Романси без слів

  • Title: Романси без слів
  • Author: Paul Verlaine Олена Крушинська Олександр Чередниченко Павло Грабовський Василь Щурат Василь Стефаник Ivan Franko Микола Вороний
  • ISBN: 9789660605886
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Романси без слів”

    1. Like a loud flight of birds, dark complexity,All my memories beating down on me,Beating down through the yellow foliageOf my heart’s bent alder-trunk, its gazeSilvered violet in the lake of Regret,Whose melancholy is still flowing yet,Beat down, and then the evil murmurThat a moist rising breeze quells there,Dies away by degrees in the leaves, soIn an instant you will hear no more, oh,No more than a voice extolling the Absent,No more than the voice – oh, languishment! –Of the bird, my Firs [...]

    2. Earlier this year I chanced upon Baudelaire, which led, after scholarly searches, to the triune of Rimbaud-Verlaine-Mallarmé. I scooped up Rimbaud’s complete works and couldn’t get very far. Something about reading the rants of a fifteen year old… I couldn’t do it. Rimbaud didn’t have any respect for poetry, which is commendable, I grant him that, but it shows. His Saison d’Enfer is unreadable, at least in translation. It belongs with other works of the Black Speech such as Lautrea [...]

    3. OUP edition, translated by Martin SorrellI didn't analyse it. I didn't read the French - just occasionally glimpsed how much prettier the structures and rhymes were, and if this was this good even in English, was it the perfectest thing in all French? I had thought I was stuck with this translation but a page or two in, I was lolling around blissfully in it. Like a dream I'd actually want to wake up in. (Not that I am, thankfully, one for often waking in cold-sweat nightmares, but this is a Sout [...]

    4. Simpatično. Svaka čast Danilu Kišu na prevodu, ali ja sam čitala Verlena i na francuskom i sve mi se čini da je on jedan od onih rijetkih pjesnika koji bolje zvuče u prevodu. Hoću reći da je po meni Kiš daleko bolji pjesnik od samog Verlena, pa mu svojim prevodilačkim bravurama samo "diže cijenu". Šta ga je uopšte toliko fasciniralo kod Verlena pa da odluči da ga prevodi kad i sam u pogovoru govori o njegovoj nemogućnosti da se odupre Bodlerovom uticaju i uopšte slabom talentu? N [...]

    5. "Romances without words,mystic barcaroles heard, dear, because your eyes,color of skies,because your voice, strangevisions which derangeand trouble the horizonof my reason,because the noble perfumeof your pallor's swan-plumeand because of the candorof your odor,ah, because all your person-music imbuing, piercing;voice, perfume, and nimbsof dead seraphim-has, with soft cadences in its correspondences,lured my heart's subtlety,so let it be!"

    6. Sorrell introduces this collection of poems by explaining, “Verlaine spent his life facing in two directions at once, unable to choose one at the expense of the other. The emotional man who yearned for peaceful family life was also the drunken assailant of his mother and his wife; the humble believer in God was also a foul-mouthed blasphemer; the poet with the most delicate touch imaginable was also the author of the most aggressively pornographic verse.” Somewhat autobiographically I believ [...]

    7. Verlain is very heavy. I had to read each verse twice or more, to get possibly close to him. One must love Classics to pick up a Verlaine

    8. I'm feeling the need for a little French decadence in my life. Since this Verlaine is not yet in my possession, I wonder if Audrey Tautou or Marion Cotillard are free tonight

    9. O triste, triste était mon âmeA cause, à cause d'une femmeJe ne me suis pas consoléBien que mon coeur s'en soit allé,Bien que mon coeur, bien que mon âmeEussent fui loin de cette femme.Je ne me suis pas consolé,Bien que mon coeur s'en soit allé.Et mon coeur, mon coeur trop sensibleDit à mon âme: Est-il possible,Est-il possible, - le fût-il -Ce fier exil, ce triste exil ?Mon âme dit à mon coeur: Sais-jeMoi-même que nous veut ce piègeD'être présents bien qu'exilés,Encore que loin [...]

    10. i wish i knew french. macintyre's translation focuses squarely on matching the rhythm and rhyme of the originals, but in the process he makes more than a few painfully amateurish word choices. what seems simply and tastefully expressed in the original french (or as far as i can tell, anyway) often turns grandiloquent and drippy in macintyre's english.i got this for a dollar, so i can't complain too much - as it is, a decent intro to verlaine's sensabilities - but if i were you, i wouldn't pay fu [...]

    11. i read this in high school so it's not exactly fresh in my mind, but i remember verlaine's life and work having a pretty big impact on me at the time. i've always found verlaine's insecurity as a poet whenever comparing his own work to rimbaud's a curious thing. having been exposed to both, verlaine's writing always felt more mature and controlled.

    12. I think that there is a big problem with the translation so many of his poems sounded quite weird and well not like poems. I'm going to find another translator. I'm jealous, I also want to speak french :D Maybe I should study it more

    13. Actually, I read the Martin Sorrell translation which doesn't seem to recognize. If you'd like to read my review of this & other books, visit me at miscmss/2013/03/s

    14. I've liked other symolists/decadents/whatever, but Verlaine didn't do it for me. I suppose it could have been the translation, but I doubt it.

    15. I love the high and melodious timbre of Verlaine's verse, and his honesty and forthrightness. He had an interesting life.

    16. What this collection shows more than anything is that Verlaine always needed a muse, whether it be Rimbaud, his wife (perhaps for all the wrong reasons!), or his mistress Eugenie Krantz. He’s at his best when he’s writing at someone (or something) and when he’s writing with a noticeable chip on his shoulder. Only when forced to reflect on his own solitary existence and slowly dying flame near the end of his life does his verse begin to fall flat. It’s as if he needed the drama of persona [...]

    17. I enjoy Verlaine. This book is nice because it has his original poems in French which are also translated into English. Verlaine was a very controversial figure in his time but his poems (in the original text) are beautiful - also in terms of meter, rhyme, alliteration of the words (in French). I didn't really bother reading them in English as I worried my full appreciation of his poems would be diluted or lost in translation.

    18. Verlaine was not a pleasant man and, as a poet, he is often inaccessible, I found. Then suddenly he will hit you with something lyrical and exquisite, and the reading is worthwhile. So, do I recommend reading Verlaine? Yes, if you are into poetry. One thing his poetry does it trace his relationships with famous or, at least contemporaneously, well-known people, and I found this interesting.This is a good edition of Verlaine's work; it's bilingual and that is always to be preferred. I read the Fr [...]

    19. These are pretty good - a lot of flirtatious stuff, which would be excellent if I was being spurned by my lady love. ;D I'd probably be much more impressed if I hadn't read Wilfred Owens and Edna St. Millay before him. I'm afraid Verlaine just can't compete with them for my affections.

    20. Verlaine's decadence poetry is a sweat music for the absence of gods. This translation, however, is too closed to English romanticism than the French text. To be fair, romance languages have a musicality that English cannot achieve. "De la musique encore et toujours!"

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