Batgirl Vol. 1: Silent Knight

Batgirl Vol Silent Knight Cassandra Cain is a fighter like no other At only the teenage assassin takes down enemies three times her size without batting an eye But her incredible skills come at a cost unable to speak or wr

  • Title: Batgirl Vol. 1: Silent Knight
  • Author: Kelley Puckett Scott Peterson Damion Scott Chuck Dixon Coy Turnbull Dale Eaglesham Mike Deodato Robert Campanella
  • ISBN: 9781401260729
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cassandra Cain is a fighter like no other At only 17, the teenage assassin takes down enemies three times her size without batting an eye But her incredible skills come at a cost unable to speak or write, Cassandra instead reads body language as naturally as breathing an ability that makes her even deadlier.After Batman witnesses her save the life of Commissioner GordonCassandra Cain is a fighter like no other At only 17, the teenage assassin takes down enemies three times her size without batting an eye But her incredible skills come at a cost unable to speak or write, Cassandra instead reads body language as naturally as breathing an ability that makes her even deadlier.After Batman witnesses her save the life of Commissioner Gordon during the events of No Man s Land, the Dark Knight sees in Cassandra the successor to the Batgirl name Now, under the tutelage of Barbara Gordon the original Batgirl herself Cassandra Cain must find a new purpose and make amends for her violent past.But can someone who was born to kill ever be worthy to take up the cowl of a fallen legend Collects BATGIRL 1 12 and BATGIRL ANNUAL 1.

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    1. I love 90's art. Fuck you if you don't. Kidding. I know most dislike 90's stuff in general in the comic world. Especially the art, which is just big muscled guys and ass shots on the women. Still, something about the more cartoony feel makes me just love it soooo much more. So this volume is 300+ pages of Batgirl. Not Barb but Cassandra Cain. Right off the bat (no pun intended) I really dug this character. She barely speaks, she's a trained assassin, and fights like a motherfucking badass. Think [...]

    2. You can definitely tell comics have change a good bit since this was originally published. It's not bad by any means, just different to what I'm used to.I like Cassandra a lot, so I had fun reading this, but the plot was a little scattered. I didn't care much for the annual included in this trade.I don't have much else to say really. The art could be weird sometimes, but I think that's just because the art style is different now for DC. I like Cassandra's costume a lot tho.

    3. Ever since I started reading Batfam comics, I've been hearing all about Cassandra Cain, but I've never actually read anything starring her before. So I made a special effort to find a copy of her first trade, and I'm very glad I did. I quite enjoyed Silent Knight and there are only a couple things I can really complain about in it. Most of it was a really great, tightly told story with great characters and themes throughout, which is really the #1 thing I want from a trade.When the book begins, [...]

    4. I like the story in this, with Barbara coming to terms with being a mentor and Cassandra trying to atone for past bloodshed. It was hard to connect to Cass though, with her being such a weird mix of adult assassin and innocent child. I'll be reading the next volume, but I think I like Stephanie Brown better.

    5. This is written and drawn in a way that makes it super easy to see how this would look on screen. The action sequences and each panel made this one of the most entertaining and interesting books I've ever read. And Cassandra! I am adopting her. It'd be easier to name which members of the Batfam I don't want to adopt than which ones I do because they're all special in their own way. In a way, her origin reminded me of Elektra's in Daredevil season 2. I felt sorry for her because what kind of mons [...]

    6. Contains the first year of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl stories. This incarnation of Batgirl was raised from birth to be an assassin. She was not taught language so that she could read body language to anticipate an opponent's moves. As a young girl, she was sent on her first assassination and couldn't do it. She's been on the run ever since, until she met Batman and become the new Batgirl with Barbara Gordon as her mentor. It's an interesting take on the character and I really enjoyed this book. D [...]

    7. 5 starsGood comic book. First comic book that I read that has Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. She was very entertaining. Glad that she is able to understand what people are saying now. Thought it was cool that she was able to understand people's moves though. Awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing her as Batgirl again. Can't wait to read more Batgirl comics!!!Who is your favorite Batgirl?

    8. This graphic novel is a collection of stories about the adventures Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. When the novel opens, we meet this compelling 17 year old girl who was raised from birth by deadly assassin David Cain to be the ultimate weapon. Her amazing martial arts skills give her the ability to read opponents moves before they act, although it comes with a cost. She is unable to communicate with others. The part of her brain that understands language has been diverted into reading body language. [...]

    9. Le dessin n'était pas toujours exceptionnel mais sinon j'ai beaucoup aimé ! Cette Batgirl est vraiment touchante, très différente de Barbara (enfin de ce que j'en connais), mais tout aussi intéressante. L'histoire est bien, il y a juste le annual qui était très très bof.

    10. This version of Batgirl is an interesting character. However, I’m not a fan of the artist for this series. There are some weirdly distorted images, and action scenes are choppy and a bit difficult to follow.

    11. This book actually collects Batgirl #1-12, and Annual #1, which is essentially Cassandra's first year as Batgirl. Stupid DC and their incorrect solicitation material.Now, to business. Cassandra Cain took over as Batgirl after being introduced in No Man's Land, and this trade collects the first of her solo ongoing adventures. You can tell that there were teething problems with the character, because the first three issues are quite a difficult read - Cassandra doesn't talk very much at all, and a [...]

    12. I enjoyed this, though I must admit, I struggled with the artwork at times. There's a good story being built here, but Cassie isn't as fun as Babs in my opinion. However, I am totally going to read the second volume and see if she grows on me more as Batgirl. We shall see!

    13. Cassandra Cain is my favourite DC character, but I've never read these early tales before. Glad DC has put out this collection which has the first 12 issues of her Batgirl run and its fantastic. How do you write compelling stories about a character that cannot read or speak? How do you get inside the mind of a character like that and create compelling stories? Well the proof is in these pages. Scott Peterson and Kelly Puckett do exactly that. Adding Oracle and Batman as her mentors she flourishe [...]

    14. I checked this out because I was curious about this iteration of Batgirl. There were things I liked about it, particularly Barbara Gordon (as Oracle) and her role as mentor of new Batgirl Cassandra Cain, but I found the first few issues to be confusing. Cassandra was incredibly difficult to connect with, but I don't feel it was entirely because of her silent nature. As a child, she was a highly skilled, deadly assassin before defecting to join the bat gang to make amends for her past. Therefore, [...]

    15. A+ art in the first half, D+ art in the second half. What purpose does making Cass Cain sexy have? She is such a compelling character with such incredibly kinetic movement that it just distracts from who she actually is. Anyways. Cassandra Cain is the most interesting member of the Bat family other than Barbara Gordon. Her costume would be tied for the best with Nightwing if it didn't have those awful stitch marks on the mouth. Either way, she cannot speak and spends the bulk of these issues lea [...]

    16. I enjoyed some aspects of this volume quite a lot. I loved that Batgirl was a POC and I really appreciated Cassandra as a character in general. But I didn't like the art style at all, I wanted more Barbara, and I just felt like everything just skimmed the surface. I wanted more details, more background info, more character development. I also HATED how big they made Cassandra's boobs like, all the time. She's a 17 year old who's been a trained assassin her whole life, so I doubt she would have h [...]

    17. Cass is my baby. I want to love and protect her and teach her what it's like to be part of a family who cares for her. She's sweet and so controlled and just a work of art in her physicality. Her lack of speaking abilities gives her a LOT of potential for impactful dialogue when it does happen.Unfortunately, it seems like that potential isn't used as fully as it could be. In this book, Cass doesn't say much. When she does, it's okay but nothing stellar. The book would have benefited from a more [...]

    18. Cassandra Cain is a great character but I didn’t care for the art, the weird plot holes, or the portrayal of side characters, like an emotionally-compromised, weak and whiny Batman. It was just wacky. And why did the Jim Gordon plot just drop off before it finished? Wasn’t Catwoman the suspect? Neither one makes an appearance. Instead it takes a left turn into PSA territory where the exposition character tells Batman about the untouchables in India andBatman recites the same info back to her [...]

    19. Takees a minute to get started, and the art is late 20th Century Joe Mad-lite. But once the plot kicks in and the book (and, not coincidentally, the character herself) finds its voice, it's a solid Jay-Zfamily title with a great book and joyous execution. Reccomended.

    20. me gusta más la cassandra cain de rebirth, aunque sigo pensando que el suyo es un gran traje de batgirl --aunque penosamente dibujado la mayoría de las veces, al menos en este tomo.

    21. Everything about this was great except for the Batgirl Annual. I had to slog through the second half of that.

    22. BATGIRL #1-12 and BATGIRL ANNUAL #1Why did I wait so long to finally read these Cassandra Cain stories? This trade is fantastic! It's funny and violent and dark -- and surprisingly sweet. Cass is such a badass and yet so fragile. And the whimsical art works perfectly. I think it's mostly by Damien Scott. It's hyper-kinetic and great for all the fight scenes, but it also manages to convey the emotional content. It's the kind of art I disliked in Batman: Bruce Wayne, Murderer? but it works here. A [...]

    23. When I finished reading this book, only one question remained in my mind: "How does Kelley Puckett not have a job writing comics right now?"There is no doubt that this Puckett fellow has buckets of talent when it comes to writing comics. The ingenious simplicity of his panel logic, combined with clever dialogue and airtight plotting, make for an intensely enjoyable read. He manages to pull it all off without introducing a single silly costumed supervillain.The heroine of "Silent Knight" is Cassa [...]

    24. Seventeen year old Cassandra Cain takes on the mantle of Batgirl.Guided by the original Batgirl Barbara Gordon and Batman his self she learns how to become a true hero.Watching her progress in her studies was very entertaining.She can hold her own with the best of them.

    25. I really wanted to like this - Cassandra Cain is a fascinating idea, but this is bad and representative of everything bad about 90's style comics. Beefcake art. Scattered, incomprehensible story that hinges on knowledge of every other book out and yet somehow fails to build a clear plot of its own. Glad this was part of a buy-2-get-1 sale.

    26. 3.5 / 5 - interesting character but the art is very dated. also, the issues feel shorter than an average issue which makes for pacing that's much too fast to truly enjoy given the amount of character building the writer is trying to attempt here.

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