Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane

Dragon The Tower of Tamerlane After the death of the Tuolon Ambassador Lagua and the failure to bring the non humanoid worlds into the Alliance Sillow and Brok s long partnership is finally at an end Now a reluctant solo agent S

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  • Title: Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane
  • Author: James Austin McCormick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After the death of the Tuolon Ambassador Lagua and the failure to bring the non humanoid worlds into the Alliance, Sillow and Brok s long partnership is finally at an end Now a reluctant solo agent, Sillow is called upon to undertake his first mission, investigate the Tower, a high tech prison complex along with the oligarch who runs it, a mysterious nobleman who calls hiAfter the death of the Tuolon Ambassador Lagua and the failure to bring the non humanoid worlds into the Alliance, Sillow and Brok s long partnership is finally at an end Now a reluctant solo agent, Sillow is called upon to undertake his first mission, investigate the Tower, a high tech prison complex along with the oligarch who runs it, a mysterious nobleman who calls himself Tamerlane.Seeking evidence to prove Tamerlane is responsible for a series of terrorist attacks, Sillow quickly uncovers the sheer scale of his plans, a lethal military strike on all four humanoid home worlds.Caught and imprisoned however, the Sylvan finds himself helpless to warn the Alliance of the coming danger.All the while, something has been evolving, growing stronger inside the Tower, something intangible yet far dangerous than Tamerlane ever could be, a being implacably opposed to all life in the galaxy.And only Sillow has any chance of stopping it.

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    1. Sillow is a member of an elf-like race, the Sylvans. They are serious people who keep themselves to themselves and rarely travel. Sillow, though, is a miscreant who likes to spend his time off-planet. When we first met him, in James McCormick’s Dragon, he was in a gambling den in a sort of intergalactic Las Vegas. He has a taste for liquor (which Sylvans metabolize quickly) and good cigars. But he has a serious side, doing intelligence work for the Alliance, the network of humanoid races that [...]

    2. Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane is very well written and I found the fast paced story to be entertaining and exciting—once I was able to figure out what was happening. This is obviously a continuation from a previous book, and as I hadn’t read the first one, I struggled with the many unfamiliar terms and characters. The biggest problem for me was trying to figure out who was who. It didn't help that each character is continuously referred to by several different names and epithets, so not onl [...]

    3. Okay, what this isn’t. This isn’t heady sci-fi stuffed with the outcome of prolonged trend tracking analysis that gives way to predictions of the future; the novel isn’t overflowing with ideas that make your brain bleed. Just the opposite; it’s lightweight, escapist sci-fi fare, and as such, just sheer fun. It will appeal, moreover, to a hybrid audience who enjoys fantasy as much as sci-fi and can deal with equal measures of each. If you’re a purist, once again, you’ll probably want [...]

    4. I enjoyed almost all of this fast ride through a challenging episode in the life of Sillow and his spaceship Dragon. While you can read this as a standalone, it follows from a previous adventure in which burly Brok was smuggling in order to amass a wedding tribute. Anyone who read that Dragon - Smuggler's Tales will be pleased for him as he prepares for his wedding. Unknown to the friends, there's more than one megalomaniac out in the vastness of space. A large crook who runs a for-profit prison [...]

    5. This time around, SIllow the Sylvan is going it alone. With his Herkulun partner Brok now married and settled on his own planet, SIllow takes on an assignment in a maximum-security prison where the adage is "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." An evil genius has been installed as a new prisoner the warden's request. What nefarious plan are the two hatching?This time, however, when he's not attempting to discover the villain's plan and who's double-crossing who, SIllow finds a new partner, an am [...]

    6. In this novel we follow the impish Sillow on another adventure on his own as plunges headfirst into dangerous waters. What I’ve always enjoyed about this series is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sci fi seems to be going in a very hard direction, where the science gets all of the attention and the fiction seems to be a second thought. Not so here. We get an intergalactic grudge, incredible weapons, and pirates, all provided through the eyes of Sillow, a thief with a heart of gold [...]

    7. Dragon: The Tower Of Tamerlane is a fast past, and often hectic, science fiction adventure story that follows main character 'Sillow', and the titular Dragon ship with whom he is bonded to.The first third or so of the story was rather confusing to a reader new to the series. It was unclear who was doing what in the opening scenes, as characters are referred to by their names, titles, and race, which are difficult to keep track of at the beginning. It becomes clearer half way through the story, l [...]

    8. Sillow the Sylvan is off on another quest for the Alliance, in Dragon, his intelligent galactic cruiser that can interface with him.The fate of the galaxy is in his hands as he pits himself against the warlord Tamerlane, the earthly Great Khan’s descendant who has inherited most of his less endearing traits. With his deft touch, the author James McCormick tells a rolling high adventure story with a dry wit that makes it pure escapism at its best. Crossing with ease the boundaries of sci fi and [...]

    9. James McCormick has proven again that he is a master of pulp science fiction, and with this sweet but short fable it is easy to imagine him churning out the weekly science fiction journals that were a mainstay in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Alas, that era is no longer with us, but had he been of age back then, he would have fit in easily.Sillow of the Dragon Tales is back, but thankfully this time, his usual companion Brok only puts in a cameo appearance, and his partner is now a curvaceous, fear [...]

    10. Kudos to the author of “Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane”, Mr. James McCormick for developing an extremely creative and action packed story that anyone will enjoy reading. His writing skills are excellent and his descriptions of the action and technology in the book make you feel as if you were walking side by side with the characters as the story develops. Creative creatures such as bug-like drones, mechanized jackals and a telepathic space ship (The Dragon) provide an interesting and high-te [...]

    11. I struggled with getting and keeping my bearings in this novella, with many new characters not only introduced quickly, but further confused when called by different names. There were also lots of other unfamiliar terms. I read it through twice, then gave up. Apparently, it is a continuation of an earlier story, and from this ending, I’d guess it was a rich and full story, for which I’ll give it four stars. But for me, this didn’t work too well as a stand-alone. I simply couldn’t get up [...]

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