Bialosky's Christmas

Bialosky s Christmas Bialosky plans a wonderful Christmas party and spends all day preparing for it but he forgets to do one important thing

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  • Title: Bialosky's Christmas
  • Author: Leslie McGuire Jerry Joyner
  • ISBN: 9780307118912
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bialosky plans a wonderful Christmas party and spends all day preparing for it, but he forgets to do one important thing.

    One thought on “Bialosky's Christmas”

    1. Bialosky is a bear and he wants to do something different this Christmas. He wants to be the one doing the giving for others instead of the other way around. So Christmas Eve he wakes up to start decorating, cooking, etc he keeps thinking he's forgotten something and at the end his friends come looking for him and that's what he's forgotten! He's forgotten to invite them but they come anyhow they all enjoy the day and Bialosky.

    2. Nostalgia rating, 100%.This was absolutely my favorite Christmas/holiday book as a child. My dad used to do this great voice every single time Bialosky (the bear on the cover!) would show his anxieties throughout the day (exclaiming "Oh bumblebees!" when he recognized he had a lot of cleaning to do before his friends came over).

    3. This book is ok. The concept is cute: Bialosky wants to get ready for Christmas all by himself as a surprise for his friends who normally do all the work. I just wish he had an easier name to pronounce! :( still, it has a very positive message about doing thinge to make others happy that is important for kids to hear.

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