Among a Thousand Fireflies

Among a Thousand Fireflies How can a firefly find the one among so many Exquisite photographs and poetic text evoke a sense of mystery and magic On a summer evening just as the stars blink on a firefly lands on a flower Ligh

  • Title: Among a Thousand Fireflies
  • Author: Rick Lieder Helen Frost
  • ISBN: 9780763676421
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How can a firefly find the one, among so many Exquisite photographs and poetic text evoke a sense of mystery and magic.On a summer evening, just as the stars blink on, a firefly lands on a flower Lights start to flash all around her first one, then three, seven Hundreds Thousands How will she find just one flash among them And will he see her flash in return In evHow can a firefly find the one, among so many Exquisite photographs and poetic text evoke a sense of mystery and magic.On a summer evening, just as the stars blink on, a firefly lands on a flower Lights start to flash all around her first one, then three, seven Hundreds Thousands How will she find just one flash among them And will he see her flash in return In evocative photographs and lyrical language, Rick Lieder and Helen Frost, creators of the critically acclaimed Step Gently Out and Sweep Up the Sun, offer a true story of how two fireflies come together after finding each other s light among thousands of others.

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    1. Paired Fiction "twin text":Rabe, T. (2014). The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that: Night lights. Random House.Rationale:I chose this pair of twin texts for several reasons. The first reason I chose "Among a Thousand Fireflies" for my non-fiction text is because it was in poetry format. I felt that for my younger students it wouldn't be the same as reading a textbook and they could learn information in a unique way. I also loved how perfectly the two text matched with each other in the sense [...]

    2. A firefly "love" story (because the book doesn't ascribe emotions to fireflies). It's a G-rated, poetic explanation of firefly mating habits and why they flash - accompanied by beautiful photographs of these interesting little bugs. Light on facts (it never pretends to be a nonfiction book) but still worth a look.

    3. I would have to say this is the first firefly love story I've ever read. A wonderful non-fiction with beautiful photos and accompanying poetry. Perfect for a storytime about camping, outdoors, or insects. It's a nice teachable moment to not rip their backsides off or put them in a jar to die.

    4. Reading for 2017 Beehive poetry long list nominees. I am champion over this one. I love the subject matter. Fireflies are one of my favorite things. I have never really bothered to research them before, so this was new information to me and I found it interesting. The photography was amazing. The poem was ok. (Remember I am a terrible judge of form, style, etc.) But I had a personal connection to it, and that in itself gave it its own star. Might be an interesting filler in preschool storytime.

    5. A book of fireflies, with beautiful photograph. The composition is mainly two parts, a very simple, neat fiction part and some facts. The photographs are stunning, but they have limitations. Illustration with proper atmosphere and slight exaggeration will do much better than purely photos. Kids may find the photos not intriguing enough. The poem is perfect.

    6. This one just didn't hit home like some of the other lighting bugs books we brought home. It's kind of our current theme right now as it's summer and the lighting bugs abound. Just not out cup of reading tea so back to the library it went.

    7. Have you been spending summer nights catching fireflies with your kiddos? If so, this is a great read to bring along! It's a short, sweet and innocent love story of how 2 fireflies find each other. As always, the photos are wonderful5 stars Helen Frost!

    8. Fascinating information about the amazing little firefly - so much to learn! Well worth reading! The photo illustrations for the story are incredible. Enjoy watching the fireflies light up their world in the blue hour of nightfall and see why!

    9. Read this in the hopes of preparing the kids to possibly see some on our road trip. The pictures are great and the last page that tells about the firefliesb 8/12/17

    10. If you've ever watched the fireflies dance about on a summer's evening in your backyard or out where it is quiet and dark in the evening, you have probably marveled at these delightful insects and perhaps have even begged a lidded jar in which to capture a few.I know that in our home in the middle of North Carolina, this was a favorite past time of our children. Of course, we couldn't linger too long because those famous North Carolina mosquitoes would be in abundance, too. But capturing the glo [...]

    11. It's hard to believe the 20th anniversary celebration of National Poetry Month has nearly come to a close. It's been twenty-nine days of showcasing poetry, reading and writing poems, creating spine poetry thanks to promoter teacher librarian Travis Jonker, blogger at 100 Scope Notes, and the true-blue fun of Poem in Your Pocket Day. Although any day of the year is a great day for poetry, this month's focus wins more readers and writers to this literary form. It's a time to direct attention to be [...]

    12. Amazingly beautiful--and yes, hyperbole is appropriate in this case--photographs of lightning bugs as they make their first yellow pulsings as darkness approaches accompany lyrical lines that describe how one creature waits patiently for another. Would that all prospective lovers could be so patient! As I read the lines and made note of the photos, my heart pounded in concern and then excitement as these two fireflies found each other, against all odds. Whether one calls them fireflies or lightn [...]

    13. Among a Thousand Fireflies is unique in that instead of illustrations, the pictures are photographs of actual fireflies. And they're beautiful!The words are very poetic and educational. It tells of a female firefly flashing her light among a thousand other fireflies looking for the one other firefly who can match her pattern. It's a mating tale, but I didn't really pick up on that until the very end.The last page includes so scientific information, which I really enjoyed and did read to Christop [...]

    14. Enter the world of the firefly through this enchanting picture book. The fairies of the night are brought to life with beautiful photos by Rick Lieder that capture these creatures in mid-flight. The magical poetry of Helen Frost tells a story of how the fireflies call each other with their twinkling bodies. Information material about fireflies can be found in a short entry at the end of the book. This would make a lovely bedtime story for ages 3-7.

    15. While I thought that this book was enjoyable, what I was truly captured by was the photographs used throughout the book and how each photograph illustrated the concept being portrayed. The photographs of the fireflies were truly magnificent! I also appreciated how, at the end of the book, there was an informational snippet about fireflies; providing the reader with additional information regarding them. +Book-List

    16. This is a cute poetry picture book that is suitable for kindergarten through fourth graders. This is about a firefly who finds one special firefly among a sea of thousands of other fireflies. This is basically about fireflies attracting each other, yet it is not inappropriate. This could be used to show kids that they are all special whether they believe it or not. Some dominant themes in this book are nature, fireflies, night, and light.

    17. I don't know. This was fine? The photographs were interesting, but nothing that special. I'm reading this for a mock Caldecott event and compared to some of the absolutely incredible illustrations I've seen this year, this is just meh. I also don't feel that strongly about the text. It's fine, but the really phoned-in author's note at the end really bugged me. I don't think the text or photos provides any new or interesting information about fireflies.

    18. A beautiful story set against crisp photographs in which a male and female firefly find each other among the thousands sending and receiving messages nearby. Text is poetic and makes for a great read aloud, especially during the summer season when fireflies can be seen at night.An author's note explains the science behind the story. PreK-2.

    19. 5 stars for the photography! Incredible up close photographs of fireflies. This poem could be titled, "How to Attract a Man, Firefly Style." It's really about a female firefly hoping and wishing that a male will find and choose her out of the thousands of fireflies in the night. Good end note, which offers a scientific explanation of how a firefly's flashes function in the wild.

    20. This title has gotten good reviews, but I was looking for more factual information that I didn't find in the poetic text and therefore the two star rating. Photos are very good. There is one page of information included, but it is still slight. Guess I have observed many many lighting bugs over hayfields for a number of years and this just didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

    21. This book, Among a Thousand Fireflies, is about two fireflies who love each other and how they light up to become closer to each other. The genres are picture book and poetry and the grades are kindergarten to fourth grade. The themes are love, nature, and adventure. I gave this it a 5 out of 5 stars because it is a simple book about two fireflies loving each other.

    22. I loveHelen Frost, but this one didn't do too much for me. The poetry was spread out over so many pages that it was hard to get an idea of the overall work, though the photographs were pretty cool. The additional information at the end was the most interesting part for me.

    23. This is a richly illustrated poem about the search of two fireflies for mates who eventually find each other. Frost's gentle free verse and Lieder's stunning close up photography work well to capture the beauty of the night life of lightning bugs. A lovely picture book using both poetry and science that should be included in any unit pertaining to fireflies.

    24. Frost has a way with poetic form, turning a story into a sensual experience. Beautiful photography accompany the text. Back matter holds factual material to enrich the experience. Great book to add to a classroom collection. "Among a thousand fireflies, he has found this one. With his light, he calls to her. she answers."

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