Of Fear and Faith

Of Fear and Faith In a world where nothing is ever as it seems the seeds of love take root on the precipice of chaos danger and a great destiny In the shadow of an ancient prophecy two individuals will be drawn tog

  • Title: Of Fear and Faith
  • Author: N.D. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781632583741
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a world where nothing is ever as it seems, the seeds of love take root on the precipice of chaos, danger, and a great destiny.In the shadow of an ancient prophecy, two individuals will be drawn together to meet a dangerous calling or die trying For legends tell of a powerful Fire Witch and a legendary shapeshifter who will one day rid the world of the wrath of the WatIn a world where nothing is ever as it seems, the seeds of love take root on the precipice of chaos, danger, and a great destiny.In the shadow of an ancient prophecy, two individuals will be drawn together to meet a dangerous calling or die trying For legends tell of a powerful Fire Witch and a legendary shapeshifter who will one day rid the world of the wrath of the Water Witch of Legend, and restore the world to peace and balance However, for Sanura Williams and Assefa Berber, their destinies will not be so easily won, as fear and faith will ultimately determine their fates In the heat of battle and the chill of prophecy, Sanura and Assefa will weather the dual storms of lust and love Are they prepared for the intoxicating swirl of danger and attraction Can they overcome their fears of such a powerful prophecy In the face of their foes, these legendary warriors must embrace their roles as heroes, side by side, and defend humanity against the coming doom.

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    1. Paranormal romance, one of the most written about genres, where authors are free to take us away on a journey of passion, adventure and incredible powers far beyond a mere human’s. Add the words “powerful tale” and you have N.D. Jones’ OF FAITH AND FEAR an intriguing tale of prophecies, fear, desire and finding the ability to trust without reservation, even when your very life depends on it.The world is full of secrets, but possibly the best kept secret is the existence of beings of magi [...]

    2. ***4.5*** Rounded up.I though this was a very good mythological/paranormal read. There were no spelling/grammar issues that I noticed, which is important to me. I start reading like an editor and disengage from the story if I find too many problems. The H/H Sanura and Assefa were very likable and the story was unique. Secondary Characters had depth as well. Originality goes very far with me, and I had read nothing like this before. I found myself on the fence about were-cats being sexy. I decide [...]

    3. Of Fear and Faith WOO-HOO and Wow!This paranormal story I really lost a lot of sleep over and I literally couldn't put it down til the very last page! Yes it is a trilogy but I'm sure if you love paranormal as I do, you will say that book one, "Of Fear and Faith, the author, N.D. Jones just slayed it just right!My checklist was all fulfilled: history or origin, legends, mythology, world building; multi-dimensional characters, prophecy, magic; strong antagonists, suspense/mystery on a mystical le [...]

    4. From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Of Fear & Faith (Death and Destiny, #1) . . .Content, content, content. You cannot get around the authentic feel of this one. There was a feel of realness to this one. I could almost transport myself to this time, place, and scene as it was taking place. The words came off the pages to engage and entice you to believe. I absolutely love paranormal read of all kinds. I love even more paranormal romance. Add to that there was something of all the paranormal sup [...]

    5. Book: Of Fear and Faith (Death and Destiny #1)Author: N.D. JonesPublication Date: 7/22/2014Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW *May contain spoilers *New to me author. I love everything paranormal and when you add gods, goddesses, and prophecy, well it can only be good and I absolutely loved it. We get gods, goddesses, witches, and demons or the devil himself oh yeah and we get shifters to. A prophecy older than time is about to come true but first they must find t [...]

    6. Wowis book was an awesome read! Besides being well-written with amazing characters, the plot was multi-layered, with unusual paranormal creatures abound, in a very realistic setting.Those who know me know that I required realism and common sense in my reads, no matter how outlandish or crazy the plots may be. The sex in this book was sizzling without being crass; it also didn't overtake the plot. YAH!I loved the H/h, who came across as thoughtful and intelligent. Heroes and heroines need these q [...]

    7. This book had all the elements I look for in a paranormal romance. It had magic, legend, mythology, shifters, witches, you get the picture. For some reason, the book failed to grab my attention in the beginning and I struggled to get through it until about page 40. I believe around page 40 I began to see the MC Assefa's true character and nature. It seemed to completely change tones. I am, however pleased that I stuck it out. It became all I hoped for. It did have a bit of what annoys me in book [...]

    8. I finally got around to reading all of the books by this author. The other two are novellas, so I was glad that this story was a full-length novel. I really liked "Fire, Fury, Faith" and "Heat, Hunt, Hope," but "Of Fear and Faith" was my favorite. With the longer length, the author was able to really get into and establish the characters and the storyline. Which I loved. There aren't too many paranormal romance novels written with African/African Americans as the lead characters. The supporting [...]

    9. The last novel that I read that was based in Baltimore was The Baltimore Chronicles by Treasure Hernandez. This novel took us from an opening scene in Africa over 500 years ago. The gods of Egypt played a role as the story unfolded. There was unmistakable chemistry between two of the main characters, Assefa and Sanura, that led to memorable scenes in the book. Danger lurked in the form of creatures in the search of blood of a certain species. I loved the writing style of the author. I learned so [...]

    10. Shout out to this author for depicting the real Baltimore. Everything she wrote and described about the DMV was very accurate. For someone who has lived in Baltimore and currently living in the DMV it was refreshing to have a book that didn't make up areas and street names. I really enjoyed the supernatural/ suspense element and the fact that the Gods are African based. My only issue with this book was the heroine Sanura being wishy/washy and unsure of her love for Assefa. Outside of the romance [...]

    11. Mysterious, Scintillating, and Terrifying!A cold-blooded killer is on the loose. The victims are mutilated and drained of blood, but this time he’s left a witness behind, and the child may be vital to understanding what’s behind the string of murders. Sanura Williams and Special Assefa Berber are up for the challenge, but little do they know that the real key to stopping the crimes can be found in an ancient prophecy. OF FEAR AND FAITH is the 1st book in Ms. Jones’ DEATH AND DESTINY TRILOG [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book in exchange for review.The model chosen to represent Assefa on the cover of this book was a gooooooood choice. Yowzers. <3 For the first 25% of the book, Assefa felt entirely different than in the last 80% of the book. I actually think there should have been some re-writing there as it felt like an unnatural character change. He suddenly became an ultra alpha male and it was like woah, where did this come from. This book is a heavy dose of insta-love, and I hone [...]

    13. *ARC provided by Author*I give this book 4 stars. The book started out slow so the first day that I started reading it I thought I wouldn't like it. However, I picked it up again a day later and could not put it down. The plot really picked up. The plot is interesting and has a good amount of suspense. I'm still unclear as to what's supposed to happen as it relates to the prophecy. I think that is the author's intent since this is a series. The secondary characters were provocative enough to mak [...]

    14. *ARC provided by Author*Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Sanura): DNFHero (Assefa): DNFPlot: DNFGrovel: DNFCheating: DNFHEA: DNFTriggers: DNFAverage score: 1 star - DNFBest Quote: none found before DNF-ingWorst Quote: “For the love of Dr. Phil”Personal Review:It took a little time for me to get into the flow of this story as it was confusing to begin with and it continued to be confusing, There was a lot of information given about mythology but what I was interested in more was the r [...]

    15. FBI Special Agent Assefa Berber is on the trail of a serial killer, one possessing preternatural powers from an age long past. When he enters the life of psychology professor, Sanura Williams, both of their lives are forever changed. They are immediately drawn to each other, but that relationship is threatened by predatory killers with great power who threaten the entire human race.Of Fear and Faith by N. D. Jones is a tense paranormal thriller that makes The X Files seem like ‘Sesame Street. [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The characters of both Assefa and Sanura were intriguing and exciting to watch develop throughout the novel. And the character of Mike was a much appreciated addition to the the story. Overall, I'd say that this book deserves a five star rating due to the immense passion the author has for writing that is evident in the work, as well as the stunning presentation with which she delivers part one of what I'm sure will develop into a massively cohesive and amazing s [...]

    17. This book is soooooooooooooo GOOD! It gets so REAL. The writing is great and the cover looks great. This book is the full package. Like if I got a package in the mail and it had a whole bunch of junk food. It would be the full package like this book.

    18. Starts with action and keeps you interested through out the whole book - being a paranormal, witches & shape shifters are included along with very likable characters - Action packed, mythology, romance storywill read Trilogy 2 when it is on the market.

    19. Are you a fan of the X-Files, Fringe and/or Star Trek? If you are, have you ever read a book that had the same galaxy charm to catapult your mind in out of space? If you haven’t, you are in for a delightful treat. Being a fan of fantasy, I have to say, Jones did an outstanding job of telling Sanura’s and Assefa’s love story. In fact, I rank her up there with one of my all-time favorite fantasy authors, Mitch Albom.Assefa is a Special Agent with the FBI working under a special unit called P [...]

    20. I was happy to have won this book through LibraryThing's Member's Giveaway program. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the book as much as I thought I would. I did enjoy the storyline but I found it hard to follow in places. While I enjoyed the various, interesting characters, I just really wasn't connecting with them. I did enjoy the monster called the adze but found some of the background on the witches, monsters, shape shifters, legends, etc. a bit on the confusing side. Overall this book was just [...]

    21. I absolutely loved this book. It drew me in from start to finish. It was so hard to put this book down. All the different characters were great and had their own story. The two main characters were very likeable, both strong yet vulnerable. The story itself is fast paced and not once did I get bored or disinterested. Every thing is explained as the story progresses but not overly so. I can't recommend this book enough and I can't wait for the next one in the series.I received this free for an ho [...]

    22. I received this for my honest review. This is a paranormal fantasy with strong characters and non-stop action. . If you love stepping away from every day life to a fantasy world then this is definitely going to be a book you will love to read. With all the different great characters and that they had their own stories to tell this made great reading, the two main characters were very likeable both strong and yet vulnerable with their pasts. Looking forward to hearing more

    23. "Of Fear and Faith" is the first installment in what promises to be a very fun, readable paranormal romance/romantic thriller series with a twist. I have the slash because it combines elements of both genres: Sanura, the female lead, is a child psychologist brought in to help with a serial killer case by the male lead, FBI agent Assefa. Only Sanura is also a witch, descended from a line of powerful Nigerian witches, and Assefa is a shifter, descended from a line of powerful Sudanese shifters. Wh [...]

    24. Wow! This book was an amazing read for me. It has everything I want in a great paranormal book: depth in the story, action-oriented thriller, hot, scorching sex, heartfelt romance, and out-of-this-world magic. You have a sexy, banging alpha male, yet a gentleman with a golden heart seeking to win his fire witch of legend. What's touching though, he didn't see her as the fire witch of legend, but a vulnerable woman yearning for acceptance of her true self. Even more, he's an FBI agent whose side [...]

    25. I won a copy through a giveaway. Initial Thoughts: Of Fear and Faith was pretty good. Felt longer than usual though I don't know why. After getting through the first 50 or so pages, when I read it I was IN. When I set it down was the problem. I didn't have a burning desire to pick it back up. I didn't forget the characters or plot, it justwasere.The Good: + Liked the world building. Very different, well-thought out. African mythology inspired. + Liked how the soul mate nonsense deals with real l [...]

    26. what happens when you mix ancient gods with witches and were-cats. magic!!! of fear and faith is about assefa berber a special agent with the paranormal agency who has been asigned to serial murder case were the victims have been ripped apart and drained of their blood. assefa meets his partner's god daughter sanura williams a physiologist who's been called in to speak to a young girl who watched the killing of her parents but was able to survive one is who they seem both assefa and sanura have [...]

    27. "A superb flight of fancy"A quick glance at the cover of this book and you might reasonably believe this was a straightforward romance. In fact it is anything but. The prologue dismisses those thoughts immediately. This is a paranormal fantasy with strong characters and non-stop action. Technically it is very well written and researched. This genre has a legion of fans all over the world and I'm sure the series will flourish.I admire writers who can step away from reality and fashion a fantasy w [...]

    28. Arc provided in exchange for honest review.Oh my steaming goodness!! This was such a great book I enjoyed it from start to finish and wanted nothing more than to sit and read my book, damn the reality!Anyway, a lot of the books I've been reading lately have some form of god/goddesses and mythology in them - this was no exception, but, damn, was it amazing! Such an original storyline and I loved the characters created by ND Jones. There was so much complexity to both lead characters and loads of [...]

    29. Honestly I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book. However, I really enjoyed it! The story is very different than most of the "supernatural" type books currently out. The characters are different than most and very developed. The author takes the time to really let you get to know the characters at the beginning, but still makes it interesting during that time. The story itself draws you in. It was hard to put down!The one thing I didn't enjoy as much is all of the sexual parts of the book [...]

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