Peddles In a quirky clever and heartwarming picture book from the beloved author of Henny Peddles the pig is on a mission to make his dreams come true with the help of his porcine pals Peddles is tired of

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  • Title: Peddles
  • Author: Elizabeth Rose Stanton
  • ISBN: 9781481416917
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a quirky, clever, and heartwarming picture book from the beloved author of Henny, Peddles the pig is on a mission to make his dreams come true with the help of his porcine pals.Peddles is tired of being the same old pig he wants to be different.He wants to stop doing the usual pig things like oinking and sleeping He d much rather stand, climb, and dance And Peddles fiIn a quirky, clever, and heartwarming picture book from the beloved author of Henny, Peddles the pig is on a mission to make his dreams come true with the help of his porcine pals.Peddles is tired of being the same old pig he wants to be different.He wants to stop doing the usual pig things like oinking and sleeping He d much rather stand, climb, and dance And Peddles finally gets his chance when he bumps into a pile of shoes and finds a pair of red boots that fits just right But as soon as Peddles tries them on, he falls on his back and can t get up Until his special friends come along and show him how to make his dreams come true

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    1. This is such an adorable book. It is a definite story time keeper. Like be the simple backgrounds and soft water colors.

    2. Title: PeddlesAuthor & Illustrator: Elizabeth Rose StantonPublisher: Paula Wiseman Book, Simon & Schuster, 2016Themes: pigs, dreams, dancingAges: 3-7Opening:Peddles was just a pig.He lived on a farm with other pigs, doing the usual pig things:eating and sleepingand oinking and rootingand wallowingand…Synopsis:Have you ever been tempted to lump all pigs into the same stall? Well let me stop your right there, or let me share Peddles’ story with you to help demonstrate the error of your [...]

    3. Many Saturday nights the air in our home brimmed with excitement. The doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the babysitter. My parents emerged from their bedroom to answer the door, dressed for an evening of dancing. Dad wore cowboy boots, a special white shirt with elaborate embroidery, decorative buttons down the front and on the cuffs and a bolo tie. Mom wore a puff-sleeve blouse, a matching skirt with coordinating trim and several petticoats to make the skirt stand out and swirl as she mov [...]

    4. Peddles, an endearing pig, tires of the usual pig things, like "oinking and rooting and wallowing". He wants to do things differently, and has big ideas. Stanton's sweet illustrations show him flying and jumping like a frog! He's told to get his head "out of the clouds" by the other pigs, and nothing every happened, until he say, one night, a barn dance. Then he knew what he wanted, to dance! He knew (after watching) that he needed boots, and tried flower pots and even paint cans. They didn't wo [...]

    5. This book left me a little confused. Peddles is a pig with big ideas. The other pigs tell him to "Stop being so spacey." *Spoiler Alert* if you don't want to know the whole story. Peddles hears whooping and hollering in the barn (a barn dance) and he would like to join the dancing (again, thinking outside the box). He finds boots but can't even stand in them. His pig friends show up and together they all help him stand then trot behind the barn then back to the pig pen. Next to the last page: al [...]

    6. Peddles is a picture book about an adorable little pig with big ideas. Peddles is different from the other pigs because he thinks about things differently. His ideas are crazy and the other pigs tell him, but Peddles just keeps dreaming. Peddles keeps waiting for something to happen but nothing does until one night when he notices something unusual and it gives him a new idea that he cant stop thinking about. What drew me in was the drawings style. It was simple and minimal but it had nice detai [...]

    7. "Peddles" is short picture book about a pig that has an ongoing imagination. The author first introduces Peddles and then introduces the rest of the pigs on the following pages. All the pigs think of things more common like eating and sleeping but Peddles was different. His creative imagination takes on a short journey throughout the book. Peddles biggest wish is to be able to dance. This book shows that having a team helps accomplish more.Peddles being the main character at the farm is a dynami [...]

    8. Cute and quirky, Peddles is a pig with a dream; lots of dreams actually. He goes about his day dreaming of things he'd like to do (ie: eat pizza, bathe in a bathtub, maybe even fly), when one day he sees a square dance in the barn! Peddles tracks down a cute pair of cowboy boots, and makes an effort to dance. When the other pigs see him struggle, they all step in and have their own piggy dance party.Beautiful illustrations with soft tones. A heartwarming children's story about chasing your dream [...]

    9. In June 2014, while in Las Vegas for the American Library Association's Annual Conference, Elizabeth Rose Stanton and I played text tag. We attempted to meet each other at various times during the conference and it wasn't until the very last day that we were finally able to connect. She and Toni Yuly were waiting outside the exhibit floor doors and started waving to me before I even made it across the room. You can see our picture together from this previous post.A few weeks ago, I received a re [...]

    10. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumPeddles the pig is on a mission to make his dreams come true, because he wants to be different. He doesn't like to do the usual pig things like oinking and sleeping. He would much rather be standing, climbing, and dancing. When Peddles runs into a pile of shoes, he finds a pair of red boots that fit just right. Of course, pigs aren't really supposed to wear shoes and Peddles finds himself flat on his back, unable to walk let alone dance. An adorable [...]

    11. n a quirky, clever, and heartwarming picture book from the beloved author of Henny , Peddles the pig is on a mission to make his dreams come true with the help of his porcine pals. Peddles is tired of being the same old pig--he wants to be different. He wants to stop doing the usual pig things like oinking and sleeping. He'd much rather stand, climb, and dance! And Peddles finally gets his chance when he bumps into a pile of shoes and finds a pair of red boots that fits just right! But as soon a [...]

    12. When I first began reading this book, I thought that it would be a great story. It seemed to have everything that children would like, an adorable pig named Peddles, things that normal pigs liked to do and things that Peddles liked to do, and dreaming big! Unfortunately, the buildup to the end of the story was better than the climax that was not there. The conclusion to the book was confusing to say the least; it did not seem like the book was finished, it was as if there were a few pages missin [...]

    13. This is a really cute picture book about a little pig who has big dreams. Peddles does all of the other stuff pigs do, but he thinks differently. He dreams about all sorts of things. But one night when he sees a party going on in the barn with music and people dancing, he decides he also wants to dance. He works so hard at it and one day he finds a pair of red boots behind the barn. Maybe this will help him realize his dream. The illustrations are adorable! The little pig has such a cute look on [...]

    14. The pig is cute, but the story makes little sense, and there are two back-to-back jokes about using the bathroom, which is an automatic turn-off for my family. The "farmyard animals who do things differently" theme has been handled much more successfully by P. Zonka Lays an Egg and Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type.

    15. Just look at that cover. PEDDLES will charm children from the start. Stanton has written a playful and adorable story about a pig with big dreams. What child would not giggle at the sight of pig poop! This is an entertaining story about self-discovery and friendship. Children will root for Peddles for his big ideas and seeing life for its possibilities. They will ache when he fails, smile when his friends nudge him forward and laugh at the unexpected ending. The text is spare with humorous and e [...]

    16. I was drawn first to the cover art (I mean, just look at that cutie!), but then I peeked inside and was hooked. I am a sucker for a character who isn’t afraid to stand out, despite what others might think and for a character who dreams big. This describes Peddles perfectly. He has his setbacks, of course, but in the end he makes his dreams come true and wins over his friends to boot (you’ll understand my terrible joke if you read it). Pick up this book and Peddles will win you over too!

    17. Peddles does things differently than most pigs and has a huge imagination. When a barn dance breaks out she finds the perfect cowboy boots to join in. With a little help from her friends her bad idea becomes a great one. Children ages four to eight will cheer for Peddles as she bravely takes the path less trodden.

    18. I enjoyed seeing the pigs in Peddles in normal activities and appreciate his desire to do things a bit differently.It doesn't make sense to me that Peddles needed help standing in boots, but the ending of the story has everyone standing without a problem.Lots of white space, soft, pale, cute illustrations of pigs in various positions.

    19. Think Tacky the Penguin except insert a pig and dancing. Peddles is a bit of a dreamer, but he's prepared to put in the work required to become a dancer. Soon, his friends all want to be dancers too.Pencil and watercolor illustrations are soft and beautifully done. I especially liked the scenes in which Peddles and the other pigs put on their dancing shoes.PreK-2.

    20. There is a definite quirkiness to Stanton's picture books, but there are themes that are good for kids, and the illustrations are lovely. Peddles could fit well with a collection of books on community building, or perseverance/trying new ideas when the first one doesn't work out, or for the daydreamers in the classroom.

    21. Another story about a pig who doesn't want to be just a pig and do pig things. This pig is named Peddles and turns all the pigs on the farm into followers of his ideas. Cute ending that the illustrations will make you smile at. Peddles is a unique pig among the others on the farm. Soothing, pastels in the illustrations.

    22. Peddles is a pig with big ideas. He's not satisfied doing things the usual way. So when he sees his first barn dance, Peddles decides to find a pair of shoes for himself. His initial attempts are clumsy flower pots, bee hives, socks. Nothing seems right until he finds a bag of discarded shoes behind the barn. Now Peddles and all his friends have new footwear.

    23. This book was not about anything I expected it to be, but it was as adorable as it looks! I love the simple pencil and watercolor drawings and the humor in the story, and Peddles is just the cutest little pig. I mean, look at the cover! And look at Peddles in the bathtub! I want another story about Peddles in the bathtub.

    24. Stanton took a very tired plot in a creative new direction. Not sure if the moral is "your friends can help you fulfill your dreams" or "EVERYONE longs to be different and unique (not just you)" or maybe even both, but I quite liked it. The illustrations are charming.

    25. Such a great quick read! Peddles is quirky and the illustrations make me want to take him home! And the message is great too. All about being who you are and how the perfect pair of shoes can make that happen.

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