The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare

The Gift of Caring Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare None

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  • Title: The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare
  • Author: Marcy Cottrell Houle Elizabeth Eckstrom Jennie Chin Hansen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare”

    1. I think it is up there with Atul Gawande's book Being Mortal. I've read a number of books on dementia, aging parents, and alzheimers. The authors presented both a warm and heartfelt personal story along with a doctor's recommendations on pitfalls to avoid and ways to navigate the system.

    2. I got this book for my mom since she's a retired nursing professor and has focused on end of life decision making. Before sending it in the mail, I read it first. Wow, I have to say I learned a lot and also felt a real sadness about our health care system "the perils of modern healthcare." It's not a surprise but just sad and too bad--and frankly killing people who aren't ready to go. Marcy tells the story of her parents and all the fighting she had to do to advocate for them as people as they n [...]

    3. I wish this book would have been around when my parents were caring for my grandparents - now I'm so glad I have it for when I will care for my own parents. Marcy's story is so important. She went through hell so we don't have to. Dr. Eckstrom gives great advice in layman's terms. Everyone should have this as a reference.

    4. I picked this book up based on a friend's recommendation- she thought it might be helpful for Rick's sister who is taking responsibility for their parents. It is both a memoir of Marcy Houle's personal experience supporting her father who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his late 70s and then her mother who has different health issues. Interspersed between each chapter, a doctor writes some analysis and suggestions on how to deal with each phase or situation. The book is quite eye opening and us [...]

    5. This a must read book for anyone who is caring for aging parents, spouse or those who are over 65. The author tells about her parents and how she cared for them when their health started to fail. The frustrations she had with various health care professionals, hospitals, and nursing homes. How as a caregiver for her parents she was also trying to take care of a family and work and began to have burnout and her health was at risk. The co author of the book gives great advice on things like what m [...]

    6. Excellent in so many ways. Navigating the healthcare system with a failing parent can be a frightening and discouraging thing. I've experienced a few of the same issues with my parents that the author shared - at home, in the hospital and in residential care. I appreciated the juxtaposition of Houle's personal experiences with the excellent advice of Dr. Eckstrom. Read this book if you will be helping a parent through their aging process.

    7. When I finished this book, I felt like I should send Marcy and her family a sympathy card as I felt so involved in the memoir.Wonderful job combining Marcy Houle’s story of her parents along with the advice from expert Elizabeth Eckstron, MD, MPH.I will certainly be passing this book along to my daughter to read.

    8. I read this book from a social work perspective having worked in acute care as part of the care team in many discharges (to home and short-term rehab) and inpatient geri-psych admissions. I witnessed the complexities of each patient’s experience. Some went well, but some did not. When it did not go well, the patient and family suffered unnecessarily. What makes this book so good is the honest witness of Marcy’s experiences with her parents during their final years. Marcy shows how powerless [...]

    9. I so appreciated this book. I learned things, ideas were affirmed and I was caused to think. The narrative back and forth between a daughter of an aging parent and a physician allowed for emotions, facts, and insight to flow in a way that had me anxious to read the next chapter. This is a book for everyone to read if you have an aging parent or if you are aging or if you have children that might walk with you through the aging process that's pretty much everyone! Thank you for sharing your stor [...]

    10. Well written, easy to read and so important. This is a love story really of a daughter caring for her parents in their later years and how ill equipped and clueless our hospitals and nursing homes are when it comes to the elderly. The chapters alternate between the daughter's story of caring for her father and then her mother and the medical facts and recommendations on staying healthy dealing with different health concerns. I can't recommend it highly enough not only for lay people but all thos [...]

    11. The is a difficult but important subject -- brace yourself before beginning -- & the authors do an excellent job of handling it. The part written by a daughter caring for her aging parents is warm, moving, at times humorous, often piercing. The part written by a doctor is informative, well-organized, realistic, practical. Together, they offer facts, personal experience, & encouragement for all of us on our "last journey" even if we don't quite want to admit it.

    12. We all go through this at some point. This is the best guide to caring for parents I have seen. As a physician I find helping folks through this stage where we are all looking for meaning especially satisfying. We all do the best we can and this book will help make it as enjoyable as you can.

    13. My Book of the Year.I rarely read nonfictionThis book was so good. It came out of no where and opened my eyes.I ordered the book in hardback after I read the Kindle so I could loan it to people without Kindles.If you are approaching old, or love someone who is, read this book.

    14. This book is a must read for anyone facing the care of their elderly parents. It may even be applicable for spouses in this situation. Very informative. One of the only books I've been unable to put down at night, wanting to see what happens to the author's parents.

    15. Excellent book about how to care for our loved ones as they age. Great information about how things like dehydration and medicine interactions can affect how the elderly behave and are perceived.

    16. The Appendix has SEVEN PAGES of drugs listed that older adults should never take. And why. And what questions to ask when a drug is being prescribed. That alone makes this a valuable reference.

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