She-Hulk #1

She Hulk With a new practice a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she s racking up as personal enemies She Hulk might have bitten off a little than she can chew but she just calls that tha

  • Title: She-Hulk #1
  • Author: Charles Soule Javier Pulido Kevin Wada Mutsa Vicente
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she s racking up as personal enemies, She Hulk might have bitten off a little than she can chew but she just calls that that Tuesday.

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    1. The All-New Marvel NOW! wave continues to produce quality comics. Charles Soule lends his real-life experience as an immigration lawyer to Jen Walters aka She-Hulk as she juggles the life of a lawyer with the life of a superhero. Her first case: take on Tony Stark's business! Couple Soule's writing with Javier Pulido's delightful art and you've got a winner. She-Hulk all the way! Read the full review here!

    2. I love the first issue. The creative team really put a lot of effort into launching the new She-Hulk title. Soule put a lot of research into detailing the corporate history of Tony Stark's endeavours and Pulido just plain knocked the art out of the park.It was what I expected out of a She-Hulk book. Some legal skirmished and some punching make it the book I want She-Hulk to be in. I She-Hulk has more legal encounters with the marquee heroes. Is it too much to ask for a Daredevil team-up before O [...]

    3. Ow. It was a bit boring and the art wasn't my style. Predictable plot. Possible a good comic that I'm simply not in the mood for.

    4. 3,5Jennifer Walters era discreta, tímida y abogada de profesión, Jennifer es una chica normal hasta que su primo Bruce le hace una transfusión de sangre sin mayor opción, como consecuencia de un disparo recibido. Es entonces cuando se transforma en She-Hulk o Hulka en español.¿Por qué no cambia de forma? ¿es verde todo el tiempo? ¿Gamora eres tú? les juro que se parece a Gamora cuando no esta en modo-musculosa. Creo que eso fue lo que no me gusto, aunque eso lo hace diferente de Hulk. [...]

    5. Najveći plus je zaokružena priča. I kad malo razmislim i jedina. Crtež mi se ni svidi, likovi hednako tako. Akcije i nema.

    6. Some superheroes have a tendency to wallow in angst in the midst of a problem or foe. She-Hulk prefers to just get shit done. But this comic isn't about She-Hulk, it's about Jennifer Walters' life outside of being a superhero. Jennifer is a damn good attorney, and when her employers reveal they only wanted her to bring in her rich superhero acquaintances as clients, not actually do her job, she quits. From there Jennifer takes on a case solo, even though the defendant is Tony Stark, and after a [...]

    7. I have to say that I'm really enjoying the Marvel NOW run. It's definitely introducing me to new characters as well as changing my perspectives about some. In this case (haha pun because lawyer), it's with She-Hulk. I really never gave her much thought and if I'll be honest, I thought she was just a rip off of the Hulk. That was before this issue. I really liked how she embraced what happened to her with the whole Hulk deal and was actually really impressed that it's stated that unlike Bruce, sh [...]

    8. This was a solid reintroduction and start to a new She Hulk run. Don't expect much action, in fact the only real 'fight scene' isn't shown just more of a before and after. There is a Tony Stark cameo and I enjoyed that the story felt more complete than single issues usually do these days.I did NOT enjoy the artwork or the way She Hulk was drawn, she is supposed to be strong and beautiful not round and manly. Also, I needed a little more tongue and cheek humor. Good not great, but I think the set [...]

    9. This is my first She-Hulk comic, and I like the concept a lot. In particular I like the fact that Jen is a lawyer and has to deal with mundane life issues too. I hope this series can balance her lawyer life and her Avenger life. Finding that balance will make this series great.

    10. She-hulk (Jennifer Walters) lies in a strange place of the Marvel Universe. She was the latest character of note created by Stan Lee (he came back to create new characters for Marvel with Ravage 2099, but that didn’t stick), and she is also a strong second tier character, having constant appearances through Marvel titles of different families such as Avengers, Fantastic Four and of course Hulk titles. But She-Hulk has never become a major solo character even if she has had a few chances so far [...]

    11. That about summed it up for this read. I remember watching the She-Hulk cartoons, and really liking it. It could be because as a little kid, I liked EVERYTHING.I don’t understand, Why I didn’t like this comic? EVERYONE I KNOW LOVES THIS COMIC!I think stylistically, I could not connect to the art. I did not know how to view the She-Hulk because I didn't take her seriously. The art, I felt was really cutesy, and detracted from her character. I know she's described as fiesty, fun, and has a mil [...]

    12. Well, for my maiden voyage into the wonderful world of superheroes, I certainly picked the right now. I love Jennifer. I love that Tony Stark was part of this issue. I love that I already know a tiny something about this universe because of the Avengers movie. It's going to be fun finding my way through this universe. I'm sure I will eventually work my way backwards. I definitely picked the right time to jump on, when many, many series are being rebooted. This is a good thing.Jennifer doesn't ki [...]

    13. I really like She-Hulk. I find her fascinating, so I was very excited about reading this comic book series. And the first issue didn't disappoint, that's for sure.Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, is about to get her annual review. She's accrued a lot of hours and cases, so she's pretty sure she's about to get a good review and a bonus. However, when it turns out that all the firm wanted to hire her for was her superhero connections, they announce there will be no bonus. So she quits.Whi [...]

    14. I've never been huge on She-Hulk but when I saw this kick ass cover art I couldn't resist checking this comic out and I am SOO GLAD I did. It was awesome and gave me a whole new appreciation for the Jade Giantess. This comic doesn't focus on She-Hulk's work with the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, instead it centers on her work as a lawyer. After getting fired for not bringing in her famous friends as clientele, She-Hulk (aka Jennifer) opens up her own practice and starts cultivating clients. Sh [...]

    15. I loved, loved, loved this book. Over the course of the last year or so Jennifer Walters has become one of my favorite superheroes, and I loved how she's portrayed in this book. She's smart, and feisty, and just trying to create her own company while also fighting supervillians. Normal stuff! Marvel has definitely been taking the Hawkeye approach to a lot of their solo titles (more day-in-the-life stuff) and I really loved it here with Jen. And I know the art is controversial, but I loved it. It [...]

    16. I like She-Hulk and I'd love to read more of her. This first issue was quite cool; I like seeing different angles of the Marvel universe, and the legal one presented here falls right into the kind of things that interest me.However, the art was a big turnoff for me. I just don't like it at all. I pretty much knew that coming into it, from a few panels I'd seen here and there on the web, but that first issue confirmed it. It doesn't mean that I won't read the rest if I get the chance, but I'm not [...]

    17. Para los neofitos (como yo) en el mundo de los comics She-Hulk puede parecer un personaje derivado, poco original, pero la verdad, al menos en esta edición, el personaje no solo tiene más profundidad de lo que cabe imaginar, sino que la historia a partir de este tomo le da otra dimensión a los super heroes, mostrando a la protagonista en una aproximación bastante fideligna a la vida diaria de este tipo de personajes.El arte de este comic es bastante simple, quizás hasta retro, pero a mi ver [...]

    18. Such a beautiful cover! And a cool story! She is awesome! Also love the Tony Stark snark. Unlike her male counterpart Jennifer Walters do not turn into her hulk, she is permanently green and strong. Jennifer is an attorney and the comic manages to make that quite heroic and she gets to fight robots. There are some great humor in this one. The artwork is very clean comic book style, but the layout of the pages makes it special.

    19. I really wanted to like this, really. I just couldn't get into it at all. To be fair, until Mark Ruffalo's depiction of The Hulk in Avengers I wasn't much of a Hulk fan and even that being said, this is She-Hulk, not The Hulk. Maybe I would appreciate her more if I had started somewhere else in her history, but this was my first introduction to her via comics and I was not impressed.

    20. A wonderful start to the third volume if She-Hulk. She's bold, she's amazing, and she's got great taste in clothing. Jennifer is one of my favourite Marvel ladies, and to she her done justice is a wonderful thing. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to get into She-Hulk.(It's also got some great feminism in it as well, which is a total bonus for me!)

    21. I'm not really one for superhero comics when it comes down to it, and I attribute a lot of that to why this fell flat for me. However, I thought the story was kind of boring and I wasn't crazy about the artwork to boot. I saw a lot of buzz about this online and figured I'd give it a shot due to that, but at the end of the day it just wasn't for me.

    22. I've never been an avid comic book reader (aside from an obligatory read of Watchmen), but these twelve issues are enough to get anyone excited about the narrative potential of comics today. Imagine a stellar lawyer who no one seems to take seriously becausee's a superhero. Just incredibly clever writing; cut short by an early cancellation but stellar nonetheless.

    23. I really enjoyed this. I've never read any She-Hulk before. Jennifer seems like a great character and I'm looking forward to finishing her story for this incarnation of She-Hulk. I wasn't a huge fan of some of the illustrations. At times, Jennifer's look reminded me of Arya Stark on the television show Game of Thrones. Otherwise I thought it was really great.

    24. I adore the artwork in this reboot. I love that it is a little old-school, not only in the style but in the character design. It's as if Tony Stark was played by Clark Gable, which, PS, I would love to see.

    25. No ha estado mal. Ligero y para pasar un rato agradable, pero no soy nada fan del dibujo de Pulido. Por mucho que pueda ir bien con el tono distendido con el que empieza la serie, me cuesta mucho pasarlo por alto.

    26. A great first issue for this series. I was intrigued when I heard that the writer would focus on the legal aspects of Jennifer Walters, and this issue does it well. The art has a whimsical style. I am looking forward to the next issue.

    27. Jennifer Walters is amazing, I love her so much. The artwork in thisuld be better. I don't like the way the artist draws She-Hulk's face, and her body should be bigger I mean, she's She-Hulk. But the writing is great, and I can't wait to read more.

    28. I am so happy about thissssssss. Seriously. Wow. It is perfect in every way and the art was beautiful and I'm so excited for this story to continue. Maybe I will write a more coherent review later, right now I'm just dancing around clutching the comic.

    29. This is an amazing introduction to She-Hulk. Everything is great, the art, the colours, the story, I just adore it. I'll definitely add it to my list of monthly issues to buy, I don't think I can wait for the trade paperback.

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