Mother Bruce

Mother Bruce Bruce the bear likes to keep to himself That and eat eggs But when his hard boiled goose eggs turn out to be real live goslings he starts to lose his appetite And even worse the goslings are convi

  • Title: Mother Bruce
  • Author: Ryan T.Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781484730881
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bruce the bear likes to keep to himself That, and eat eggs But when his hard boiled goose eggs turn out to be real, live goslings, he starts to lose his appetite And even worse, the goslings are convinced he s their mother Bruce tries to get the geese to go south, but he can t seem to rid himself of his new companions What s a bear to do

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    1. To see this review and others please visit readrantrockandrollMother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins is a children's book about a bear who loves to eat eggs and keep to himself. He's sort of a grump and doesn't seem to like anybody or anything, except for eggs. He enjoys heading out to find eggs and other ingredients that he can bring back home and use in new recipes that he finds while exploring the internet. He finally gets home with all of his ingredients and starts preparing his eggs for cooking un [...]

    2. Bruce is a grump. He doesn't like anything, not sun nor rain, not even cute little animals. Well, ok, he likes one thing: Eggs. But he doesn't like to eat them raw.Instead, he cooked them into fancy recipes that he found on the internet.You can probably tell from the cover where this story goes after he shakes down Mrs. Goose for some free-range organic eggs for a new recipe he probably saw on Pinterest.The story made me giggle. A lot. Ok, I was laughing. The pictures complement the story beauti [...]

    3. I come from a loooong line of grumpy bears. :) Grumps, who show their love in huffs & puffs, roars, and sighs. So this book had me at first sight. That face! HahaOne look at Bruce’s scowling face and slump on page one and BOOM! I was in love. This big grumpy bear made me smile, smile, smile.Bruce was a true grump. Nothing and no one could get a smile out of him. Until a surprise changed his plans, ways, and world. One, two, three, four cuties just might get through to Bruce’s big, thumpi [...]

    4. This book gets funnier every time I read it! Such a great story, about a bear who reluctantly becomes mama to some goslings when his plans for a delicious hard-boiled egg feast goes awry, and the meal hatches. He's a grump through and through, but a grump with heart, so we love him. Bruce is the Lou Grant of bears. There are really so many hilarious bits in this book, and Ryan Higgins's illustrations are terrific -- so much expression, so many funny side bits to complement the words. This book h [...]

    5. Love it. Totally empathize with Bruce, of course. Laughed out loud when the geese put on winter clothes rather than migrate. My husband is reading it right now. And even though it's been a while since my youngest was little, I feel confident that he would have enjoyed it back then. I do think most children would.Ok, my husband giggled until he got to same page that broke me, at which point he began to lol. He agrees that it's funny, with cute pictures, and that kids would like it too.

    6. Okayw that one was just too cute. I got to read it for storytime at work today, and the kids loved it. A bear whose eggs hatch unexpectedly? It's really a sweet story and the illustrations are very well done.

    7. This is a fantastic children's book!It's about Bruce - a big, grumpy bear who pretty much has a distaste for everything but eggs. He runs into a big surprise when one day while cooking his eggs, goslings pop out! Despite being grumpy, he's put to the task of being a caretaker. It's a silly idea, but a silly idea that is well executed with good topics, lively illustrations, and humor add up to a great children's book! I love some of the events and "teachings," and certainly enjoyed the relationsh [...]

    8. Cute, but I really didn't like how Bruce told the goslings that he liked them better when they were eggs. To me, that seemed like a parent telling the kids that the parent was better off before the kids were around. Might be true, but you NEVER say that to a child. Not unless you want them to bill you for years of therapy later on. That's just cruel.The artwork was great though and the rest of the story was cute. 4 stars, but with the caution that you might need to comfort a child saddened by ho [...]

    9. Check out more Picture book reviews @ Perspective of a WriterBruce is a grumpy bear that has no time for anything else except his favorite thing: eggs. When baby geese come out of four eggs instead of a hard boiled meal this bear gets frantic to rid himself of these new babies calling him mama. Eventually they crawl into his grumpy heart just in time for them to become stubborn teenage geese.I chose this book for my nephew, he wasn't a fan at first. There were too many words per spread for him, [...]

    10. Bruce is a bear who likes very little in life. But he loves eggs. He finds complicated recipes on the internet that he tries out. When he discovers a recipe for goose eggs, he immediately heads into the forest to source the items. Back home, he puts the eggs in water but then has to run out for firewood. Returning home, he finds that the eggs have hatched into four goslings. He considers eating them with butter, but loses his appetite. He tries to return them, but Mother Goose has left for the w [...]

    11. I dare you to try reading this book without smiling. I had so much fun reading this book with my son. It tells the story of a grumpy bear who accidentally hatches goslings instead of hard-boiled eggs for his newest recipe. The goslings imprint on him, and he can't get rid of them! As you can see below, the illustrations are hilarious. The author is very clever. I will be reading more of his work!

    12. Still chuckling over this one!This is one of those picture books that you can read it with a variety of ages and get something different from each one. I can see young readers just giggling at how silly it is. I can see older readers getting the subtle sarcasm on some pages. I think I need to own this one.

    13. Bruce is a curmudgeonly bear. He just wants to be left alone to cook and eat and grump by himself. Then one day, his supper starts talking back to him and utter hilarity ensues. Sure to be read over and over again. Plus, there's a sequel coming out in the fall of 2016!

    14. What happens when a bear named Bruce, who loves to eat eggs, becomes the "mama" to a bunch of fuzzy goslings? Well I can tell you one thing for sure, it's hilarious.

    15. This book was very funny, the illustrations were well done, and it had a fun modern feel to it. The illustration of buttered goslings on toast was the best. It had a good story with a fun ending.

    16. Two thumbs up for grumpy Bruce the Bear who becomes the stand-in Mother Goose for a bunch of goslings. Fun all the way to the end of the story's perfect trick finish.

    17. So darling!! I seriously love the illustrations in this book! Bruce is a grumpy bear who likes to eat fancy egg dishes. But one day the eggs he is about to prepare hatch and now he has four goslings that think he is their mother. What will Bruce do? He doesn't want to be mother to four goslings but they follow him everywhere he goes.

    18. This book is hilarious! A very grumpy bear named Bruce only loves one thing--eggs. While making a recipe he found on the internet with goose eggs, his stove stops working. As he fixes it, the eggs hatch. The goslings think Bruce is their mother. Since everyone knows that goslings follow their mother everywhere, it was impossible for Bruce to get rid of them. When it came time to migrate south for the winter, he tried everything to get them to go away. Eventually, they all end up taking the bus a [...]

    19. Bruce on kärttyinen vanha karhu, joka kerran munareseptejä kokeillessaan tulee hautoneeksi neljä hanhenpoikaa. Hän lampsii hanhien kanssa pesälle vain huomatakseen, että Mrs Goose on lähtenyt normaalia aikaisemmin muuttomatkalle. Mother Bruce ei pääse hanhista eroon, vaikka hän ei ole hanhi, eikä "äiskä", koska hän on "he" eli mies-hän. Ärsäriä. Joten ei auta, kuin yrittää tehdä elämästä ja äitiydestä mahdollisimman hyvää.

    20. OK, totally implausible, but what a fun read! Beautiful illustrations extend to the endpapers. Great way to introduce terms such as hibernation, migration, and imprinting.

    21. One of those lovely picture books that is enjoyable for kids but has a lot of jokes for grownups as well. It's a fine line to straddle, but this book does it really well.

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