Battle Cruiser

Battle Cruiser One starship will either save Earth or destroy her A century ago our star erupted destroying Earth s wormhole network and closing off trade with her colonized planets After being out of contact with

  • Title: Battle Cruiser
  • Author: B.V. Larson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One starship will either save Earth or destroy her A century ago our star erupted, destroying Earth s wormhole network and closing off trade with her colonized planets After being out of contact with the younger worlds for so many years, Humanity is shocked when a huge ship appears at the edge of the Solar System Our outdated navy investigates, both curious and fearful.One starship will either save Earth or destroy her A century ago our star erupted, destroying Earth s wormhole network and closing off trade with her colonized planets After being out of contact with the younger worlds for so many years, Humanity is shocked when a huge ship appears at the edge of the Solar System Our outdated navy investigates, both curious and fearful What they learn from the massive vessel shocks the planet The lost colonies have survived but the reunion isn t going to be a happy one Our descendants are vastly superior in the art of warfare Worse, there are other beings undreamed of beyond the human frontier strange, unfathomable alien Battle Cruiser Defiant, the first capital ship to darken Earth s skies, is tasked with exploring new passages to the younger planets Old Earth must reunite with her children but can humanity survive the inevitable conflicts Captain William Sparhawk, determined to follow a path of honor and truthfulness, dares to rise to the challenge BATTLE CRUISER is a military science fiction novel by bestselling author B V Larson.

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    1. I have several books waiting for me to review them and move them off the "currently reading shelf". Sadly none have been"so great I couldn't wait to review them!". I suppose I should be glad none were so bad as to make me hurl them away.This is another in the recent crop of military science fiction reads where an Earth at peace for a long time is thrown into a conflict where they are out gunned and in trouble.Here there is another specter looming on the horizon that adds to the "threat of doom", [...]

    2. I really enjoyed the Audiobook Audible version, excellently narrated by Edoardo Ballerini. I find the writing smooth, dialogs concise and humorous, plot development gripping, technical information revealed timely, characters interesting, and story easy to follow.

    3. I randomly chose this book on the basis of the story outline. Unfortunately it wasn't a good choice. The story could have been a good one but the book is ruined by the strangest writing style I've encountered in quite a while. I found it bombastic and artificial with dialogue that sounded like it was written by a stiff-backed Victorian! The archaic, formal style was really off-putting and became more and more annoying as the story progressed. There is also an incredibly juvenile habit of portray [...]

    4. It was okayAn easy read. I found the politics dull. The science marginal and the characters were thin. I'm a fan of capital ship battles and first contact tales, so I stuck this one out. I figure I'm not the target audience. A teen would enjoy this very much.

    5. B. V. Larson is a new author for me. I've seen his books on for a while and not taken the plunge despite some excellent reviews. I'm glad I finally decided to take the plunge. I've read military science fiction for years with authors such as David Weber. This, the first book of a trilogy, is unashamedly military SF as well as space opera. The character of William Sparhawk is three dimensional - a character I'm looking forward to learning more about in the next two volumes of the trilogy which I [...]

    6. I've recently become addicted to these military spaceship kind of sci fi books. I tore through this one in a few days and will probably be binging the series as soon as I find the time. Very similar to Marko Kloos' Frontlines series though this might be the forerunner (both are new to me).

    7. Long ago, Earth's governments sent out ships to explore and colonize other planets outside our solar system. The Cataclysm occurred, breaking not only the routes and communications channels with these colonists, but also breaking humanities' desire to even consider attempting to communicate with the colonists.Decades later, Captain Sparhawk is sent to explore an anomalous asteroid. What he and his crew discover is far more than just an asteroid, though, and his report sets off some extremely odd [...]

    8. Battle Cruiser by B. V. Larson is a military science fiction space opera which will leave you breathless every time you put it down. This fast paced, action packed book is a great example of sci-fi writing at its best.I really liked the way the author wove a storyline that never let me down. With his ever changing plot twist and turns I had to stay on my toes to keep up. The adventure and intrigue kept me glued to its pages.B. V. Larson has put together a cast of characters that are both realist [...]

    9. Another exiting story by B. V. Larson. 150 years after a Solar Flare destroyed so much of the Earth's technology and the worm holes used to reach Earth's colonies, William Sparhawk, Captain of a pinnace in Earth fleet makes a discovery that Earth fears. While dealing with Star Guard personnel that dislike him because of his father's political views and determination to disban the Star Guard, his ship discovers a massive starship which turns out to be from one of Earth's colony worlds. The discov [...]

    10. From the mind of a 17 year old comes a book perfect for high school boys. The stupidity in this book ruins what should be an enjoyable yarn. The tactics, military command structure, politics, and personal behavior are completely unbelievable. I kept thinking of that eSurance ad with the old lady who said, "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works."

    11. Fast-paced ride!Really enjoyed the concept of lost colonies that grew to challenge and in some cases surpass Earth's technology. The enemy is everywhere and could be anyone The characters were believable with intriguing, suspenseful plots and subplots throughout!

    12. Ever wonder what would happen if Dickens wrote The Expanse?No? huh. Okay. WellTone in this novel is very odd. First person perspective by itself isn't abnormal, but the archaic customs and behaviors of every character is just too much. The main complaints:- everyone in authority is the same. Ignores facts, ignores main character, cuts him off, disparages him, hangs up on him. Go on, check. 6 characters do this.- underlings are almost meaningless. Many characters die that are never named. "Crewme [...]

    13. I found this to be a decent story, it's good paced, interesting enough to keep a reader from putting it aside. Those who like the sci-fi tales of Asimov, Clarke, Sidmak and James White should enjoy this series. I found myself rooting for Sparhawk and his crew through all their tribulations. Having grown up and spending more than 50 years reading the classic science fiction authors, expectations can be high when trying out a new author in the genre but B.V. Larson has meet my expectations and aft [...]

    14. An odd book, with so much potential depth wrt the politics of the planet, and the wider expanse of human space. None of which was touched on more deeply than a surface graze. The love interest of the primary character was justodd. It's a relationship that's growth just doesn't make sense. Anyway, the plotline is good enough, and the battle scenes are well written, and when the drifting hulk of the battle cruiser is discovered, the exploration of the ship grabs the attention. Otherwise, much of t [...]

    15. Military sci-fi action novel. Earth of the future has been cut off from its colonies for over 150 years. Now it discovers that the colonies survived, and even prospered. They have even explored further into the galaxy, and as it turns out, have been among us for some time. As far as military sci-fi goes, I've read better and I've read worse. This book was a little long in the tooth, perhaps since this is being billed as first in a series they're setting us up for additional plot points. But I th [...]

    16. This was a good start for a book one of a series – the future technology is not too far over your heads to cry foul, the future of mankind makes you wonder if it will really be that bad, and you start daydreaming a bit in a “what if” scenario as if you were right there. I’m ready to read the next title in the series.I picked this up for free using a Kindle Unlimited borrow vs. its regular price of $3.99: if you like science fiction, I believe you will get a bit more than $3.99 of enterta [...]

    17. It starts out on a space ship but then the main character is on his home planet with parents that are anything but good parents- being very political and highly placed in the government. I lost interest when he was "allowed" to go talk to a rival political family. It was just too far outside my life experiences to enjoy the story or the character development. For me unbelievable. Not very science fiction, more political intrigue/ mystery.

    18. Quite a complete future society built on many different factors like hereditary noble houses, cloneing, routine space travel, nerve implants, life extending medical procedures, and solar system wide almost instantaneous communication.The story is based around one noble son who decides to be a Star Guard officer instead of entering politics like his father and the trouble he gets into because of his choices. And of course he is the "hero" of his own story.

    19. Mixed emotionsDespite a good plot with decent characters, this book was spoiled by many instances where the author repeated himself. Whether it was a piece of information integral to the plot or not, Larson has a habit of telling the reader the same thing over and over again. Even if the author had forgotten he told the reader before, this should have been caught in the editing process. If it is the author's "style," ugh! Annoying.

    20. Interesting with lots of action. Save the earth and whatever else you can is an old storyline that is well put together in this book. I've read a few of this author's books and so far each one has been interesting and well worth reading. It's a 3.75 in my book and I have now added new books from this author to my watch list as I look forward to more.

    21. I don't think I've ever disliked the main character more and still really enjoyed a book. Don't get me wrong the character isn't written poorly. I just don't like him the character. This book by the end has completely sucked me into the world of the Lost Colonies and I am eager with anticipation to consume the entire series.

    22. Enjoyed the story and Edoardo Ballerini's narration. Reminds me of a good space opera, but on a smaller scale. The bad guys have the potential to be a lot more scary. We'll see what happens in the second book.

    23. Really good bookThis book was a real page turner. I could not put it down. It was very believable science fiction. I recommend it to sci-fi fans, and others as well. Good book, well written.

    24. Masterful!Awesome in scope and imagination! Well worth the read! I highly recommend this book. It's not doused in hard sci/fi tech jargon mumbo jumbo and in return we get an easily understood and romping good read. Thanks Larson! Will start Dreadnought next.

    25. I enjoyed this book, stilted dialogue not withstanding. Larson tells a good story with mostly likable characters about a future earth in danger from its colonies. Is it always believable? No, but that is sci-fi. At least it was entertaining.

    26. My point of view.I like that the author created a entire new reality ,a new look at the possibility of a future that is different than any thing we have seen recently.

    27. Great read!I was hooked from the beginning. The story is compelling and the characters are well thought out and diverse. I’ll definitely read the rest!

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