The Seasoning

The Seasoning On my eightieth birthday Jonathan gave me a notebook Hard backed with brown and pale yellow marbling on the cover like chocolate in cream I want you to write something for me said Jonathan his dar

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  • Title: The Seasoning
  • Author: Manon Steffan Ros
  • ISBN: 9781909983250
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • On my eightieth birthday, Jonathan gave me a notebook Hard backed with brown and pale yellow marbling on the cover, like chocolate in cream I want you to write something for me, said Jonathan, his dark eyes locking onto mine I want you to write your story, Mam Peggy s story is the story of her Snowdonia village of a community that that shares its joys and its woesOn my eightieth birthday, Jonathan gave me a notebook Hard backed with brown and pale yellow marbling on the cover, like chocolate in cream I want you to write something for me, said Jonathan, his dark eyes locking onto mine I want you to write your story, Mam Peggy s story is the story of her Snowdonia village of a community that that shares its joys and its woes across floured kitchen tables and scrubbed shop counters.Throughout Peggy s life food looms large the lack of it, the sharing of it, the eating of it from gingerbread to cawl, ce cream to bara brith Her recipes are well used and much ppreciated, but no one is quite sure where her inspiration comes from, why she is the way she is.Not until everyone s tale is told does Peggy s story unfold as thick, dark and sticky as treacle.

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    1. One of the best novels, I've ever read!This book is a serious, must-read. If you're looking for a food & fiction kind of novel, this is it!An English translation from the Welsh 'Blasu' written by the same author, I think The Seasoning had made me feel like I wanted to read all the author's other works, but sadly they are all in Welsh.I've heard of Tywyn before (which is one of the town mentioned numerous of times in the novel), although I'd never set foot there. Reading this; of the beautifu [...]

    2. The Seasonings by Manon Steffan Ros was a first reads giveawayI found this a beautifully written, poignant and moving story. The main character is Peggy and her life if told by through the voices of people around her – her family, friends and acquaintances, as well as by herself.The first chapter introduces everyone as flashbacks in Peggy’s memory, which helps pace the narrators of each chapter. Food is featured in the story, in fact each chapter begins with a recipe. As a child she was dep [...]

    3. This was a free copy from a First Reads giveaway.A beautifully written and sensitive account of one woman's life, told through the recipes that formed a focal point of her story. Peggy has a troubled childhood, neglected and hungry, and struggles all her life to understand the events that have left their mark on her. The setting is a Welsh village but the themes of the novel are universal ones - poverty, mental illness, love, friendship and family - and are addressed without sentimentality, in [...]

    4. It's 2010 and Peggy's son Jonathan asks her to write down her life story. It started in 1937 with a piece of ginger cake. The young Peggy is afraid of her mother. She is a neglected child and her mother ignores her presence. After a horrible incident Peggy asks for help, because she can't take it any longer. Later her life is a lot happier, but she can't forget the past.Peggy's unusual appearance and low weight are something that doesn't go unnoticed. She loves food and can never stop eating, bu [...]

    5. Stori hyfryd am fenyw, ei theulu a'i chymuned.Pegi yw'r prif gymeriad yma ac mae Steffan-Ros yn ein tywys ni o hamgylch ei bywyd mewn ffordd hollol hudolus. Do'n i ddim eisiau hwn i orffen!

    6. Life in a small village in Wales, stories around one person whose childhood and adult life was in this village. From sadness to joy, with characters who a living, or damaged, this books reflects lots of different experiences in life, but so well threaded to show unconditional love, redemption, and hope for future life to be different from historical life.

    7. Bought while on holiday in North Wales and this is a delightful read. The story of a village in Snowdonia through the times, mainly centred on Peggy and each chapter is told by a different person at a different time. It's about love, loss, friendships, mental illness but mostly about food - cakes, iceceams, stews and as a wee bonus the recipes are included as well.

    8. Telling the story of a village is difficult but reading "The Seasoning" is like being there. The book is great and provides a beautiful, yet melancholic perspective on Snowdonia.

    9. Review first posted on my blog 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings': spoonfulofhappyendingsspo'The Seasoning' is a story spread out over several decades, starting in 1937 and ending around 2010, and focusing on main character Peggy. Set in a village in Snowdonia, young girl Peggy is struggling to take care of her mother and herself. After a horrible accident, Peggy goes to live with her grandparents which is the start of some changes in her life. As a reader, we get to follow Peggy and the people close [...]

    10. This was a free copy from a First Reads giveaway.This book was written in Welsh originally and has now been issued in English. Food, recipes and ingredients are an integral part of the book and are a central part of the main,character, Peggy's life which is reflected in the recounts of the other characters. I was completely hooked by this book and captivated by Peggy and the other characters.The book is set in a Welsh village. Many issues occur throughout the novel things such as - love, mental [...]

    11. I can't tell you how delightful this novel is! I was enchanted from the first chapter. The story starts exactly as the preview describes, with Peggy's son Jonathan handing her a blank book and asks her to write her story. The next chapter starts with a recipe and is from a different person's point of view. Every subsequent chapter is the same, all different recipes (the food which somehow makes an appearance in the chapter) and all different people's points of view. The chapters work in chronolo [...]

    12. A local setting which made it of particular interest.Originally published as 'Blasu' now translated from the Welsh language. This gentle but sad story located locally was of particular interest to me as it mentioned so many places I know. The protagonist is Peggy and her life story unfolds as different members of the village community that she grew up in, narrate a section of the novel. The contrast of sharing recipes along side the difficult subject of mental illness is a bold one but it works. [...]

    13. This is the story of Peggy from a small Welsh village, the product of a single mother who suffers from depression. Peggy is severely neglected by her mother but has the wherewithal to go to a neighbor and ask for help. This in turn leads to Peggy finally meeting her maternal grandparents for the first time and being raised by them while her mother is sent to an asylum. Each chapter of the book is told from the perspective of someone who has been impacted by Peggy's life and each chapter has a re [...]

    14. Gwych. Wedi mwynhau'n fawr iawn!Delightful. Beautifully written, nicely constructed. Tempted to try some of the recipes which are the hooks for parts of the story! This is the story of one woman's life, remembered through the eyes mainly of others, with a significant recipe connected with each memory. It is set in a small rural community in Meirionnydd. In some ways it is quite a traditional novel, and the ghost of Caradog Prichard is not far away (the Denbigh Asylum seems to have cast a long sh [...]

    15. This book is filled with relatable characters and circumstances. The descriptive language kept me engaged the whole 268 pages, and has me wanting to learn more about Welsh culture. My only negative observation was that most of the male characters had similar voices, and only a few characters had any depth at all.

    16. Won from good readsReally enjoyed this book starts from when Peggy was a girl and not a good start in life and a neighbour helps her. The village life how they get on through the years also how their lives entwine.It goes through all the years to the final destination and I really liked the recipes that popped up . Tried the ice cream recipe came out a treat will be making that again.

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