Adventure Time: The Four Castles

Adventure Time The Four Castles Another crazy caper from your favorite Cartoon Network show Not everyone appreciates flash backs as much as the rest of us but when it comes to a throw back reunion in the Lumpy Space Kingdom LSP is

  • Title: Adventure Time: The Four Castles
  • Author: Josh Trujillo Zachary Sterling
  • ISBN: 9781608867974
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Another crazy caper from your favorite Cartoon Network show Not everyone appreciates flash backs as much as the rest of us but when it comes to a throw back reunion in the Lumpy Space Kingdom, LSP is definitely not ready With help from a very unlikely source, LSP must face the past head on

    One thought on “Adventure Time: The Four Castles”

    1. I actually REALLY liked this comic. It was crazy how I could literally hear the characters' voices and the songs they sung. Crazy. BMOs parts just killed it. He is so freaking funny, I love that little guy. It really felt like a cool episode in comic form that was directly inspired by D&D and Zelda. Super math.

    2. I loved the premise of this, but it all seemed to get wrapped up a little too quickly (and with very little explanation) for my liking.

    3. A solid OGN in the series, this one keeps the focus on Finn and Jake and their quest includes a lot of favourite characters from the show as well as a new androgynous lady villain. That's a formula for success if you ask me! Top it all off with some shady Bubblegum at the end and I'm there. The only thing that detracted from the story for me was the moral dilemma aspect, which was either that they weren't respecting personal property or weren't being honest about what they really wanted to do. N [...]

    4. Adventure time is always a good silly read. The illustrations are vibrant and fun. I always read them out of order so I don’t know if there’s an overarching plot.

    5. Fans of the tv show Adventure Time will have no time diving right into their books. They are just as funny and filled with awesome adventures as the original tv show. In this one, Finn and Jake are determined to be inducted into the Heroes Guild, which will prove they are one of the best heroes. To do so, they must gather four items at four different castles. The end will leave you speechless. As a huge fan of Adventure Time (I wrote a paper on it once), I fairly enjoyed the book because it was [...]

    6. ha-ha-ha. crime doesn't pay.when Finn and Jake are approached by the mysterious guildmaster- adventurer claiming to represent the heroes' guild of the manyverse- they're challenged to complete the quest of the four castles to gain entrance to the guild and the right to train as real heroes. but there's something fishy about this quest, and something even fishier about this guildmaster.vol. 7 written by josh trujillo

    7. The Four Castles is an oddly moralistic Adventure Time novel that felt quite OOC for our favourite heroes. A Guildmaster challenges Jake and Finn to collect certain artefacts in order to become part of the guild, but it's not the guild of heroes like they think, but the guild of thieves! Through a misunderstanding, the two set out and beat things up and get in trouble. The art is great, but the story just doesn't seem to fit with the series.

    8. This was clunkier plot-wise and a lot more overtly moralizing than previous OGNs. It had some funny bits, but changing the layout (reducing the space spent on confronting Finn re: the stealing to streamline repetitious sections and free up more pages for other plot points) might have made it structurally stronger.

    9. Some fun stuff happens in the margins, especially with BMO, but the core story is pretty pat and moralistic compared to how strange and powerful Adventure Time can be at its best.

    10. Finn and Jake go on a quest to retrieve items for a Guildmaster in order to be inducted into the guild. They travel around the Land of Ooo in order to find the artifacts, but it seems that the Guildmaster might not be who she says she is.

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