Once Upon a Friendship

Once Upon a Friendship They re a team not a couple Falling for Liam was unthinkable He and Gabi had been best friends since college nothing And crucially now Liam was her client and needed her to be focused on his case Ga

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  • Title: Once Upon a Friendship
  • Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780373367344
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • They re a team not a couple Falling for Liam was unthinkable He and Gabi had been best friends since college, nothing And crucially, now Liam was her client and needed her to be focused on his case Gabi could never risk their friendship or Liam s freedom over these feelings They could never be a couple, anyway He was Liam Connelly, the handsome and privilegedThey re a team not a couple Falling for Liam was unthinkable He and Gabi had been best friends since college, nothing And crucially, now Liam was her client and needed her to be focused on his case Gabi could never risk their friendship or Liam s freedom over these feelings They could never be a couple, anyway He was Liam Connelly, the handsome and privileged son of a billionaire She was Gabrielle Miller, the girl who d fought her way out of poverty and put herself through law school They were unlikely friends to begin with Anything was impossible Unless he felt it, too.

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    1. Liam, Gabi and Marie are a family of sorts. They met nine years ago when Liam was getting chewed out by his father for choosing to live in a dorm room rather than an upscale apartment (where his father could essentially spy on him). The three of them have now formed an LLC and are planning to buy a historic apartment building together. Liam's father advised him not to and when he does, Liam's life drastically changes.Liam's father soon has some major legal issues to deal with and Liam turns to G [...]

    2. Once Upon a Friendship is part of the Harlequin Heartwarming line which means it is sweet and clean. This book is more about friendship and family than romance though. The romance is barely there and when it does show up, it is mostly suppressed until the very end. Gabi and Liam have been friends for a very long time and consequently, know each other very well. Neither one of them want to ruin the best friendship they've ever had by acting on the feelings of attraction that have suddenly bloomed [...]

    3. This story is about a friendship between 3 people that ends with 2 falling in love. This books is a sweet and clean romance. I recommenced this book.

    4. Dari sekian banyak judul-judul buku baru yang bertebaran di internet, cuma buku ini yang mencuri perhatianku, coz sinopsisnya bikin penasaran. So, dengan satu dan lain cara, akhirnya sampailah buku ini ke tanganku.Dan ternyata, benar-benar mengecewakan. Boring abis dah! Romance-nya gak kerasa sama sekali, kasus yang dialami Liam benar-benar bikin ngantuk. Alhasil jadi loncat-loncat bacanya. 2 bintang cukup aku kira.

    5. As I began reading Once Upon a Friendship, I wasn't sure how much I'd end up liking it. The prologue, which does a good job of setting up Liam's friendship with Gabi and Marie, went on longer than I thought necessary, and when the present day portion began, I just wasn't that interested.The novel begins with the three friends purchasing an apartment building, and knowledge of that event is necessary for the story, but it did feel like the "set up" portion went on too long. Once the story got rol [...]

    6. Once Upon a Friendship by Tara Taylor QuinnGabi and Marie were roommates in college, Liam moved in to the next dorm, the girls over heard an argument that Liam had with his father, Not that they were nosey or anything like that, but they went next door to check on their neighbor to make sure he was ok. A friendship developed from there. The three of them became friends, for the next 10 years they enjoyed a wonderful friendship. Then came more problems for Liam with his Dad that draws him closer [...]

    7. True to Harlequin Heartwarming's style, Once Upon a Friendship is a clean story centered around traditional values of family, friendship, and personal growth. These are so rare nowadays, it's always a joy to find one!The author weaves relatable characters and their relationship dynamics into a story line that I think will appeal to readers who enjoy being swept into a good legal drama. I thought she did a fabulous job of spinning intricate legal details together in a way that made the characters [...]

    8. This is the first book that I have read by Tara Taylor Quinn and I thought it was very good. This Heartwarming romance is a lovely of two people who finally come to realize that their decade old close friendship is turning into something more. The title of this book hits the spot. This book definitely focuses more on the friendship aspect and how it that friendship can survive when romantic love gets thrown in. The characters are all believable and the situations they find them in are both heart [...]

    9. Once Upon a Friendship is the first novel I've read by this author and I thought it was a cute and entertaining story. I liked how the main characters were all such good friends, so much so that Liam and Gabi were afraid to mess up their friendship with their growing attraction towards one another that they both fought it. I enjoyed that this wasn't just a romance, but a story about a father and son and their relationship with each other. I didn't see the ending coming, the part without the roma [...]

    10. Wasn't sure if I would like this book when I first started, but within a page of starting to read, it started getting interesting. The writing skills of the author are remarkable. The characters are easy to love and the plot of the story intriguing! This is a highly recommended book! How two people from two completely classed families connect is great! *received for an honest review*

    11. 3.5 stars - Slow start with lots of backstory, but it did pick up steam as I got further into it and was an enjoyable read overall.

    12. Gabi and Marie are best friends and roommates in college. Liam is in the dorm next door. The girls overhear and argument between Liam and his father and their bond is formed. Over the years the trio has an amazing friendship. As they grow into their individual fields, they grow closer as friends. Gabi has become a lawyer and Liam finds himself needing her professional help. They become closer, but are afraid of ruining the remarkable friendship they have. Can their relationship grow without ruin [...]

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