the way people with consumption [...]

    7. What a crappy ending! Is there no century where a girl can finally get a break?!I actually picked this book up second-hand because it shares a title with a movie I once saw, starring a very young Christopher Reeve. Needless to say, not the same story.

    8. This book was a quick read. The story was good, but it is not a book I would want to read again. I felt the story was not well written and did not give the reader true insite into the characters.

    9. After re-reading Prisoner of Time, I couldn't stop there - this series has sucked me in again just like it did when I first read it as a kid back in the late '90s. I thought this installment was better than the first one - it skipped all the introductory character bits and got right to the meat of the story. Annie and Strat's romance was also already established so there was very little eye-rolling over their instantaneous "true love." The stakes were also higher in this one, and life was bleake [...]

    10. Out of Time by Caroline B. CooneyThis is the second book of her trilogy, and again I loved it. I read it through in one night!At the end of book one, when Annie leaves Strat’s 1880 world to return to her own a century later, she has no idea that he will be charged with insanity because of openly discussing Annie’s time-traveling ability. Now, when she returns, she is the only one who has even a slim chance of rescuing him from the asylum where he is being confined. One thing I like about bot [...]

    11. Out Of Time, Caroline B. CooneyJessica Mitchell, 113.5 stars. This was my first Young Adult book. To be honest, it left a pretty good impression on me! The reason it didn't get 5 stars, or even 4, was because Cooney's writing style was kind ofI dunno,Boring?I couldn't read for more then an hour and a half without occasionally flicking my eyes over to the TV, or putting the book down for a 'quick break', That turned out to actually last three hours! Also, it was heard to comprehend how Annie actu [...]

    12. I actually read this novel when I was in middle school and adored it. Which led me coming back to find it again recently. I wanted to see if it was as fantastic as I remembered it being. All things said and done, this novel was more interesting than the last one. But there were still plenty of headdesk moments to go around. Annie is really a nit wit but you gotta give her some credit for trying I suppose. Annie decides at the beginning of the book to find a way to travel back in time to check on [...]

    13. Until running across one completely by accident a few weeks ago, I had completely forgotten these books existed. This is surprising since I was completely obsessed with them in middle school. I have always been a history buff so any tale where the heroine gets to travel back in time is right up my alley. I am no longer as smitten as I was back then (though middle school me is glaring over my shoulder demanding a 5 star review) but I still enjoyed this series. This time around, I found myself a l [...]

    14. Well Strat has been crazy obsessed with Annie. I did not like the premise of this book. (view spoiler)[ Strat is an insane asylum, Harriet is dying of consumption in a private resort, Walker is back (bs reasoning), Devonny is off in California being a woman and unable to appear in the rest of the book.(hide spoiler)] I liked the new characters, but none of them developed very much. Katie is also in the asylum, but because she is disfigured. Charlie has so much love to give Harriet if only if onl [...]

    15. I remembered reading this author as a teenager, so when I chanced upon it and another one at a yard sale, I said what the hey. The book was a second in a series but not hard to pick up as most of the background was explained in brief early in the story. The story itself was well written and not bad for a YA book. There were moments I felt true passion but not for the characters. A portion of the story took place in the past before women's rights. The main character was from the modern era and wa [...]

    16. Annie is once again thrust back in time. This time she is there to save Strat (the man she loves) from a man intent on stealing all of Strat's money. Strat has been kidnapped and locked in an asylum. Harriet is in a sanitarium and Devonny is Walker's virtual prisoner. I really do like this series. Annie's story is a tragic love story. She loves Strat but she knows he belongs in his time and she belongs in hers. I find myself hoping that some day they find a way to be together. The first book tou [...]

    17. What ages would I recommend it too? – Fifteen and up. Length? – Two days to read.Characters? – Memorable, several characters.Setting? – Real world, 1980's, and 1898.Written approximately? – 1996.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind? – No.Any issues the author (or a more recent publisher) should cover? No.Short storyline: Annie magically switches time from present to past and has to save an old boyfriend. Notes for the reader: There are many issues. It seems every charac [...]

    18. Another comfort read from childhood. The asylum is depressingly realistic for the time, and Annie Lockwood remains a mostly strong female character who refuses to roll over and obey men's whims. She is a little flighty at times, and her blind love for Strat (whom she still pretty much just met) is a little depressing. But she makes up for it by at least having adventures, even if her character development leaves something to be desired. As far as I can tell, Cooney intended Annie Lockwood to be [...]

    19. Despite some major issues (for one, at the end of the previous book Annie was falling backwards through time, and rather than address it at all, Cooney simply ignores that fact and carries on -- this is particularly glaring if one is reading the omnibus edition (The Time Travelers: Volume One)) I did like this better than Both Sides of Time. Maybe I'm just getting used to the 'cheese-i-ness' of the romance, but I kind of enjoyed this one.

    20. I admit that this review is based off of my teenage love for it. When I read it now, I can't help but laugh. I know it's cheesy and dated. But I still love it. There's romance, adventure, heartbreak, slimy villains (I love Walker. He's so deliciously bad). This is the book that started my mild obsession with time travel romances and the Victorian era. And for that, it'll always hold a special place in my heart. I actually read this before Both Sides of Time because I didn't know better. I think [...]

    21. I really hate realistic endings. Why can't she give her readers what they want after hours of reading and time wasted. I regret reading this book but I do not at the same time. Chemistry was not amazing, but great close to amazing though. But, really, I never felt the need to read the rest of her books after this one. My motivation has dropped quickly after learning that she (the author) will never give you what you want. So don't get your hopes up kids! Real talk here mate, read something happi [...]

    22. I don't think this was one of her best. All the characters were cut out stereotypes of what a 19th century male/female were and what a 20th century male/female were and the settings and clothing were more from a historic description than a fictionalized portrait. Meaning very cut and dry, maybe a little to dry. You would think a story where the main character travels back in time to meet the love of her life would be a little more interesting, but unfortunately that was not the case.

    23. I enjoyed reading this book - it was one of my favorites in Jr. high/high school. What girl wouldn't want to travel back in time and fall in love a perfectly charming gentleman. I don't really remember what happens in the sequels thoughI think they were decent, but since I can't really remember them, they can't be that great.

    24. Annie Lockwood existed. but only Strat thinks she came from another century. Now Strat is locked up in an insane asylum, Devonny is trapped in her house with Walker Wakley, who helped kidnap Strat, and her parents are in California and don't care. Annie must step back through time to save her friends and the man she loves.

    25. The sequal to Both Sides of Time that left me hoping for a 3rd Annie and Stat's story deals with emotions on many different levels. At the beginning of the book, I knew how I wanted it to end. By the middle of the book the character's individuals struggles were so intertwined that it was hard to hope for one and not the other. The end of the book left me wanting more!

    26. Although the story itself was good and a lot better streamlined than the first book, it still felt a little flat to me, though I'm not really sure why. I'll definitely read the other two books in the series, but I don't feel that I have to read them right this moment.

    27. This books is a captivating read. The flow of Cooney's language is entertaining and thrilling. It is definitely a mix between a romance and a suspense book. Unfortunately the relationships between characters are superficial and hard to believe. Other than that I enjoyed rereading it.

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