You're So Money: Live Rich, Even When You're Not

You re So Money Live Rich Even When You re Not Your Good Life Starts NowLive beyond your means but spend within them Take your steady out for that dinner after the big promotion You might just have to eat PBJ for a week to make it happen Splur

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  • Title: You're So Money: Live Rich, Even When You're Not
  • Author: Farnoosh Torabi
  • ISBN: 9780307406194
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • Your Good Life Starts NowLive beyond your means but spend within them.Take your steady out for that 350 dinner after the big promotion You might just have to eat PBJ for a week to make it happen.Splurge when it makes sense.Buy the designer jeans you can t live without in your size, at full price But you better walk away from last season s must have sweater, even ifYour Good Life Starts NowLive beyond your means but spend within them.Take your steady out for that 350 dinner after the big promotion You might just have to eat PBJ for a week to make it happen.Splurge when it makes sense.Buy the designer jeans you can t live without in your size, at full price But you better walk away from last season s must have sweater, even if it is 75 percent off Make money with your money Invest in stocks to make the big bucks and start saving for retirement now You want to be debt free in your swinging sixties.Have it all just not all at once.Want a Mercedes than anything in the world You can make it happen but probably not while sharing a summer beach house with your friends.Finally a savvy, realistic finance book for those of us who love our Starbucks mocha lattes and Razr cell phones but don t want our Jimmy Choo shoes or Bose headphones buried under a pile of burgeoning debt Twenty something financial reporter Farnoosh Torabi tells you that you can satisfy your sophisticated tastes and achieve financial bliss.The key prioritizing your expenses according to what you want the most splurging when you can and saving on other things From sensible grocery shopping yes, you can have your organic yogurt and eat it, too to cyberbanking, empower yourself to live a guilt free, Gucci and gadget clad good life without sacrificing financial security.

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    1. My sister's best buddy from high school wrote this book! (I feel enormously proud, for some reason) It is a finance book geared towards young professionals, and it was very helpful to read. The author (Farnoosh Torabi) is a financial correspondent for some of the morning news shows, so I see her pop up on TV every once in a while. I usually almost choke on my cereal when this happens. I wish this book had existed a decade ago! I'm sure I would have avoided a bunch of dumb money mistakes if I had [...]

    2. Fast read so far, though I've stopped in the middle of the investment chapter because I don't think I've got it yet. I met Farnoosh at Loyola earlier this semester, and she is really on top of her game. Enjoying the book so far

    3. had some good sense advise regarding stocks and credit card, but it seemed dated in its understanding of student loans. she generalizes that most people have around 20k in loans when most of the people i know have 100k

    4. After a thoughtful reread, I'm leaving this at five stars, but I'm taking it off the must-reads shelf. Back in 2008 this was an amazingly relevant and helpful book. I still find a lot of Torabi's tricks and tips useful, but post-recession, there's a lot less that's practical for the average person. The entire section on real estate as an investment, for example, I pretty much laughed through the first half of it and then skipped to the next chapter. It's just not realistic anymore. But her advic [...]

    5. Not my favorite personal finance book for young people (Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You to Be Rich takes that title), but it was fun, and a good intro for those who have only read personal finance literature that put them right to sleep. I like how Farnoosh tailors her message to young professional females who want to live their version of a "good life." Some of the tips interspersed within the book are a bit unrealistic for your typical young woman (example: Farnoosh tells how about how she once [...]

    6. I found some of the advice in this book motivational but a lot of it was completely irrelevant to anyone living outside of the USA. There were whole sections I had to skim through because the info just wasn't applicable (e.g. mobile phone deals, medical insurance). I was also slightly disappointed with the section on home buying. I knew before I purchased the book that the author owned her own apartment in Manhattan aged just 28 (which is quite an achievement considering the price of property th [...]

    7. I liked the book for its many many tips for those who are brand new to managing money and getting things together. This would be great for an 18-25 year old or someone who just got out on their own. Basics like car shopping, insurance, savings accounts, automation, and different types of retirement accounts are explained. Not for me, a 40 something whose been married for 12 years, two kids, already on the debt free train and already knowledgeable about investing. Thus the 3 stars. On the flip si [...]

    8. I really liked this book becausewell, I think that even if you only learn one thing from a personal finance book, it's been worth your time to pick it up. And if you ENJOY reading it, then it's totally worth it. I enjoyed the author's tone and style and found the advice realistic and straightforward. The segments by Jim Cramer were especially compelling, but it was Farnoosh's no-bullshit observations and advice that make me want to recommend this book to all my 20-something friends who don't hav [...]

    9. This book is very cute and informative. It is totally geared toward young adults and the way it is written made the information very understandable. Torabi uses a lot of slang so as you read, you feel like you're talking to one of your friends instead of reading a finance book. Even the chapter about investing in stocks made it pretty simple. Also, she gives great tips for saving money on clothes, electronics, etc. She even includes tips for saving on planning a wedding. Now, I know about 10 new [...]

    10. Most of the info in this book was rather common sense, but here and there were a few jewels of information. At least reading it was quick and got me thinking about several ideas. A few topics, such as clothing and makeup savings, appeal more towards the fairer sex. I also enjoyed that I fit the books target audience, twenty-somethings just out of college. I wonder if some advice would differ written now than in 2008 before the recession.

    11. Torabi has a pretty good podcast in 2015, so I thought I'd check out this book she had written in prior to the Great Financial Crisis. Packed with her and friends' anecdotes about splurging this is thin on personal finance philosophy and more closely resembles a list of discount tips. It's fine to be young and ready to party in a high-cost-of-living city, but don't let this be the only book you read on the subject. At least it didn't take very long to make it to the back cover.

    12. This book was okay but didn't really teach me anything extraordinary. To be fair about it I was going through some major issues while reading this so I did not get to fully enjoy it to capacity. there were several pages I did bookmark in order to refer to some website she recommended, other than that it doesn't teach anything that is not common sense.

    13. An intelligent yet easy to read guide to fiscal responsibility and beginning investment. It's written primarily for young, professional singles and does a great job of staying realistic to the desires and goals of that demographic. I enjoyed reading it and will continue to reference it for a good while to come.

    14. farnoosh is endearing, and her writing is pretty witty, but her advice is not for you and meunless you happen to have a glamourous, highly-paid job in NYC. she tells lots of stories about her friends, but they all happen to be ad execs, doctors, stockbrokers, and the like. even in NYC, i could figure out how to live on $6,000/month.

    15. Farnoosh Torabi may not be rich, but she sure has more disposable income than I do if she can afford to eat out every night. Sure, some of her advice does make sense, but I have the feeling that we exist on different wavelengths, which is a shame because I love her financial advice on Bank of Mom and Dad.

    16. While this book was interesting and useful it did not give as much guidance as I had expected it would. Still a quick read and something I will probably reference at later stages of my life; but overall I would recommend "psych yourself rich" as the more useful book of hers.

    17. This book is incredible. It should be given to every young person (and many who aren't) who get a job or has any money to keep track of. The advice in this book was short to the point and would directly impact your finances if you applied it. It's told in a relaxed and conversational manner.

    18. I like her voice. Farnoosh made it fun. However, except for chapter one and two, her advises do not speak for people outside of US. Also, her supposedly average monthly income is so much more than I made for half a year.

    19. I am too poor and boring for this book. Have also heard very mixed things on Jim Cramer (whose advice features prominently; she was a correspondent for his TheStreet TV show), and the organization/layout could have been more effective.

    20. Pleasantly surprised. It really isn't just another slap on the risk book. I've read many books on finances and they all say the same thing. I would recommend this to anyone still in high school or college with no kids.

    21. This is a good book for people in their twenties and the beginning of their careers. The chapters are well organized and there are a lot of great websites referenced. I would follow this book up with one of David Bach's Finish Rich books.

    22. This book had good insightful information for the straight out of college worker. It has some good resources and tidbits for healthy finances and the author writes well to the target audience. This would be a good book for a any female college graduate.

    23. Great little refresher with decent investing tips. Easy to read (written by a 28 yr old) and touched on a broad range of financial topicswnside is that because it covered so many things, there was little depth to each topic.

    24. Good advice, especially if you're under 25. Most of the info here is pretty rudimentary for those a bit more fiscally savvy, but its still a quick and entertaining read.

    25. Dated, and most of the advice is pretty obvious. The chapter on home buying has some value, if you're thinking of buying a house.

    26. Great book to help my teens and my spouse to understand why it is important to live within means and to save for splurges.

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